50 Turtle Puns That Are Very Spe-shell

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What do you think of when you hear the term ‘turtle’? Slowpoke? Reptile? The reptile in a shell? A green reptile? Someone who is in their shell? The tortoise and the hare comparison? Those are all relevant to the turtle, and another thing that people think of when they hear of the term ‘turtle’ is those caramel-filled and nutty chocolate pieces. 

Oh, those Turtle chocolates are absolutely delicious. Think about how they are seen at every grocery store, convenience store, and the department store around the holidays. Those turtles candies are ones that everyone absolutely loves unless you are allergic to dairy or nuts that is. Those chocolates are one of the most welcomed gifts around. Therefore, whenever you think of those particular turtles, then you may also think of Christmas or the holiday season in general.

Aside from that, when you hop back into time, you may be thinking of the 1990s where the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were highly popular. Kids loved those video games and there were those green pastry-filled snacks as well. But that fad was just a fad as it did not last. Turtles are cute, and the chocolate ones are delicious, but are turtles funny? Maybe they are when it comes to puns. Let’s check out 50 of them now.

List of Turtle Puns That Are Very Spe-shell:

Following are some of the best turtle puns that are very spe-shell.

1. Why did the turtle move away into the mountains? He had enough of the hare-racing adventures.

2. Can you please move it, you tortoise? You are turtle-y blocking the road. 

3. I can make the best turtle soup in my slow cooker. 

4. Why can’t the turtle learn a simple task? Because he is slow. 

5. I found a good book on turtles and it has a hard-back cover. 

6. I loved that turtle protector case for my shell-phone. 

7. The turtle’s birthday is coming up so it is a great time to shell-ebrate.

8. What is a famous turtle called? A shell-ebrity. 

9. What is the reason that turtles are relaxed? They have access to sea weed. 

10. I will make some turtle soup and it will be done soon because I will be snappy with it. 

11. Why did Rapunzel end up adopting a turtle? She was turned out for a role in The Tortoise And The Hare. 

12. What type of turtle sleeps during the day but is up at night? Noc-turtle. 

13. Why does a turtle need to stay home? It needs shell-ter. 

14. Where did the turtle go? What the shell happened to it?

15. What is it called when a turtle that just died begins to stiffen? Rigor tortoise.

16. Why couldn’t the turtle successfully get a boner? Due to reptile dysfunction.

17. Turtles are excellent teachers considering they tortoise everything.

18. What type of turtle is the most visible? A sea turtle.

19. What device helps a turtle communicate? Shell-phones.

20. Why don’t turtles pay attention to the needs of others? They are shell-fish. 

21. No one messes with ninja turtle Raphael because of his sais.

22. What is it called when a turtle is traumatized? Shell-shock.

23 Where do turtles go if they had lost their shells? To a homeless shell-ter. 

24. What gas station does a turtle go to? Shell. 

25. What online platforms do turtles like? Snap-chat. 

26. What is a turtle and a porcupine mixed together called? A slowpoke. 

27. Turtles can’t marry because of shellebacy.

28. Why does a turtle feel if he is the star of the show? Because he thinks he is spe-shell. 

29. What is something that turtles like to post online? Shellf-ies.

30. What is a flying turtle? A shell-icopter.

31. I was invited to a Halloween party and wore a turtle costume. I had one shell of a good time. 

32. What is a combination of a turtle, a giraffe, and a kangaroo? A turtle neck jumper.

33. Why doesn’t a tortoise ever forget? Because it has turtle recall. 

34. What do you call a tortoise that is a photographer? A snapping turtle. 

35. What do you call it when two tortoises collide together? A turtle disaster.

36. What is a chef that is a turtle? A slow cooker. 

37. I heard some turtle puns today in class and thought we would learn something but it tortoise nothing. 

38. Where do criminal turtles end up going? To the shell-block. 

39. Why is a turtle so shy? Because he rarely comes out of his shell. 

40. What is another word for a turtle from the ocean? A sea-shell. 

41. That tortoise walking in the room was unexpected and it sturtled me!

42. It’s a cruel turtle-itarian regime, said the angry tortoise.

43. What is a tortoise’s favorite piece of clothing? The turtle-neck sweater. 

44. Hearing about 10,000 turtles everywhere around the beach was sturtling news.

45. Why did that turtle like to hang around with other turtles? Because being so so-shell.

46. Why is that turtle so fake? It is just artifi-shell.

47. I learned about the new limited edition of the turtle candies from the commer-shell I saw. 

48. There is no reason to flipper-t about my turtle puns if you don’t like them. 

49. My parents tortoise to take care of that turtle. 

50. Turtle puns can consist of ridleys.

What did you think of these funny turtle puns? Did you find them to be espe-shell-y hilarious? I hope you did!

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