50 Party Puns That Will Make You Celebrate

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Who does not want to go to a party? Parties are fun as you can dance, eat delicious appetizers, and you can drink to your heart’s content. However, not all parties involve booze. Plenty of them do, but not all of them. Personally, I like to go to parties and eat instead of drinking, so that is my definition of a good party.

Good food, good friends, and good music, and most importantly, a good time. And what is your definition of a party? Everyone has their own. Some people consider blasting music and eating to their heart’s content on their own as their personal party. Others don’t think of that as a party unless they are gathering with a lot of people for a good time. Then that is a party. You can have a party regardless of the time of year whether it is an outdoor fun summer party that involves swimming or playing a sport. You know there are plenty of parties that happen during the holidays. Those Christmas or New Years’s Eve parties are what make the holiday season eve more special than they are. What more about parties can we talk about? I don’t know but let’s go over some party puns. Here are 50 of them that will excite you!

List of Party Puns That Will Make You Celebrate:

Following are some of the best party puns that will make you celebrate:

  1. Do you care to party-cipate in my Halloween celebration?
  2. What do you call someone who has to suddenly use the bathroom during a celebration? A party pooper.
  3. I am sorry, I am not sure where the store carries the Easter celebration merchandise as that is not my departy-ment.
  4. Hi, my partner and I want to join your get-together for the weekend!
  5. I don’t party-cularly like family celebrations as they bring out too much drama.
  6. Don’t get mad at him for getting drunk as he had a tough day, have a little bit of emparty.
  7. I don’t care about attending any more celebrations as I feel nothing but aparty for them.
  8. I have a strong antiparty for the one who is running the show!
  9. Schools need to focus more on celebrations and I want you to sign a party-tion for that.
  10. Oh so cool when I saw you at the get-together, I read your mind, like total teleparty.
  11. It’s time to go to the fun guy’s house, now let’s departy.
  12. I throw a better celebration than you, and I don’t mean to blow my own trumparty but it is true.
  13. The fun guy is an exparty in the best type of celebrations to have over the summer.
  14. The banker at the get-together was talking about my financial partyfolio.
  15. The only celebration where I will feel comfortable with is one that has a lovely suppartyve atmosphere.
  16. Don’t spend your hard-earned cash on too much confetti because you know that a fool and his money are soon partied.
  17. I met someone at the celebration who offered me an unexpected oppartynity!
  18. I know you are dreading your next family reunion and you have my total supparty.
  19. I was so upset at the boss’ celebration that I was ready to fall aparty.
  20. This celebration is not the best but it is fun for the most party.
  21. My friend and I had to drift aparty at the ball.
  22. If you’re not a party of the solution at the grand celebration, you’re party of the problem.
  23. You are not welcome to my home when I have a private celebration so get off of my pro-party!
  24. The one who is loving the life at the baseball gala is one heck of a sparty person.
  25. The guy at the party acted up since he has such a boozed ego.
  26. I am only going with my booze-om buddy at the party.
  27. The thing that happened at the party the other night was just so boozear.
  28. By throwing the money away to throw a useless party, you are just shindig-ing yourself into a hole.
  29. The best gift to bring to the party is a bash-ket of goodies.
  30. I will need to get the sofas refur-bash-ed before the party.
  31. I am too quiet and keep to myself at the party since I am so bash-ful.
  32. I will not take your crap anymore because when I see you at the party I will bash in your face!
  33. Let’s go to the party and smoke some canna-bash.
  34. After the party I had enough rub-bash to fill up the garbage can!
  35. I could have sworn that I saw the bash-op at the church at the party.
  36. The house that is holding the party has the neatest rose-bashes.
  37. I don’t know what your problem is with me but at the party I saw that bash-ive aggressive behavior from you.
  38. I am so bash-ionate about this New Year’s party!
  39. You are not invited to the party since I did not see your name in the data-bash.
  40. I did not have a good time at the party since the guys made me feel so am-bashed.
  41. The girls wore some lovely clothing at the weekend party as those outfits are in bash-ion.
  42. The baby was great at the party until having that blowout diaper.
  43. Okay I am so mad and I am going to leave the party for a while to blowout some steam.
  44. Did you know who attended the party? That will blowout your mind.
  45. I am having a street party but you are blocked from coming.
  46. When I saw who was in the White House, I thought I was entering a muppets show because of the political pupparty.
  47. You made it clear you don’t want much to do with me since you wanted to party ways.
  48. I met my partyner at the Halloween party.
  49. The planning for the celebration stressed me out so I did not have any supparty.
  50. Thank you for giving me the oppartynity to join your celebration!

Are you now ready to put your party hat on? I am, that was fun! I will think of more eventually!

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