51 Moon Puns That Will Take You To It And Back

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The Moon. The mysterious rock that is orbiting the earth, and you see it sometimes, and other times you don’t. The moon has many legends and for instance, in astrology, it is the ‘planet’ that rules nurturing, the feminine side, emotions, and intuition. Did you know that you have a moon sign in addition to your sun sign? Your sun sign rules your ego and your moon sign rules what you gravitate to emotionally, as well as your habits. Isn’t that fascinating?

And why do you see the moon sometimes and not during other times? That is due to how it is positioned against or to the sun. If it is next to the sun, it is a new moon and that means you cannot see it. That is the start of the lunar cycle. Then gradually you start seeing parts of the moon as the sun moves away from it. Then eventually you see the Full Moon which means the sun is across from the moon. And during the Full Moon is when tidal waves can happen and animals become antsy, and wolves start howling. And then as the sun moves away from the moon again, then you see less of it, and then eventually it is a New Moon.

The Moon is quite cool and it also lacks atmosphere as well as water, and it is just pure rock. Apart from it being cool, moon can also be funny. Especially when puns are involved. Let’s go over 51 funny moon puns that will take you to it and back.

List of Moon Puns That Will Take You To It And Back:

Following are some of the best moon puns that will take you to it and back.

1. As soon as I got my friend a rocket for the bonfire night, he was just over the moon.

2. What is the video series called about the sun and moon passing by one another? E-clips.

3. The only way to make a werewolf stew is to leave him to wait for the Full Moon.

4. What is a bug on a moon called? A lunar tick.

5. There is only one way the man who visited the moon can cut his hair. Eclipse it.

6. Why is the man who went on the moon bald? He had no air.

7. Why can’t anyone book a hotel stay on the moon when it is so bright? Because it’s full.

8. The popularity of the moon has fallen and that is because there is no longer any Buzz there.

9. What does Buzz Aldrin who was the second man to visit the moon say? ‘Neil before me’.

10. What do you call a lunar beehive? A honeymoon.

11. Why does moon rock taste better than the rock from mars? It is a little meteor.

12. Why did the man who went to the moon go to the bank? To change the quarters.

13. The thing to know about the restaurant on the moon is that it has great food but has no atmosphere.

14. Don’t worry about the moon going dark the other night, because it was only a phase.

15. How did the scientist find those who work at the bank on the moon? Through their teller-scopes.

16. I was once really obsessed with the Full Moon but it was only a phase.

17. Why is the other side of the moon really dry? It lacks moonshine.

18. What is it when a crazy cow jumps over the moon? It’s udder lunacy.

19. What do you have in common with the bright moon after going to the buffet? You are both full.

20. Walking on the moon is not very impactful.

21. What happens when you look at the sky and see the moon? You see subtle light.

22. How do you organize parties on the moon and on other parts of the solar system? You planet.

23. What is someone called who is just so crazy about the moon? A lunatic.

24. What does the moon have in common with heavy metal? Rock.

25. What do you call it when you pretend you are the moon and laying down and moving around on the ground? Rock and roll.

26. Why is the moon landing something that never happened? The moon is still way up there.

27. How does the sun greet the moon? A heat wave.

28. What would have happened if Apollo astronauts remained on the moon too long? They would become lunatics.

29. What is a city district on the moon called? A Moonicipality.

30. I am so excited that it is the 50th anniversary of the moon landing today because I am really over the moon.

31. What is a credit union on the moon called? The Apollo Lunar Lender.

32. Why did the astronaut who has been on the moon take his dog to the vet? He ended up with a bad case of lunar ticks.

33. What form of transportation is preferable to the werewolf? The lunar cycle.

34. What do you call the idea of believing that obese people have hung out on the moon? A load of lunacy.

35. What do you call a lady who experienced the lunar landing? An amazing wo-moon.

36. My new girlfriend and I are both interested in the lunar history. It’s amazing we have com-moon interests.

37. Why does the man who experienced the lunar landing keep self-sabotaging? He is battling major personal de-moons.

38. How do you stay strong physically to have a successful lunar landing? Take your vita-moons.

39. How do you make lunar toast delicious? Top it with cinna-moon.

40. How can you convince someone to enjoy the lunar landscape with you even if they don’t want to? Through moon-ipulation.

41. What do you call changing your attitude towards the appearance of the lunar landscape? Singing a different moon.

42. How quickly do you want the lunar landing to happen? As moon as possible.

43. How often do you think of the lunar landing? Morning, moon and night.

44. Why is that guy who went to the moon silent? He is just the moon of few words.

45. What do you call the guy who is crazy about the moon that has a crush on you? A moon after your own heart.

46. How do you express sympathy to the guy that is sick who experienced the lunar landing? Get well moon.

47. What do you call something cunning that the man who visited the moon did? A sneaky mooneuver.

48. What do you call a lunar exercise schedule? The workout regi-moon.

49. What was the reason that the cow jumped over the moon? The farmer had cold hands.

50. What is it called when you grab some green cheese and divide its circumference by its diameter? Moon pi.

51. What do you say to someone you love the most? ‘Love you to the moon and back.’

There, do these moon puns make you want to go over the moon? I hope so!

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