50 Burger Puns That Will Bake You Laugh

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Everyone has a craving for fast food every now and then, and one of the most common fast food items to enjoy are burgers. You really cannot go wrong with burgers and fries as that is a quick and convenient way to get fed quickly. You go to your nearest McDonald’s or Burger King while you are on your way to someplace and you just grab a burger and fries combo so you can enjoy it quickly and get to the thing that you want to get to.

Burgers are also great for other reasons as that is the easiest meal to barbeque. You cannot go wrong with barbequing burgers, and a few hot dogs to join them on the grill. You can add all kinds of toppings such as cheese, ketchup, mustard, relish, and even mayo. You can stick some bacon and lettuce as well as a tomato in there. Or you can make your burgers fancy by adding more expensive toppings such as truffle mushrooms if that is what you like.

However, most people like their burgers simple, but somewhat dressed which is why they often will go for the bacon cheeseburger as opposed to the burger by itself. What else is so great about burgers? Well, burgers can make some beefy puns, and let’s go over 50 of them right now.

List of Burger Puns That Will Bake You Laugh:

Following are some of the best burger puns that will bake you laugh:

  1. The bacon cheeseburger tops a plain burger in a bun.
  2. What is the way a burger would propose to a fry? With an onion ring.
  3. The burger flipper made me so angry that I really do have a serious beef with him.
  4. What does the burger say to you when it gets angry? ‘You are bacon me mad’.
  5. What was Shakespeare’s favorite burger? Hamberger-let.
  6. The pelican burger on the menu is delicious but the bill is huge.
  7. The burger I ordered on the flight was so plane.
  8. A shooting star and a burger are so different from one another as the burger is meaty and the shooting star is a little meteor.
  9. What do you call a burger dropped on the floor? Ground beef.
  10. What is a gourmet European burger called? The Luxembourger.
  11. Mos Burger got its beef patties from Moscow.
  12. Even though I am tried of Burger King, if you want it, fine, have it your way.
  13. Everyone ran out of Burger King because someone let out a Whopper.
  14. What place makes crazy burgers? Wacdonalds.
  15. I am making burgers for a good friend and I hope it meats their expectations.
  16. What do you say when you introduce a burger to someone? ‘Meet Patty’.
  17. Who is a bear that is so into burgers? ‘Patti-ngton Bear’.
  18. Let’s meat and ketchup and have some burgers together.
  19. Why is bringing McDonald’s takeout not the best thing to do at a Burger King joint? It is a tasteless move.
  20. These boys who entered the burger restaurant were probably Five Guys.
  21. The man who cooked the burger in the lab called it a bunsen burger.
  22. The burger that kept making jokes was really on a roll.
  23. The guy who keeps putting cheese on his burgers is quite Krafty.
  24. I got two burgers as one was with cheese and the other was not as I am just trying to cut the cheese.
  25. Why did the little girl want to give burgers to her dollas? She wanted a barbie queue.
  26. What type of burger makes you high? Burger joint.
  27. Who ended up killing Wendy? The baconator.
  28. What did the guy say to the burger flipper when he forgot to add pickles to his burger? ‘How can you forget to add pickles, since they are such a big dill?’
  29. What do you say when you see someone in church eating a burger? ‘Holy Cow’
  30. Why was the guy upset when he spilled ketchup from his burger on his book? He was planning to ketchup on his reading.
  31. Why can’t you download the burger app? It takes a lot of bytes.
  32. Why will the burger win the race? It is fast food.
  33. What kind of burger does Trump like? The McDonald.
  34. I put so many condiments on my burger because I really relish it.
  35. I was going to add some new spices to my burger but I didn’t have the thyme to look for any.
  36. What is the perfect game of high stakes? ‘Who can flip the burger’.
  37. What kind of cheese does the minister put on his burger? Swiss because it is holey.
  38. What do you call charred burgers that were overcooked at the church barbeque? Holy smokes.
  39. What do you call it when you are waiting too long in line for burgers at McDonald’s? Burgatory.
  40. When a boy asked his father what burger he wanted, he said ‘bison burger’, then he left and did not return.
  41. I used to work at Burger King and asked my customers if they were satisfried with their meal.
  42. It is only possible for a burger to marry a hot dog if they have a frank relationship.
  43. UFOs are also burgers because they are Unidentified Frying Objects.
  44. What is the way to make a cheeseburger sad? Make it with blue cheese.
  45. What is the one way to make a burger smile? Pickle it softly.
  46. How do you eat burgers on the Moon? With satellite dishes.
  47. What does a frog order at a fast-food restaurant? Burger, fries, and a croak.
  48. When you want to cool down, what do you put on your burger? Chili sauce.
  49. What type of burgers do you find in Antarctica? Iceberg-ers.
  50. Why aren’t cheeseburgers cool? They are so cheesy.

After reading this, are you planning to have some burgers for dinner? Because I think I will!

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