50 Train Puns That Will Put You On A Ride

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Trains. What is the first thought when you think of trains? It is just a way of transportation that can carry large loads of products that are not always carried by trucks or planes that get the items from point A to point B quite fast. Trains will transport large items such as huge logs of wood that trucks cannot easily transport, and they also transport chemicals that can be dangerous for trucks to transport. Trains also are a preferred use of transportation because unlike trucks, trains don’t stop and keep going whereas trucks have to be held up by traffic and red lights.

Trains also run quite fast, faster than trucks can possibly go. However, trains are not just used for commercial purposes. They are also used for a way for anyone to travel. There are plenty of travel packages that offer train rides across the country. And the nicest time to go for a train ride is during the fall. You can enjoy the beautiful leaves changing color before they fall off of the trees. There is nothing more spectacular than going for a train ride enjoying the red, orange, yellow, and brown leaves that you see during the thick of autumn. That is definitely a trip worth taking. Kids also love toy trains as well, so trains are popular and needed for a variety of reasons. Let’s now give it some humor by going over the next 50 train puns! Let’s now go for a ride with them.

List of Train Puns That Will Put You On A Ride:

Following are some of the best train puns that will put you on a ride.

1. What do you call a train that is transporting bubble gum? Chew-chew train.

2. What does a train do when it sneezes? It goes Ah-choo.

3. That man who was riding the train only got hit by lightning because he was a good conductor.

4. What was the reason that the nutty man stole that train? He just had a loco motive.

5. You are going to want to eat your meal slowly when you are on your train holiday, just chew it slowly.

6. That guy on the train who was holding the newspaper in front of his face, he was behind the Times.

7. The Mexican train killer sure had loco-motives.

8. I wanted to tell the train joke but I decided not to after it got derailed.

9. What are the type of ears that trains have? They have engineers.

10. I always have to go to the bathroom when I am riding on the train as it is embarrassing but I go toot toot toot too long.

11. How will new trains run? On conductors.

12. Where can you order some high-speed trains from? Ali Express.

13. I can’t find the conductor that has been missing as I was not trained to find him.

14. What would you name a sport that involved climbing trains? Training.

15. My friend who got hit by the train gave me such the cold shoulder. It was the ultimate polar ex-press.

16. I had to visit my sibling on a train to South Korea and when I saw her I said ‘hey Seoul sister!

17. Why could someone who is blind risk being hit by a train? They would never see it coming.

18. What is the thing to do on a train if smoking is banned? Take some gum and chew it.

19. I quit my job as a train driver and I regret it now since I feel as if my life has got off the rails since.

20. How do you drink on trains? You chug.

21. What do you call someone who is turned on by trains? A metrosexual.

22. Why don’t you want to go on a train that has been known to break down often? It just has a poor track record.

23. I have no idea how many trains left the premises as it is hard to keep track on it.

24. Why was there a piece of dark chocolate at the train station? It was an antioxidant waiting to go on.

25. Why did the train engineer plead for insanity for ruing the train? It was their locomotive.

26. What do you call a Halloween party that is hosted on a train? It is a fright train.

27. What is a ticket inspector on a maglev train? It is a superconductor.

28. What do you need to do if you want to learn how to ride a train? You need training.

29. It is so easy to ride the train because it is a straightforward process.

30. That man who sat next to his clone on the train was beside himself.

31. The train driver ran the train through the sauna, as he just had to blow off some steam.

32. I was caught by my spouse playing with my child’s train set but I was able to cover my tracks.

33. Did you hear about the engineer who got drunk that night even though he seemed fine the next day? I am taking that news with a train of salt.

34. That beautiful trip that was taken around the mountain takes me down memory train.

35. What will you expect to see when you go to the railway fancy dress party? Everyone will be wearing platforms.

36. Those train ticket inspectors do a great job, as you gotta hand it to them.

37. Those old days of the railway I missed when the engineer had more a-steem.

38. That engineer is not going to give me a million bucks at the station as you claim, don’t yank my train.

39. Come to the railway party, train or shine!

40. The railway crash has just got to happen on a day when there is a tornado warning. Really it never trains but it pours.

41. An engineer’s job is not easy but it is rewarding, and it boils down to the concept of no pain, no train.

42. How does an engineer express being nervous? By biting their rails.

43. Don’t give up being an engineer and all you need to do is keep on trackin.

44. I really wanted to be a train driver but it didn’t happen and it is just another broken steam.

45. The train driver should not end up in that place so he shouldn’t cargo there.

46. That train is not as durable as it steams.

47. Becoming an engineer is like a steam come true.

48. What type of underwear is perfect for an engineer? Training pants.

49. What does a train driver who is a sorcerer do? Track magic.

50. The railroad party was canceled due to track of interest.

There you go! Those are 50 train puns to keep you on track with your humor.

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