51 Poop Puns That Will Make You Laugh Explosively

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Poop! What goes through your mind when you think of poop? Probably many things such as how funny it is, and how gross and dirty it is all at the same time. And for those who don’t have an appreciation for toilet humor may think of different things when they think of the word ‘poop’. They may either think there is a dire need for fiber to cure that constipation or there is a dire need for the rice to help stop the runs if that has been the case.

Whenever some people think of the word ‘poop’, they also question how often they should be going daily. That is because they may be concerned that they are not regular enough. And if they are not regular enough, they know that can lead to some health problems. Therefore, they need to find a way to increase their regularity if they are struggling with doing to the bathroom. Especially if their doctors have expressed concern. And pooping is really important to do in order to keep your digestive system up to par. It already has been established that pooping is funny because toilet humor lives on, for those who do have a sense of humor anyway. But there are 51 other reasons that pooping is funny because you can make the best puns out of poop! Let’s look at those now.

List of Poop Puns That Will Make You Laugh Explosively:

Following are some of the best poop puns that will make you laugh explosively.

1. What does poop and coming into second place have in common? They are both #2.

2. I am trying to come up with a good poop pun but they always stink anyway.

3. Why did the toilet paper end up in a valley after dropping it from the hill? It has to get to the bottom.

4. This toilet paper seems limp so it must be really wiped.

5. What does someone who has been jerked around and toilet paper have in common? They deal with a lot of crap.

6. Tigger stuck his head in the toilet for the purpose of looking for Pooh.

7. Why was the toilet beat red? It was flushed.

8. Why did that guy take the roll of toilet paper to the party? He was a party pooper.

9. What is the reason that ducks have feathers? They have to cover their butt quacks.

10. Why does Piglet always stink? He plays with Pooh.

11. Why are constipated people the same as those who are good at telling fabricated stories? They are full of crap.

12. Why is love like a fart? Because if you have to force it then it is likely crap.

13. Why couldn’t the toilet paper get anywhere? It was stuck in a crack.

14. What is it called when you take a big poop during the most exciting football game of the year? The super bowel.

15. What is a poop that is magical called? Poodini.

16. What was the reason for the toilet being placed on the top of the garbage heap? Because everyone had to take a dump.

17. What was the reason for the policeman sitting on the toilet? That was his call of duty.

18. What is it called when poop smells like flowers? Pooporri.

19. Why it the toilet a great place to take a nap? It is in the rest room.

20. What is something that is brown and also sounds like a bell? Dung.

21. What is something that someone who said ‘laughter is the best medicine’ has never experienced? Diarrhea.

22. How can you run to the bathroom that is unlocked quickly? With a doo-key.

23. What movie is the worst one of a trilogy? Always the turd one.

24. Why is diarrhea hereditary? It is in your genes.

25. What is something that is behind a wall that is large and brown? Humpty’s Dump.

26. The movie ‘Diarrhea’ had been leaked so they had to release it sooner than later.

27. What did one fly ask the other one? ‘Is this stool taken?’

28. Okay did you know that if you keep making me laugh you are gonna make me puma pants?

29. What happens if you eat too many cans of alphabet soup? You will have a large vowel movement.

30. The movie ‘Constipated’ has not come out yet.

31. I thought about telling you another poop pun but I thought it was kinda crappy.

32. The constipated mathematician finally worked it out with a pencil.

33. What was the reason that the baker had smelly hands? He kneaded poop.

34. The golden toilet has not been found yet, but you will be relieved when it has been.

35. The cop did not flush the toilet because it was not his duty.

36. Why do some banks lack toilets? Those are the ones that don’t take deposits.

37. What is the reason you have to buy a new toilet bowl? Because the one you have is full.

38. There are only two reasons to like toilets and they are #1 and #2.

39. Why is single-ply toilet paper good for your personal growth? It helps you stay in touch with your inner self.

40. What is the sign of you winning toilet paper at a casino? You are on a roll.

41. What kind of music helps someone who is constipated go to the bathroom while they are holding toilet paper? Rock and Roll. (you make hard poops when constipated)

42. Why was the accountant constipated? He couldn’t budget.

43. What is the nickname for Clark Kent that has diarrhea? Pooper-man.

44. Even though poop jokes are not my favorite, they come in #2.

45. Why is someone’s love for their lover like diarrhea? They cannot hold it in.

46. What was the baker doing so long in the bathroom? Baking brownies.

47. Who do you greet when you go to the bathroom? Mr. Hanky.

48. What is that feeling you get when you go to the bathroom as if you have done it before? Deja Poo.

49. How do you know that a clown has farted? It smells funny.

50. What is something that you get when you poop in your overalls? Dung-arees.

51. You are not a winner. You are #2.

There you go, 51 poop puns that are making you laugh sh*tless. That is the ultimate cure for constipation.

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