50 Movie Puns That Will Put On A Good Show

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What do you like to do on a quiet night at home? Do you like to go get a snack and put on a movie? Why not? Movies are great, and you can watch one of any genre regardless of your preference. Sometimes you need to kick back and watch a movie for the sake of relaxation or a need for entertainment, or if you need to watch a sob story, you can always put on a drama. Or, if you have a need to get intense, well, you can watch a horror or a suspense-thriller flick.

Regardless of the reason you want to watch a movie, go for it. They are a lot of fun. Back in the day, the only ways to watch a movie were by going to a theatre or renting a VHS tape. Do you remember those? That is so old school. However, nowadays, you can either watch a movie on cable, or you can get a streaming program such as Netflix. What else can you say about movies? Well, they are great for puns! So let’s now go over 50 movie puns that will put on a great show, and are so entertaining.

List of Movie Puns That Will Put On A Good Show:

Following are some of the best movie puns that will put on a good show:

  1. There was a movie about these car mechanics winning an Oscar and it was called Lord of the Springs.
  2. Why do pirates like adult or horror movies? That is because they are rated arrrr.
  3. There was a movie that had proven that you cannot live on the red planet, and that was Martian Impossible.
  4. There was an alien that wanted to watch a Disney flick and that is Snow White and the Red Dwarfs.
  5. Beware of watching pirate movies or else ye may get hooked.
  6. What movie was about a chicken haunting a house? Poultrygeist.
  7. When that well-known movie star was spotted, it caused a seen.
  8. What movie pun is Tom Cruise’s favorite? Top Pun.
  9. What do the Titanic and Sixth Sense have in common? Icy dead people.
  10. The movie about the terrorist did amazingly well at the premiere as it was the real bomb.
  11. What movie was about the young martial arts master that lived in Pakistan? The Karachi Kid.
  12. You don’t want to watch a skeleton porn flick or else you will end up with a boner.
  13. There was a rumor about a movie director having a case of the crabs and that was Alfred Itchcock.
  14. Don’t you remember that legal drama from 1993 that was so cheesy? I believe that was The Pelican Brie.
  15. During the COVID-19 pandemic, there was a movie director that was so popular and that was Quentin Quarantino.
  16. There was that movie about people in Washington state that wore tanktops and that was Sleeveless in Seattle.
  17. There is a maize that makes X-rated movies and those are the corn stars.
  18. Autumn guords are into a certain type of X-rated movie which is Pump Kink.
  19. Don’t you remember that movie where Oliver Stone went to Dairy Queen? That was Any Given Sundae.
  20. What actor is known to be a little bit crazy? That would be George Looney.
  21. The critics raved about the new Avengers movie as they said it was so Marvel-ous.
  22. I better call that movie star next week on Cues-Day.
  23. Actors only wear one type of underwear and that is movie shorts.
  24. Did you see Dracula in that porn film? That was Vlad the Impaler.
  25. What is a ghost’s favorite X-rated flick? Ghouls Gone Wild.
  26. Thanks for letting me know about the boring flick as now that was Dully noted.
  27. The flick about the terrible race car automechanics was The Last and the Furious.
  28. When old movie editors pass away, they fade in and fade out.
  29. The brass player wanted to see a movie which was Gone with the Woodwinds.
  30. I saw that promo about the hairstylists and that was one of the combing attractions.
  31. Did you know about that movie about constipation? It hasn’t come out yet.
  32. The doctor sent the porn star home after the examination because she was X-ray-ted.
  33. You will never see a porno movie win an Oscar considering their plots are always full of holes.
  34. What did the rodent say to the other when chewing on the movie reel? ‘I liked the book better’.
  35. The blonde vampire wanted to become a porn star because she had big fangs and thangs.
  36. That crazy movie that featured the comparison of the lives of poet Oscar and actor Monty was Wilde and Woolley.
  37. Back in 1972, when the Godfather premiered, the theatres were mobbed.
  38. Stephen King’s Christine suffered from so many problems that resulted from bad car-ma.
  39. Why do people like to munch on kernels at the movie theatre? Because it is a pop-ular snack.
  40. The best movie about pickles was Brine’s Song.
  41. What is the penguin’s favorite Disney movie? Frozen.
  42. The movie about that pizza maker that was bitten by the arachnid was Spi-Dough-Man.
  43. That movie about cheddar cheese was G-rated.
  44. That 1987 movie that was a cheesy thriller was Feta Attraction.
  45. What movie about the Atkin’s Diet had an automobile missing that was part of the plot? Dude, Where’s My Carbs.
  46. That Jim Carey flick that took place in Denver was Me, Myself, and I25.
  47. My dog keeps wanting to see the same movie over and over again, as he really likes Pup Fiction.
  48. The film and book about the villain who used a reading desk was Hannibal Lectern.
  49. The long-haul trucker’s favorite part of a movie is the trailer.
  50. That cheesy flick about pizza you are talking about is Pie Hard.

Now are you in the mood to watch a movie? I sure hope so! I hope you enjoyed it. Time to pop up the most popular movie snack now!

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