50 Banana Puns That Will Make You Peel Better

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Bananas are great. They are nutritious, delicious, and are full of goodness. One of the best breakfasts around involves slices of bananas in cereal or just to be added in a fruit cup. Banana smoothies are great as well as they provide you with an abundance of energy in the morning. They make a great afternoon snack as well.

Don’t forget about banana splits. Those are one of the most delicious desserts that you can think of. They taste amazing with several scoops of ice cream in addition to the fudge or caramel toppings. Let’s not forget about the sprinkles and whipped cream with the cherry on top. And calories? Who cares about those. They are not important right now as the taste of the bananas and the ice cream are what matter the most.

We have established that bananas are really good, as well as good for you unless they are part of a banana split. That means they are full of sugar. But what else is there about bananas? Are they funny? Well, they can be associated with people falling on peels. But they can be funny when it comes to puns. Let’s now laugh at 50 banana puns that will make you chuckle.

List of Banana Puns to Peel Better:

Following are some of the best banana puns that will make you peel better.

1. You need to put sunscreen on bananas or else they will peel.

2. What is a banana that is able to pick up all of the girls? A banana smoothie.

3. Do you know what saved me from falling down from walking on a banana peel? The fact that I wore my Slipknot t-shirt.

4. I knew when I made that call a banana answered the phone because it said ‘yellow’.

5. Why was the plantain escorted from the bar? It went bananas at the club.

6. What type of school do bananas go to? They go to sundae school.

7. Why are bananas so attractive? They just have the a-peel.

8. Why is a banana peel comparable to music? Failing to C sharp means you’ll B flat.

9. What condition can a banana end up with that requires to be seen by a doctor? Yellow fever.

10. Which banana loving politician was the one that is part of the Inconvenient Truth? Al Gore-illa.

11. What kind of key is only capable of opening up bananas? Monkeys.

12. Why did the banana need to be seen by the doctor? For not peeling well.

13. What is something that points north and is magnetic? A magnetic banana.

14. Why couldn’t anyone find the banana at the event? It split

15. What does a banana say when they first meet you? ‘Yellow, it’s great to meet you.’

16. What song was a hit by the banana version of Adele? ‘Yellow’.

17. Why can someone keep falling from their bicycle? It is easy to slip off of the banana seat.

18. Why is the banana split perfect for Valentine’s Day? It is very sweet.

19. Why did the banana hang out with the prune? He couldn’t find the perfect date.

20. What are shoes made out of banana skins called? Slippers.

21. Why was the unripe bananas not happy around ripe bananas? It was green with envy.

22. What is the banana’s favorite Beatles song? ‘The Yellow Submariine’.

23. That banana will be delicious as I can peel it in my bones.

24. That banana bread has made me peel not so good.

25. This banana cream looks interesting as I like the look and peel of the product.

26. The banana court allowed one final a peel.

27. Why do monkeys like countries that are tropical? They love any Banana Republic.

28. When are bananas edible? When the time is ripe for them to be.

29. Adding bananas to your diet is one step in the ripe direction.

30. We had to yellowver the loud intercom to get the message to the banana.

31. It peels great to be eating bananas.

32. I’ve been Cavendish this nightmare that happens over and over again of bananas eating me.

33. I am going to eat more bananas and less chocolate and coffee. Instead, I’m weaning myself off of caven dish month.

34. What adorable Disney movie was about banana dogs falling in love? Lady Finger and the Tramp.

35. What is an affectionate thing to say to a banana? Come here sugar spot.

36. Why is a banana split both healthy and unhealthy at the same time? It has a split personality.

37. What did one banana say to the other that had to leave? I’m going to split now.

38. What did the cop say to the banana as it was arrested? ‘You have the ripe to remain silent’.

39. Banana splits are great. In fact, they are ripe up my alley.

40. How do you thank someone who gives you a lot of bananas that you need for a recipe? Say ‘Thanks a bunch’.

41. What is a group of silly bananas called? A bunch of fools.

42. Why did the monkey go crazy? He simply went bananas.

43. What traffic law confuses a banana? Going ripe on red.

44. Why was it a great time to celebrate by enjoying a banana split? Because we split profits equally.

45. I don’t know how to turn into a banana, but I’m cavendish a shot.

46. Why didn’t the banana-shaped telephone work that well? Each time it was used, the reception seemed a bit spotty.

47. What does a ginger banana have plenty of? Freckles!

48. The banana’s record for environmental protection is a bit spotty.

49. What is the first thing that bananas associate with anything that is French? A Grand Nain.

50. What does a banana say when they are so sure about something? ‘I know I am damn ripe about that’.

These are the 50 banana puns that we hope could make you laugh! We hope that they made your day and added a smile to your face.

Do you wish to add your own banana pun to the list?

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