51 Spider Puns That Are All Over The Web

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Spiders. What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the term ‘spider’? If you are an arachnophobe, you will want to run away. The idea of seeing a spider is enough to scare you and to make you want to run into another room. Spiders either scare you because of the creepy-crawly legs they are known to have or their creepy-looking faces are enough to make you want to bolt. Not to mention, they can bite and deliver venom. That stuff is definitely scary and no one can blame anyone for being afraid. But arachnophobes have an intense fear of spiders. It is not the same as just not liking them and not wanting to be around them because you don’t like them.

However, spiders are handy to have around. They are good for getting rid of insects. They hang around their webs that they draw up and they wait around for dinner, which is a bunch of flies. And no one likes flies hanging around. Therefore, spiders are pretty handy for that reason. They will eat other insects as well. That is also why some people keep pet tarantulas. They may be ugly but they sure can come in handy. Spiders are something that you cannot avoid, you will at least encounter a few a year. So why not make the best of this reality and read the following 51 spider puns that even arachnophobes would appreciate.

List of Spider Puns That Are All Over The Web:

Following are some of the best spider puns that are all over the world wide web.

1. What spider has a dark sense of humor because that is how she handles the pain from her husband dying? The black widow.

2. I wanted to buy a spider at an exotic pet shop but then I thought about it and figured I could buy one for less money on the web.

3. What type of spider makes websites? A web designer.

4. There was a spider on my keyboard but it’s fine as now it is under Ctrl.

5. I don’t care for spider plants and the hardest one is the snooker shots.

6. If you are not sure what to feed your pet spider, you can always do research on the web.

7. What is the phobia called that involves spiders in raincoats? Anorakaphobia.

8. Why is a spider like a doctor? Because it is the cure to the nasty bug going around.

9. Why do spiders excel in the IT field? Because they make great web designers.

10. I found these great spider puns on the web.

11. What is a tarantula detective called? A spy-der.

12. What do you call a newly married spider couple? Newly webs.

13. What do you call too many spiders that are in an area near the airport? A no-fly zone.

14. What is the tool that spiders use to communicate? The world wide web.

15. Why are spiders not able to become pilots? They can only tailspin.

16. What do spiders eat when visiting Paris? French flies.

17. What is something that a spider considers as a fun past-time? Fly fishing.

18. What do spiders and tops have in common? They are constantly spinning.

19.  What is an Irish spider that is large called? Paddy long legs.

20. Why does a spider want to try out a new car? Just to take it for a spin.

21. What does a spider do when he is annoyed and angry? He goes up the wall.

22. Where do you drive a crazy spider? Up the wall.

23. What is the site that spiders go on to diagnose any type of health issue? WebMD.

24. Why can spiders swim well? Their feet are webbed.

25. When is there a time you can see a spider but not fear its presence? On a webcast.

26. What do spiders do during their free time? They surf the web.

27. What kind of bugs do spiders like to eat that dance all of the time? Jitterbugs.

28. I felt bad for the spider that I accidentally stepped on because he really looked badly crushed.

29. That spider love triangle was truly a tangled web.

30. Why is it a bad idea to go out when it is raining spiders? You may be in for a tarantula downpour.

31. When I first saw the spider’s legs, I eight them up.

32. What do spiders in love say to one another on February 14th? Happy Venomtine’s Day.

33. Why do spiders enjoy going to the buffet? When they are there, time flies.

34. What does the black widow spider say about her love life history? She met her last husband on the web.

35. When two spiders who are in love look at one another, they cannot believe they had met each other on the web.

36. Why don’t spiders take responsibility for ruining the computer? They are not bugs.

37. Why did the spider not like the taste of that particular insect? It was bugging him.

38. What kind of rabbit does a spider want to eat? Bugs Bunny.

39. What is the one type of arachnid that is also a human? Spider-Man.

40. Why are spiders not trustworthy? They are constantly posting things on the web.

41. Why did the spider say ‘darn it’? He broke his new web.

42. What is something that is red and dangerous? A strawberry and tarantula jelly.

43. What TV show does a baby spider like? Webster.

44. What did the parent spider say to the child? ‘You spend way too much time on the web’.

45. The one thing that could happen is if tarantulas were as big as horses that if it bit you, you could ride it to the hospital.

46. What is an eye with a spider called? A website.

47. What game does a spider like that involve a secret lover? Spin the bottle.

48. What type of doctors has an appreciation for spiders? Spin doctors.

49. What is something that a spider makes a human do very well? Scream.

50. What do you call spiders crawling online? Web crawling.

51. How is Google able to index trillions of web pages? With the help of Spider.

There you go. Even if you are an arachnophobe you would have an appreciation for these 51 spider puns and I hope you enjoyed them.

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