50 Shoe Puns That Will Shoe-ly Make You Laugh

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Everyone needs to wear shoes. You cannot go outside in your bare feet or just by wearing socks or indoor slippers. You need shoes because there is a lot of dirt outside and you don’t want to track it into your home or your apartment. And besides, if you go to a public place like the mall or restaurant, you need to wear shoes to keep your feet clean. 

But the type of shoes to get depends on what you are wearing them for. If you are doing shopping or doing everyday errands, you can just wear running shoes or sneakers. Or you can wear slip-on shoes. If you are playing sports, you need to wear running shoes, because they help keep you grounded and keep you from slipping. If you work in a hospital, you also need shoes that are geared to keeping you from falling on slippery surfaces. That is because hospital floors are hard and they are always cleaned which means they are slippery. 

And if you are going to a fancy party, you will need to wear dress shoes which can involve high heels for women. But wearing high heels otherwise on a regular basis is not good for your feet. The bottom line is that you need shoes! You need them for different reasons. And you can appreciate what your shoes do for you. You can also appreciate the type of puns that you can get out of shoes. Here are 50 of them you will shoe-ly enjoy.

List of Shoe Puns That Will Shoe-ly Make You Laugh:

Following are some of the best shoe puns that you will enjoy, for shoe.

1. Are high heels fancy shoes? Shoe bet they are.

2. What type of shoes are made from bananas? Slippers.

3. What is the only type of pair of shoes that thieves can wear? Sneakers. 

4. What is the only type of shoes that skaters can wear? Slippers.

5. The only type of shoes that a lumberjack can wear are Timberlands.

6. What are the perfect shoes for a doctor? Scholl’s. 

7. What type of shoes does a minister wear? It is unknown but they do have soles. 

8. How do you know that a pair of shoes are reincarnated? You can tell what is in their soles. 

9. The shoes I bought from a drug dealer have been one of a kind. I have no idea how they were laced but all day I have been tripping. 

10. What can a shoe repair do to shoes? It can heel them. 

11. The only way to make your shoe quit is to put a sock in it. 

12. What do you call a couple that has the same shoe size? Sole mates.

13. Why is it important to wear a pair of shoes while eating fried chicken? That is sole food. 

14. The shoe competition I won was a very big feat!

15. The shoe factory had a big fire but thankfully no soles were lost. 

16. What happens when you sell a pair of shoes to anyone who lives at the number 666? You sell your sole to the devil.

17. The shoe factory I worked at was so sole destroying.

18. Shoemakers will go to heaven because they have good soles. 

19. What do you call a 12-inch ruler inside of a shoe? A foot. 

20. That guy who sold parts of shoes isn’t part of a big team as he is a sole trader. 

21. Why did Al Bundy dislike his job as a shoe salesman? He found it to be sole-destroying. 

22. I was fired from the shoe store as they just booted me out. 

23. I took a video of my shoes yesterday and it got some really good footage. 

24. When the shoe factory owners divorce happened, it was found that neither party got sole custody of the kids.

25. The explosion at the shoe factory was tragic, and all I can say is God rest their soles. 

26. There are two sets of boots that I like but not sure which one to shoes from. 

27. Hang on, I have something in my shoe, I think it is a foot. 

28. What type of shoe is an undercover one? A sneaker. 

29. What type of chocolate bar is perfect for a shoe factory owner? Sneakers. 

30. What type of music does the shoe factory owner like? Sole music. 

31. What does the shoe salesman say to someone who he agrees with? ‘You shoe are correct’.

32. My new shoe store is called Hike, and as I greet people in the store I keep telling them to take a Hike, and they keep leaving instead.

33. Why does the shoe salesman only want to sell shoes that are podiatrist-approved? Because he wants to heel your feet.

34. Putting your left shoe on the wrong foot only means you put it on the right one. 

35. What philosopher had to always wear shoes? Sock-rates. 

36. Our shoe factory finally had our first Christmas party and it was full of old cobblers.

37. Where do parents send their kids that cannot find their shoelaces? To Bootcamp. 

38. My friend who makes clown shoes said it is not easy to do as it is no small feet. 

39. What Old English poet and writer always wore shoes as he wrote his plays? Sockspeare.

40. The police horse had a shoe that was not good quality as it was going good clop, bad clop.

41. What do you call a cat wearing shoes that are only meant for the winter? Puss in Boots.

42. My spouse and I run a shoe repair shop together and we are both perfect for the job. After all, we are sole-mates. 

43. The only type of shoes you can wear while directing a frog are open toad.

44. Not many people can wear one shoe on one foot and a sandal on the other. It is a feet only a few can match.

45. I stepped on that gum on the road that got on my shoes and I have not stopped sole searching since. 

46. What do you call it when you can wear a size 20 shoe and you are trying to fit into a size 15? It is an unimaginable feet. 

47. Why did the preacher insist everyone wears shoes? Because he said he could heel the masses. 

48. Why does a Reiki Master want to work on your feet? To heel you. 

49. If you have not been able to find a pun to run with, then give shoe puns a try.

50. I would walk a mile in your shoes but you have small feet. 

Did these 50 shoe puns make you laugh to the point that they helped you heel from any pain you felt? I sure hope so.

Do you wish to add your own shoe pun to the list?

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