50 Television Puns You Won’t Find on TV Channels

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You cannot go wrong with watching your television when you want to sit down and relax after having a long and hard day at work, or a hard day with the family. Grab a snack, grab a drink, sit on the sofa, turn on your television with your remote, and enjoy your show. The only thing that you may want to avoid is to watch the news because that can make your day even harder than it was while you were at work.

Go and put on a comedy, or a game show, or even a soap opera if that is your thing. The great thing about watching TV late at night is that it helps you unwind, unless you are watching an action-packed show, or once again, the news. But what else is there to say about TV? I don’t know, let’s maybe go over some TV puns, and here are 50 of them that will put on a good show.

List of Television Puns You Won’t Find on TV Channels:

Following are some of the best television puns you won’t find on TV channels:

  1. What weird television show do elves like to watch? The Twilight Gnome.
  2. The brain likes the cable TV channel, the neural network the best.
  3. What is a good network to watch when you are eating cucumbers? Pickelodeon.
  4. What is the black widow’s favorite television game show? The Newly Web Game.
  5. What do chefs always say when it is the start of their cooking show? Lettuce begin.
  6. I hated how you purposely hid my TV controller as that was not even remotely funny.
  7. What is that HBO show about disgruntled pastry chefs that want to kill each other? Game of Scones: All Men Must Die.
  8. The Incredible Hulk could no longer be a TV weatherman because he always predicted the same thing: Partly cloudy with a 50% chance of pain.
  9. There is a new reality TV show about a pizza delivery guy and what he does in his car and it is called A Slice Of Life.
  10. Which sci-fi TV show that was a classic do aliens from the fourth rock from the sun like to watch? My Favorite Martian.
  11. Why don’t you want dogs to take control of the remote? They will always hit the paws key.
  12. Robo callers and telemarketers are so disappointed that their favorite HBO show, Game of Phones, has ended.
  13. Careful parents must monitor the TV shows that their kids watch by going through the proper channels.
  14. Who was the character in the Brady Bunch that loved science fiction and aliens? Martian, Martian, Martian.
  15. The best TV show for aliens that don’t have a GPS to watch is Lost In Space.
  16. That television programs that are on each week feature naval officers that are high-ranking? Situation Commodores.
  17. There is a streaming service that features videos explaining how to troubleshoot problems with the web and that is Netfix.
  18. When you are eating a pickle, what game show are you inspired to watch? Let’s Make A Dill.
  19. What television show do Mallards and Teals like to watch? Duckumentaries.
  20. Don’t interrupt Spiderman when he is watching his favorite game show, which is The Newly Web Game.
  21. What game show will make your fish happy? Name That Tuna.
  22. What did the contestant on Wheel of Fortune that was constipated want to do? He wanted to buy a bowel.
  23. What TV channel do you see on in a Colorado beehive? Bee Bee See America.
  24. That Sasquatch hunter TV series did finally die, and it was from boredom.
  25. What cartoon TV character that was a bird liked that sticky candy? Taffy Duck.
  26. There is a TV station that the explosives expert likes the most and that is TNT.
  27. What kind of TV show is about cannabis users having a disagreement together? A mellow drama.
  28. The cat knows more about what is happening in the world than I do since he watches the TV mews.
  29. A pachyderm likes to do several things during its spare time which is watching duck-umentaries on ele-vision.
  30. There is a term that describes you feeling terrible after binge-watching reality shows and that is survivor’s guilt.
  31. A TV series about planet Earth would be boring because it would always be the same four seasons.
  32. There is a TV show that Isaac Newton likes and that is Gravity Falls.
  33. What is that TV channel that only features shows about nuclear reactions? Tele-fission.
  34. When you watch the Twilight Zone, why do you need to keep a roll of toilet paper? Because Doodoo doodoo.
  35. Did you see that show about camping? Yikes, it was in tents.
  36. Did you see that new TV show about dancing lumberjacks? It’s called Log ‘O Rhythm.
  37. If you see a serial killer enjoying a TV show, then they must be watching Naked and Afraid.
  38. It sucked having a TV in the bathroom because it was only 720 pee.
  39. The software engineers reality show was canceled because everyone thought it was too scripted.
  40. That heroic fireman that all of the news networks are talking about made him flamous.
  41. Homer’s wife was hesitant to enter the traffic flow because everyone kept yelling ‘merge Simpson’.
  42. Did you hear about the new TV talk show that is about renewable energy? It is called The Solar Panel.
  43. If you are seeing these teen boys enjoying their TV shows, then chances are they are watching Bae Watch.
  44. Hey, let’s get stoned and we can watch The Big Bong Theory.
  45. What TV show do nursing mothers relate to the most? A Breasted Development.
  46. Do you remember that TV series about this boy who could not wait to get older? It was Mad About Youth.
  47. The rabbit likes that old TV show, Hoppy Days.
  48. I want to watch that show about the cops solving murder mysteries involving gnomes, Lawn Order.
  49. What TV network do rabbits stay away from? Fox.
  50. I could not believe that 2000’s kid’s show, Kim Possible.

There you go, here are 50 funny TV puns that can put on such a great show and I hope you enjoyed them!

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