50 Hat Puns That Won’t Go Over Your Head

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What do you think of hats? You may think about something to put on your head for various reasons. You need a winter hat to protect you from the cold and snow when it is a freezing winter day. You also need a summer hat to protect you from the sun’s UV rays and that even goes for summer days that are not so hot. The hat will also protect you from ending up with heatstroke which is one of the most unpleasant experiences to have. I remember one time I had a heat stroke when I was a kid, and that was because I forgot to wear my hat on a really hot summer day. I knew from that day on how essential it really is to wear a hat, even on a summer day that is not so hot.

And, you also have hats that are just too fashionable for words and you only wear those stylish hats that have absolutely nothing to do with protecting you from the weather elements. So as you can see, hats have various uses. Some are for protective reasons and others are just for making a fashion statement. So where am I getting at with hats? Well, let’s talk about puns and hats. I am about to provide you with 51 hat puns that really will not go over your head! Let’s go.

List of Hat Puns That Won’t Go Over Your Head:

Following are some of the best hat puns that won’t go over your head:

  1. That new hat you got is just so cap-tivating.
  2. Why did that guy from Alice in Wonderland get angry when you took off his cap? He is the mad hatter.
  3. Where do you find crazy people that get hats for the sake of being fashionable? In Mad – hatt -an.
  4. What is a big cat called that wears a stylish hat? A dandy lion.
  5. Why is that magician so perverted? That is because he pulls his top hat out of the bunny.
  6. Why did the Chinese man who wore that hat head over to Starbucks? He was in the mood to get a cap-u-china.
  7. Where does a frog leave its hat and coats? In the croak room.
  8. What actress will not want to ever ear a hat? That would be Anne Hat-away.
  9. Why does it not take much for a cap to fall down to the ground? It goes at the drop of a hat.
  10. What do you say to someone who makes caps that did an incredible job with it? ‘Hats off to you’.
  11. You may not care for hairstylists, but I bet you always have to take your hat off to them.
  12. What is the dinosaur that wears a cowboy hat and boots? A Tyrannosaurus Tex.
  13. That guy who played tennis with a hat on his head must have been Roger Fedora.
  14. What do you call someone who wears a cap that has an anger problem? A hat-head.
  15. What do you call a baby in a hat? Totally fedorable.
  16. What did the customer at the hat shop say to the other customer in line? ‘I was here first so I am a-head of you.’
  17. Why do the pants of a pilgrim always fall? Because of wearing his belt buckle on the hat.
  18. What is a can that wears a hat at Christmas time? A-merry- can.
  19. I just bought a new hat, one fedora? No, one for me.
  20. Why is the hat crippled? Because it is handi-capped.
  21. What football player wears a cap? The one who wants to score a hat-trick.
  22. What do you call someone who removes their hat? Someone who is de – cap-tivated.
  23. Why is it a good idea to wear a hat when taking medication? It helps the cap-sule go down.
  24. What is a rodent that wears a hat? A cap-ybara.
  25. What color cap does a hacker wear? A black or white hat.
  26. What 90s musician used to wear stylish caps? Juliana Hat-field.
  27. What kind of cap do you wear that will convince you to go online? That would be a cyber- hat.
  28. I absolutely love that bowler hat because it is so adorabowler.
  29. Why did the chicken lay in the cap? Because of having the eggs to hat-ch.
  30. These hat puns are far from captivating.
  31. I don’t know what I did with my hat, I cannot think of it on top of my head.
  32. What do you call a feline laying in the baseball cap? The cat in the hat!
  33. Why did the magician wear a hat? He did not want the audience to see his hare.
  34. How does that stylish French hat look? Beret-good!
  35. What band from the 1980s always showed their hair no matter what? They were the men without hats.
  36. Why are those who wear cowboy hats have common sense? They are well-rounded.
  37. I have no idea where I left my hat, and this is turning into a major headscratcher.
  38. That hat you are wearing is so sweet and it really makes you look fedorable.
  39. Why is a particular baseball cap trending on social media? Because it has a cool hat-tag.
  40. There is this nun that always wears a hat out so it must be her habit.
  41. What Indian political activist loves wearing hats? That would be Ma-hat-ma Gandhi.
  42. Why does the queen wear a teacup-shaped hat? Because she is royal-tea.
  43. How do you describe the soldier with the biggest hat in the army? The one who has the biggest head.
  44. How do you make a boat a hat? Just flip it over and it will become cap-sised.
  45. How many hats can you own? As many as you want since there is no cap on the limit.
  46. When can’t you take the hat off of a computer? When it’s in caps-lock mode.
  47. Why don’t sailors like to get bucket hats? They fear capsizing.
  48. What do you call a hat that says good night? A good night cap.
  49. What do you call a hat on a bottle of beer? A bottlecap.
  50. Why must babies wear the right hats? Because they don’t want to have cradle cap.

I hope you had a good chuckle at those hat puns, and even found them to be cap-tivating!

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