51 Hare Puns That Are Hare-larious

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Hares are one of the coolest animals around. They are cute, cuddly, and they can be quite affectionate which is why so many people have them as pets. Not to mention, they are quiet and are so easy to clean after, and they can live a long time. That is what makes them appealing as pets as well. Therefore, for those who would love to have a pet dog because of how much they give back but at the same time are a lot of work and commitment – bunnies are a great option for those who are scared off by the fact that dogs are demanding.

In addition to that, wild hares are pretty cool too. No, you cannot have them as pets. But you can watch them hop around when they are in your backyard or your front yard. And they come in a variety of shapes and sizes as well whether they are domestic or wild. For instance, the largest rabbit in the world is the Giant Flemish rabbit that weighs up to 22 lbs and can be up to 4 feet. Wow.

So it has been established that rabbits are cute, cuddly, and can be great pets. But are they funny? Well, maybe Bugs Bunny is. But what about when it comes to hare puns that can be quite hare-larious! Let’s go over 51 of them now.

List of Hare Puns That Are Hare-larious:

Following are some of the best hare puns that are hare-larious.

1. Why did the rabbit not want to leave the house? She had a bad hare day.

2. What is a rabbit maid called? A dust bunny.

3. What do you call a rabbit that spent their life at a hotel? An inn-grown hare.

4. What do you call a line of rabbits that are moving along and getting smaller? A receding hare line.

5. Why did the hare chew on the gold necklace? Because it was 24 carrots.

6. What is a rabbit that is full of fleas? Bugs Bunny.

7. What is a hare who got burned and is upset about it? A hot cross bunny.

8. How do you know that a rabbit is old? The gray hares give it away.

9. How do you get a hare to do a job quickly? Get it to hop right to it.

10. Hares are all in the yard playing their favorite game, hopscotch.

11. Why did the hare end up building a home? She had it with the hole thing.

12. What is the solution for a hare that keeps pooping in the backyard? Take it to the pellet court.

13. What do you call a wealthy hare? A millionhare.

14. Why is the bunny out of sorts and in pain? Due to a hareline fracture.

15. I bought the rabbit a new toy but it was a waste since he doesn’t seem to carrot all.

16. What does the hare say to the carrot? It is nice gnawing you.

17. What does the mom hare say to her litter before they eat? ‘Lettuce pray’.

18. Why did the Easter Bunny stay at home for school for a prolonged time? He was eggspelled.

19. Hares are picky about the books they read and the movies they watch. They will only go for the ones with hoppy endings.

20. Did you hear about the rabbit that became a pro wrestler? That is because he had a lot of hare pins!

21. Someone was upset about the rabbit stew because of having hare in it.

22. The rabbit beat the tortoise in the race by a hare.

23. The guy wore a rabbit on his head due to the fact that he didn’t want anyone to harm a hare on his head.

24. The only way the hare could play the piano was playing by ear.

25. The reason you know that carrots are great for your eyes is that you never see a hare wearing glasses.

26. What is a hare called that sees the glass half-full? A hop-tmist.

27. Which was the rabbit that stole from the rich to give to the poor? Rabbit Hood.

28. The hare loved the adventure because it was a hare-raising tail.

29. That hare that I had is now just some bunny that I used to know.

30. Hares are always tired in April because they just finished a march.

31. What is the type of dance that a hare will preform? The bunny hop.

32. What is wrong with emo hares? They just don’t carrot all.

33. What does an hare say to a crush? ‘Heya hop stuff’.

34. The magician prepared for the magic show by washing his hare.

35. What did the hare do when he needed to make copies of a document? He headed right over to the photoc-hop-ier.

36. Other than carrots, what do rabbits like to eat? They like p-hopcorn.

37. How do hares travel by air? They go on helic-hop-ters.

38. What classic game do hares like to play? Mon-hop-oly.

39. Why do hares not always drink carrot juice? Because the juice form of the food is hoptional.

40. We are so excited to add that Flemish hare to our family, as this is definitely a memorable ad-hop-tion.

41. What is the most noticeable thing about a cute hare? The bushy eye-burrows.

42. What does a black and white hare sing together? ‘A bunny and ivory, living together in harmony’.

43. What does an angry hare say when he doesn’t like how something was done? ‘Fur the love of God’.

44. That hare is not truthful. In fact, I’ve got a hutch that he’s lying.

45. How does an upset hare say to someone who infuriated him? ‘I’m so angora at you!’

46. What is a hare called who takes emergency calls? A 911 hoperator.

47. Why are there so many hares in that field? Their p-hop-ulation is just increasing.

48. What is a hare called who doesn’t clean up after himself? Messy hare.

49. What is the hare’s favorite candy? A lollip-hop.

50. How did the hare learn about her dirty secrets? Through eavesdr-hopping.

51. Why is that the tub is clogged? It might be hare.

There you go, there are 51 hare puns that are too hare-larious for words!

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