50 Mountain Puns That Will Get You to the Peak of Laughter

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What is the first thing you think of when you hear about mountains? You know, the song that you sang in preschool, you know the one that goes ‘she is coming around the mountain when she comes’. Well, maybe not. I personally don’t think of that when I hear about mountains. I think about the Andes, the Rockies, the Alps, Mount Everest, and you get the idea. And you know what else I think? I think about how peaceful it must be to live in the mountains or to take a trip there.

And you know, I have to think about it. I wonder how anyone can really hike up those mountains because that is not an easy thing to do. It looks fun and looks cool, but it is not easy. I mean, how can one really trek to Mount Everest? That is something that I find to be mind-boggling. And it is not a surprise that there are some mountain climbers to went on top of Mount Everest and never returned. So I really don’t know. The most I would do is head over to the mountains for a vacation, but I am not the type that would ever go into mountain climbing. Enough about mountains, oh wait, maybe not. Let’s talk more about mountains, especially if we talk about puns related to mountains! Here are 51 of them! Let’s go!

List of Mountain Puns That Will Get You to the Peak of Laughter:

Following are some of the best mountain puns that will get you to the peak of laughter:

  1. Why are boobs relatable to the TV show about mountains? Because they are twin peaks.
  2. What is the best game to play in the mountains for kids? Peak-a-book.
  3. Hey I found something interesting near the mountains, would you like to take a peak?
  4. I thought about climbing Mount Everest, but I just refused to do it because I did not see the point.
  5. What do you call a mountain that has a lot of cats? A meow-tain.
  6. Why are mountains funny? Because they are hill-ar-ious.
  7. What is the laziest mountain around? Ever-rest.
  8. The idea of climbing a mountain sounds great, but it is downhill from there.
  9. I had heard those stories about the hills and I can’t get over it.
  10. The mathematician who climbed the mountain climbed on the slope.
  11. That mountain goat is literally always on top of the world.
  12. I really want to know how far that mountain goes apart, but I don’t know the range it is in.
  13. What do you call the husband of the king that reaches the peak of the mountain? The high-king.
  14. What do you say to the top ranking of the royal when you see him standing on the mountain top? ‘Hi King’.
  15. There is one difference between hell and hill and it is a fine line.
  16. What does the mountain lion do when it hides in the mountains? Peaks at climbers.
  17. What is someone who smokes weed called who climbs the mountain? A high man.
  18. Why will a mountain never catch a cold? Because it wears snow caps.
  19. What is the best drink for a cow that comes from the mountains? Mountain Moo.
  20. How do mountain people quench their thirst? They drink Mountain Dew.
  21. What is the most deadly mountain in the world? Kill – a – man – jaro.
  22. I have a new project that has to do with finding parts of mountains, but I don’t know where to summit.
  23. How can mountains see everything? They peak.
  24. Popeye is made at “The Pope” because of going to Mount Olive.
  25. I used to live near the mountains but I now miss it, and I feel terrible I took the mountains for granite.
  26. Why do you go to the mountain to study for your exam? Because you will get a higher grade for it.
  27. What is the worst mountain pick up line? ‘Hey babe, are you a mountain? Because I cannot get over you’.
  28. I know you are sad about not living life in the mountains but it is time to get over it.
  29. I had to leave the mountains because I was feeling hill.
  30. What is the best meal to have in the mountains at noon? Avalunch.
  31. Why can’t you play hide and seek with a mountain? It will always peak.
  32. Why do comedians like to camp out in the mountains? Because they are hill-ar-ious.
  33. Why do mountain climbers struggle with insomnia? They don’t ever-est.
  34. Hey, I will take a peak at your project about mountains.
  35. Why don’t you ever see girls that are snobby live on the mountains? Because there are no valley girls.
  36. I can’t climb this mountain anymore because I have hit my peak with what I can do.
  37. Why are mountain climbers proud of themselves? They never thought they would a-mount to anything.
  38. What do you call a flock of sheep falling down a mountain? A lamb-slide.
  39. You can love mountain climbing more if you changed your altitude.
  40. I thought there were more regions in the world with mountains because I got the a-mount wrong.
  41. I always end up doing my laundry when the dirty clothes are as high as a mountain so I must change my altitude about the chore.
  42. How is a mountain like time? It is challenging to budget both.
  43. I can’t come up with more mountain puns because my creativity hit my peak.
  44. Why are mountain plateaus great? They are the highest kind of flattery.
  45. What do you call a poem that is written by a mountain climber? It’s a hike-u.
  46. I wanted to head to the mountains but could not find the area where I wanted because of the fog so I mist it.
  47. What is a murderous mountain biker called? A cycle path.
  48. The only difference between hell and hill is the fine line.
  49. Why can’t you trust a mountain climber technician to fix your phone? They can put spyware in there to take a peak at what you are doing.
  50. Why are mountain climbers perverted? They will take a peak at you when you are taking your clothes off.

I hope those puns brought you in a mountain of laughter!

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