51 Weather Puns That Are Too Hot to Handle

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The weather. That is the basis of all small talk. When you don’t know what to say to someone else or if you are in a room with someone who you don’t agree with when in it comes to religion or politics – the best thing to talk about is the weather. Regardless of how the weather has been, it is an easy thing to talk about. Especially if it has been rocky.

If the weather has been nice, then you can talk about how pleasant it has been with the gentle breeze and sunshine. If it has been rainy, you can complain about the rain and how dark and damp it has been. If it has been a heatwave, you can talk about how nice it is to go swimming to cool off. And finally, if it is cold then you can talk about how all you want to do is get cozy at home with a fire on while enjoying hot cocoa. There is always something to say about the weather.

Also, your plans to do certain things depend on the weather too. If they are calling for snowstorm after snowstorm, you can’t really make plans. If they are calling for a summer heatwave, then you will want to go and stick plans to go swimming to cool off in there too. What else is there to say about the weather? Maybe when it comes to puns. Let’s go over 51 weather puns that will be both hot and cool.

List of Weather Puns That Are Too Hot to Handle:

Following are some of the best weather puns that are too hot to handle.

1. The type of shorts that clouds can wear is thunderwear.

2. Why do you want to drive your sports car in a tornado? To go for a spin.

3. The only way that hurricanes know what they are looking for is by looking through their eye.

4. What game do you play when it is a tornado? Twister.

5. The clouds did not come out because it was feeling under the weather.

6. Telling weather puns is not funny, it is snow joke.

7. The king’s favorite type of precipitation is hail.

8. When is the only time to expect it to rain money? Whenever there is a weather change.

9. Snoop Dogg needs an umbrella fo’ drizzle.

10. What is a storm that does not end up turning out to be a full one? A mist opportunity.

11. The reason that people like storm-watching is that the lightning is striking.

12. The story about the tornado had a twist in the end.

13. What is the reason that kids don’t learn about global warming in schools? It is a heated subject.

14. What type of weather does the Queen love the most? Reign.

15. Why can bees fly in the rain? They always have on their yellow jackets.

16. What do you expect to hear said during a Mexican weather report? It’s chili today.

17. What do you get when you are sitting outdoors on a cold winter day for too long? Polaroids.

18. Why are lightning bolts so happy? They are on Cloud 9.

19. What is a month’s worth of rain called? England.

20. Why can precipitation be dangerous? It can be the rain of terror.

21. What is the only way to prevent a summer cold? To catch it during the winter.

22. What does daylight savings time mean in Vancouver Canada? An hour of rain.

23. What makes the weather safe? Conversation.

24. Why is bad weather just like having a lot of back luck? When it rains it pours.

25. Why is the 1980s movie The Money Pit like the weather? It is a case where it never rains but it pours.

26. What happened to the guy who was hit on the head during a hail storm? He was knocked out cold.

27. Humpty Dumpty had a terrible summer but he had a great fall.

28. What is so interesting about lightning storms? They can be quite striking.

29. That news about the flood that was expected to come was leaked.

30. What is up with those who are always using umbrellas? Those are the ones who seem to be under the weather.

31. The difference between weather and climate is that you cannot weather a tree, but you can climate.

32. What is something that always does fall but when it does, it never falls to the ground? The temperature.

33. Why did the weather reporter end up staying home on that day? He was under the weather.

34. The bad storm that hit those overnight camps were in tents.

35. What can you say about freezing rain? Whenever it happens you can guarantee it will be an ice day.

36. That snowstorm that was predicted was white on time.

37. If you don’t get a cold front, you will get a warm back instead.

38. How can you locate Will Smith when it is snowing? You look for his fresh prints.

39. Why is it never a good idea to have a wedding in the winter? That is the time when the bride or the groom can get cold feet.

40. I want to break the winter ice with you, but you are always giving me the cold shoulder.

41. Why do cows lie in the rain? To keep each udder dry.

42. There is a rumor that there won’t be rain for a year, but I drought it.

43. What is a bear that has been rained on? A drizzly bear.

44. What do you call it when it rains ducks and chicken? It’s fowl weather.

45. The message from the sun was enlightening.

46. You know it is hot when the mosquitoes are dropping like flies.

47. What is the warmest day of the year? Sun-day.

48. What do you call the weather bureau? The umbrella organization.

49. Why don’t you want to talk about climate change? It can be a heated topic.

50. Hurricanes travel so fast, otherwise, they’d be called slow-i-canes.

51. I tried to catch some fog. I mist.

There you go!! Here are 51 weather puns that are like a breeze of fresh air.

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