50 Social Media Puns You Will React To

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Social media has taken over the world! And who do you know that does not have a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and nowadays TikTok account? I can’t say that I don’t know anyone who falls into that. However, there may be some like that. Now since the world is all about social media, let’s do something fun about it. Maybe let’s go over 50 social media puns that you can tweet!

List of Social Media Puns You Will React To:

Following are some of the best social media puns you will react to:

  1. Being popular on Facebook is like sitting at a cool table in the cafeteria at the mental hospital.
  2. Which social media site is the favorite of moai on Easter Island? Facebook.
  3. How is Facebook like prison? You have a profile picture, and you sit around all day writing on the wall. Then you get poked by those you don’t know.
  4. Now that selfies have become so common, my feed is pretty much Me, Myself, and I. I guess that’s why Irene unfriended me?
  5. What do you see on social media now that selfies are so mainstream? Me, Myself, and I, and remember that Irene has her account.
  6. Facebook is the best way for anti-social people to have a social life.
  7. You’re never truly over somebody until you finally stop checking their Facebook updates.
  8. Why do so many folks follow brewpubs on Instagram? It is for the Double-Tap.
  9. On which day of the week is the most creepers active at social media sites? That would be Lurksday.
  10. Remember this Golden rule: Tweet others the way you want to be Tweeted.
  11. The upset guy goes to his doctor and says, “I have an addiction to Twitter.”, and the doctor says ‘sorry I am not following’.
  12. The truth is out there, so does anybody at Twitter have the URL?
  13. Which Earthling social media post drew the most aliens to the planet? Star Trek: The Motion Twitter.
  14. How do you know you’re a Twitter addict? That is because you are there ’til the Twitter End.
  15. What are social platforms for animals you own? The social network.
  16. The reason that the Cyberman does not have many Twitter followers is that he kept calling them twits.
  17. If you had an imaginary friend as a kid, how many will you have after you join Facebook?
  18. The place where dogs and cats go online to stay connected to their families is Snoutbook, the social petwork.
  19. Facebook is great for loners as it is the only place where they can talk to walls and not look weird.
  20. The only way you know you are addicted to Twitter is if you use Facebook while the Twitter servers are down.
  21. Frankenstein hates social media since all of his followers have pitchforks.
  22. Here is a question you want to ask yourself and that is what do Facebook employees do at work to waste time?
  23. What was the reason that the man creates a second Facebook account for his favored hand? He wanted to make it known to the world about his relationship.
  24. What is a long online narrative that generates no interest on social media? That is a never-trending story.
  25. What do you call a hot social media sensation who’s not on Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok? Tweet.
  26. What is a photo update to clarify your last social media post? Later-Gram.
  27. Twitter has a character limit to keep posts short and tweet.
  28. How do you know your bird is using social media? Because of all of that tweeting!
  29. How do you know you’re a Twitter addict? That is because each Tweet fits in the character count well, and you don’t care if your character counts there.
  30. What is the platform where you can post intentionally non-specific posts on social media? You can go on Vaguebook.
  31. The only way to tell if you are too drunk to use Facebook is if all of your selfies look the same.
  32. The only social network USO aliens want to use is Fishbook.
  33. The great thing about Facebook is that it is great to keep up with all of the parties you were not invited to.
  34. When Facebook starts showing how many times you’ve visited somebody’s profile, everyone is in serious trouble.
  35. The one thing you can say about someone who does not use social media is that they have a real life.
  36. The last time Instagram went down was when users had to communicate the old-fashioned way which was through Facebook.
  37. The black widow spider was online building a dating website.
  38. How do you know that you are addicted to Facebook? You go on sites that list reasons you’re addicted to Facebook.
  39. How can you tell you’re doing social media right? All of your selfies look like you.
  40. What makes Beethoven the first true social media user in history? He used # before everything.
  41. What do some Facebook users feed their kids at lunchtime? Instagram Crackers.
  42. Google+ was the gym of the Internet because everyone joined, but nobody ever used it.
  43. The guy ran into a stop sign on social media since it was a dark post.
  44. No one follows the local fence company on social media because they don’t have enough posts.
  45. The one thing that happened when two webmasters met and it was love and first site.
  46. Twitter is my serious account but my bank account is the joke one.
  47. If you don’t have anything to say, join Twitter, typo it, and nobody will notice.
  48. Someone on social media who becomes rich and famous posting his images is a selfie-made man.
  49. If Twitter relocated to San Diego, would you call it SoCal Media?
  50. What is an online marketing pro who makes business connections using social media? Someone who is a networker.

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