50 Tennis Puns That Will Win You Laughs

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Tennis. What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear of tennis? Probably an intense game that involves you using your racquet to hit a ball back and forth with the other individual that you are playing with. You do this in a tennis court and tennis can be a great workout. That is why people who are aiming to lose weight want to play a strong game of tennis so they can burn those calories and stay active.

Tennis is also very easy to play as well. All you need to do is keep a careful eye on the ball that is being thrown by your tennis partner. Then what you need to do is bat the ball with the tennis racquet. But it is also tricky as you can lose the ball if you don’t keep a careful eye as your tennis racquet can easily miss the hit. But aside from that, it is a high-intense and fun game. Unless you have a heart or mobility condition, everyone should try it at least once. A game of tennis will give you the adrenaline rush that you need which is why it is also a popular game. So what else is there to say about a game of tennis? Maybe let’s focus on tennis puns and I will throw 50 of those out to you right now.

List of Tennis Puns That Will Win You Laughs:

Following are some of the best tennis puns that will win you laughs.

1. Tennis is such a fun game that you can’t help but have a ball when playing it.

2. The walls at the tennis factory must be so thin because everyone is making such a racquet there.

3. If you don’t like my tennis strokes then stop with the backhanded compliments.

4. The guy with quad-arms plays tennis so well as he has a great four-hand.

5. What happens to tennis players who get into serious relationships? They are courted.

6. Why did the tennis player get into legal trouble? He made threats in court.

7. Do you play this badly on the net? Because your tennis approach is terrible.

8. Why was the tennis player disappointed after finding out he wasn’t playing the first round? He thought he had a free pass.

9. I know my shot was in but I won’t say anything since I’m not up for the challenge.

10. Because that guy missed both his serves on match point, I won by de-fault.

11. Why is a game of tennis a lot like being a waiter/ress? Because it is essential to get right is the first serve.

12. The scoring system should change but the issue is that tennis is so set in its ways and doesn’t see the point.

13. I fail to ever win a game returning serve and I wish I had a break.

14. What is the best type of breakfast for those playing at a tennis tournament? Continental.

15. Why don’t you trust a tennis player who works with computers? He could be a hacker.

16. The best time to book the court is around tennish.

17. I once hated tennis but that changed when I started winning 6-0.

18. I don’t remember much other than the green ball being thrown at me. I swung the racquet and then things became fuzzy.

19. What does a hippie tennis player say when his opponent disputes his calls? ‘That’s so far out man’.

20. I prefer my matches like my balls which is pressureless.

21. Why do you get called Ace? Is it because you were just served?

22. I cannot believe it is ad-out again and I am ready to hit my breaking point.

23. The tennis racquet couple broke up quickly. One was stringing the other along without intending to tie the knot.

24. What do the elite indoor tennis facilities serve? Bubble tea.

25. Why couldn’t the injured tennis player send good wishes to the winner? He was unable to walkover to the other side of the court.

26. I loved hitting the ball again since it spin a long time.

27. What do you light candles with at the ball court? Tennis matches.

28. My neighbor yelled at me for playing tennis because I apparently was making a big racquet.

29. Where do ghosts enjoy playing tennis? On the tennis corpse.

30. I bought a used tennis racquet for a low price in good condition and it came with no strings attached.

31. What time do tennis players need to go to bed so they play well in the morning? Around tennish pm.

32. Why did the tennis player keep getting a bad cellphone reception? He just kept facing one bad call after another.

33. Why couldn’t the tennis player get dates? There were too many backhanded compliments.

34. After I framed the ball for a winner, I said shank you to the judge.

35. The strawberry and apple seeded so well in the tennis tournament.

36. Why did Doug quickly earn the nickname Ace? He just kept getting served.

37. Why is it hard to stick to a relationship with a tennis player? They keep stringing you along.

38. What can be served but never eaten? A tennis ball.

39. What is the nickname for a girl that is standing in the middle of a tennis court? Annette.

40. Why do fish fear a game of tennis? Because they will have to go near the net.

41. Why should you never date a tennis player? Love means absolutely nothing to them.

42. What did the tennis players do on their first date? They went to the tennis ball.

43. If you ask a child what comes before tennis, they will say ninish.

44. How do you know if your tennis instructor does not like your serve? If they keep returning it.

45. Where do tennis players want to retire? At volley-wood.

46. Why can tennis matches take forever to play? The lines are so long.

47. Why do tennis players often have low self-esteem? They have many faults.

48. What tennis tournament never closes? The OPEN.

49. What US state has the most tournaments? Tennes-see.

50. What does a tennis coach and dentist have in common? They both work with drills.

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