50 Hair Puns That Are Hairy Funny

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Hair. Unless you are bald, you have it on your head. Your hair may be short, long, medium-length, or shoulder-length. It may be blonde, brown, black, auburn, red, or grey. And your hair may be straight, curly, layered, or wavy. Or, you may be one of those people that like to have funky colored hair so you dye your hair different colors. Therefore it may be blue, pink, purple, or green. Whatever suits you the most.

Then some babies are born with a little hair, some are born with absolutely none at all. And there are other babies that are born with a full head of hair. That hair ends up falling off at some point whereas the permanent hair begins to grow in. That is why when babies that are born with a full head of hair have the hair that may not be the true color of the hair they are meant to have when they are older.

Hair really is for the purpose of keeping you warm and that is why you also have hair on your arms and legs. And in some cultures, women not shaving their legs is a normal thing. But since humans have evolved and because of being clothed for centuries and centuries, there is the least hair on other parts of the body that is covered up. So hair has its purpose. What other purposes does hair have? Maybe to make you laugh? Well, these 50 hair puns should do the trick!

List of Hair Puns That Are Hairy Funny:

Following are some of the best hair puns that are hairy funny.

1. I am having a bad hair day so don’t mousse with me.

2. I’ve had it up to hair with my strands being so fly-away.

3. A nice haircut feels like the ultimate breath of fresh hair.

4. Just remember that you need to get a haircut every few months so hair in mind when it comes to budgeting.

5. I thought you didn’t like my new cut and style which is why I got angry so let’s just clear the hair now.

6. Get the best cut and style as if hair were no tomorrow.

7. No offense but your style is so bad and I am at a loss ‘fro words.

8. The years where crimped hair was in style were hairy good years.

9. I know her style is strange but it is not polite to hair.

10. I need some extra cash for my haircut so can you hair a dollar or two?

11. Dye your hair purple! That is how you hair to be different!

12. I couldn’t hair less about your new cut and style.

13. I did not get the job and my haircut was likely the reason I did not get haired.

14. All dressed up with a new cut and nohair to go.

15. That creepy style of yours made me haired out of my wits.

16. You didn’t tell me that you were getting a new cut today? How hair you!

17. Why is it a good idea to have a bald head during the hottest days of the summer? Due to the heat shave.

18. That hair trimmer got shave reviews on Amazon.

19. Why must you put your hair up when you go to the pumpkin or apple yards? To stay clean for the Autumn hairvest.

20. In loving peace and harmony with my brand new cut and style.

21. Why is it that you are born with no hair and when you get old you end up with no hair again? It represents from the cradle to the shave.

22. The road to hair day hell is shaved with good intentions.

23. You don’t need fancy hair spray with gels and whistles.

24. Why does more than two hair strands cause hair knots to tie up? It takes two to tangle.

25. What do you do with loose hair strands? Just brush it off.

26. He is so cute with that new hair cut and I have a brush on him.

27. I have been having a bad hair day because I have been frizzy as a beaver.

28. I am not talking to my hairdresser anymore because I am on bad perms with him.

29. I have difficult hair to work with and this is something I have had to come to perms with.

30. You just got a new hairdryer so be curlful how you use it.

31. You can style your hair on your own perms.

32. The hairspray I got earlier was so full that I am quite sure it was full to the trim or maybe beyond.

33. Okay, I will go on a trim and say that your hair color is not the one you were born with.

34. That hairstyle is so elegant as it is completely trim and proper.

35. Why do many older people prefer not to dye their hair since it is changing color? They see it as the grey of light.

36. We need to figure out why your hair is so brittle, and the only way to do that is to get the root of the problem.

37. What type of camp do you send aspiring hairstylists to in order to style hair perfectly? Root camp.

38. I need some extra time to finish the work project due to my bad hair day. Can you give me an extension?

39. What did the chief barber finally do that caused people to stay away? He gave his cutting remarks.

40. She just cut her hair so why does she like to continue playing with the scissors? For the shear fun of it.

41. What sport do hairdressers love the most? Curling.

42. What happens to those who cannot take their greying hair anymore? They dye.

43. Why did everyone want to go to the salon located at the south of the main city? They cut their prices.

44. Why can’t the hairdresser enjoy sweets anymore? He was diagnosed with dye-betes.

45. Why did the hairstylist quit her job? Too many condition-ers were put into it.

46. Why did the hairdresser break up with her boyfriend? They had reached a split end.

47. When your job as a hairdresser gives you fringe benefits you cannot complain.

48. What type of hairdo do chess players like to have? The ponytail.

49. Why do barbers make good taxi drivers? They know every short cut around.

50. Why is it never a good idea to start an argument with a hairdresser? It can get quite hairy.

There you go. I hope you enjoyed these hairy funny puns and why not tell your hairstylist the puns the next time you make a hair appointment with them. They may enjoy it, or they may cut you off when you tell them these puns without any apology.

Do you wish to add your own hair pun to the list?

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