51 Cake Puns That Are Both Sweet and Funny

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Cake. What is the first thing you think of when you hear the word ‘cake’? Oh, just a dessert that is sweet and delicious and it can be of any type of flavor. You could have chocolate cake, vanilla cake, strawberry shortcake, and the list just goes on and on. And the one thing that is associated with a cake all of the time is the birthday cake.

Whenever you are planning a birthday party for yourself or for your partner, your child, or a friend, the first thing you want to consider is the type of cake to get. It does not matter how large the birthday party is. It can be just a birthday party for yourself! You have to get the cake that you want. And that is really the highlight of any birthday.

The best birthday cake regardless of the flavor is the icing-made flowers on top. Whenever you slice the cake, you want to get the flower in it. And if it is your birthday, then your friends at your party will gladly allow you to enjoy the flower-icing part of the cake. Just like you would if the role was reversed, right?

There is also a wedding cake. But many newlyweds decide to have a fake cake to show if they are having plenty of desserts at their wedding. Otherwise, that means there will be too many desserts, and it is just too sweet. What else is too sweet? Cake puns! Let’s go over 51 of those right now!

List of Cake Puns That Are Both Sweet and Funny:

Following are some of the best cake puns that are both sweet and funny.

1. I got heartburn whenever I ate birthday cake until I realized that I didn’t take the candles off first.

2. That large chocolate tower dessert really took the cake!

3. I nearly missed cake day and so glad I didn’t because that would have been so crumby.

4. If you want to get a pickle-flavor birthday cake, then you will need to relish every bit of it.

5. Losing weight really is a piece of cake as long as you don’t pick it up.

6. The type of cake that will help soothe your cold is a cough-ee cake.

7. What is a piece of pastry with icing in a cup? A cupcake.

8. Baking a trearbeard cake is really enticing.

9. Why are banana cakes not eaten often? They are not appealing.

10. You always bring me a cake so how could I ever dessert you?

11. The only cake to get a CEO is a gaffer cake.

12. The pastry chef was nervous about making over 50 cakes a day was due to the fact it was a high whisk situation.

13. I intended to make a Tiger King cake, but couldn’t do it as it is all methed up.

14. I do my best to make a pound cake but I get it wrong just by a few ounces.

15. What type of cake do Australians like? Up-side-down cake.

16. Why do you have to go into quarantine after spreading icing on cake? For preventing the risk of spreading confection.

17. Mike has 12 cakes and he eats 7 of them. What does he now have? The answer is, diabetes.

18. What is the absolute best thing to put into cake? Your teeth.

19. What type of cake do you use to clean the kitchen? Sponge cake.

20. What do you call cake for free that you can get on Black Friday? A sweet deal.

21. What is it called when you have had a bad day, and the cake you are looking forward to eating dropped? Icing on the cake.

22. What Greek letter is almost synonymous with cake? Pi

23. How many differences are there between cake a pie? 3.14 differences.

24. What type of cakes do you find in men’s washrooms? Urinal cakes.

25. What does a bad partner have in common with cake? They will dessert you.

26. A day about cakes is good any way you slice it.

27. Why do French bakers only use one egg when they bake a cake? Because one egg is un oeuf.

28. You can say that losing weight is not a piece of cake.

29. The baker was arrested in Germany for selling cake, and no one knew why until it was discovered it was Stollen.

30. The cheesecake factory in France blew up and all that was left of it was de brie.

31. Anything sweet is prescribed to cure a tension head-cake.

32. What do you call a booze drink with icing on it? A cake-tail.

33. That cake designed pants are comfy, but dessert make my bum look large?

34. What do you call dry cakes all over northern Africa? The Sahara dessert.

35. If you eat too many cakes, then you gain weight, and that is your just desserts.

36. Are you throwing cake insults at me? Remember that sticks and stones may bake my bones but that won’t hurt me.

37. You heard me chant about cakes earlier? Icing in the shower sometimes.

38. Giving that cake speech is giving me batter-flies in my stomach.

39. Eating too much cake will definitely increase the body mousse index.

40. Oh no I baked the wrong cake. I made a mousse-ive mistake.

41. You can always get the best cakes in Sweetzerland.

42. What does someone who baked a cake at church and accidentally drop it say? Sweet Jesus!

43. I don’t want to miss out on getting some cake after the sporting tournament. I can’t miss the slice of the action.

44. Having the best cake is the ultimate slice of life.

45. What do you call a trail that has icing on it? A cake walk.

46. Why did those warm sweet desserts disappear from the store so fast? They were selling like hot cakes.

47. Losing weight sucks because you can’t have your cake and eat it too.

48. Why do dessert lovers think that Marie Antoinette was taken for granted? She wanted them to eat cake.

49. I wrote my diploma dessert-ation on cake puns.

50. Never eat with your mouth open especially when eating dessert so shut your cake hole.

51. Why is your voice getting better over time? “Icing.”

There you go, 51 cake puns that are so unbelievably sweet so enjoy!

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