50 Magic Puns You Can’t Imagine

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What is the first thing you think of when you go to a magic show? You can imagine a white rabbit disappearing, or a white dove disappearing, or anything disappearing. You can also imagine a coin disappearing after you close your fist over the coin, or a dollar bill, or so on. Whatever it is, something magically disappears when it comes to magic. Magic is cool and it is interesting.

What is exactly magic though and how does it really work? Here is the definition of magic according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary:

Magic is the use of means which may be charms or spells to believe to have supernatural power over natural forces. Or, magic can be defined according to the same source as rites or incantations, or extraordinary power or influence seemingly from a supernatural source. So when you think of magic, that is what it is, and it is actually quite magical. What else is magical? Maybe puns that relate to magic? Okay well let’s go over some puns, and here are 50 of the magic ones for you that you will think are so charming!

List of Magic Puns You Can’t Imagine:

Following are some of the best magic puns you can’t imagine:

  1. What type of legumes disappear out of the blue? Magic beans.
  2. What type of number has so many super powers? The magic number.
  3. How is it possible for something to just disappear out of nowhere or something to appear out of nowhere when there was no sign of either happening? All you have to do is use your imagic-nation.
  4. Why was the witch incredibly charming to the point of influencing you to be under her spell? She was in a black magic mood.
  5. What type of chocolates do witches like? Black Magic.
  6. What basketball players is so endearing and mysterious? Magic Johnson.
  7. If you want to give yourself a good impression to someone, put them on your black magic list.
  8. What does one witch ask another who she is just getting to know? ‘Do you believe in black magic?’
  9. What is one thing you say about a witch? Every little thing shes does is black magic.
  10. What happens when a rodent immediately appears after doing a magic trick? You spell a rat.
  11. What is so magical about a dog? A keen sense of spell.
  12. What did the magician say to the witch as he was leaving? ‘Spell ya later’.
  13. What did the magician say to the witch who didn’t do something trustworthy. ‘It spells trouble’.
  14. What type of competition does a magician and a witch face? A spelling bee.
  15. Why can’t the witch come up with anymore magic tricks? Because of dealing with a dry spell.
  16. How do you spell relief? M-A-J-I-C.
  17. What song does the magician like? ‘Spells like teen spirit’.
  18. Why do kids like to play on the floor? They love the magic carpet ride.
  19. Why is she so magnetic? That is because every little thing she does is magic.
  20. Why is a good magician difficult to find? They are sawed after.
  21. The magician was so upset to fail at his tricks that he became a wand-erring soul.
  22. Why could you not recognize the magician? That is because he kept his hoodini up.
  23. What did the magician do when he got very angry? He pulled his hair out.
  24. Why doesn’t Harry Houdini use trapped doors in his magic acts anymore? That was just a time when he went through a stage.
  25. What did the chocolate magician perform plenty of? Twix!
  26. What does the magician say after answering the phone and having to put you on hold right after? ‘I’ll bewitcha in a minute.
  27. The magician never had his spell book out since he kept it under warlock and key.
  28. Why did the magician worry about the vegetation during the summer? It went through a dry spell.
  29. The magician that walked down the street turned into a drugstore.
  30. You have to really pocus on your craft if you want to be a good magician.
  31. What is a magical dog called? A labracadabrador.
  32. Because I had no idea how to react when the magic spell turned me into a cat, it gave me paws.
  33. Who is a magician that doesn’t know about magic? Ian.
  34. What happened to the magic tractor? It turned into a field.
  35. Who is that lady that likes to do magic tricks? Trixie.
  36. I went on the flying magic carpet and it was a rugged experience.
  37. I wanted to be happy and was told to play magic to do that, but happiness was not in the cards.
  38. A boy found a magic lamp and told the genie he wished that he was rich. The genie said to him, ‘what is your second wish, Rich?’.
  39. The Mexican magician told the audience he would disappear, and he did after saying uno, dos.. and did without tres.
  40. What do you say when you want to make two bras out of thin air? Abracadabra.
  41. A magician drove down the street and turned into a driveway.
  42. What is the longer version of Magic Mike? Magical Michael.
  43. A mean kid drew a zero on my face with a magic marker, and that really did a number on me.
  44. What did the magician due when he accidentally slayed his assistant? He showed incredible slayed offhand.
  45. My good friends realizes that bon mot is like a secret magical password. ‘Oh, pun!’, says ami.
  46. What is a magician’s gold fish? A magic car pet.
  47. The lady magician will always wear her abra-cadab-bra under her clothes.
  48. What is a magical dog crap called? Poo-dini.
  49. What is a magic cow? A moo-dini.
  50. What is a lawyer called who is also a magician? A sue-dini.

There you go, weren’t these puns just so magical beyond words? I hope you enjoyed them and now I am off to disappear poof.

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