51 Plant Puns That Will Leaf You Laughing

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The plants are great. They are great for your home and they are great for your health for many reasons. The real ones are anyway. The fake ones are good for decoration even though they collect a lot of dust. And it is never easy when real plants end up dying and have to be replaced. This is why most people prefer fake plants.

Either way, plants are great to have in your home. And they can be funny as well. How can plants be funny? They are only funny if you create puns out of them. Yes, plant puns. The dad jokes that have to do with plants. Let’s take a look at 51 of those right now and get a good chuckle at the same time.

List of Plant Puns That Will Leaf You Laughing:

Following are some of the best plant puns we could come up with:

1. What is one of the best plant actors around? Keanu Leaves.

2. What did the cactus plant say to the other? I am sorry I was such a prick.

3. Keep your negativity away because you will kale my vibe.

4. What was Adele’s big hit from a few years ago? Aloe.

5. I got so excited that I accidentally wet my plants.

6. How does the green nursery get power? From the power plant.

7. You know something? I am so frond of plants.

8. What did the boyfriend plant say to his girlfriend plant? Aloe you vera much.

9. What did the one plant say to the other after finding out he committed a crime? Aloe can you really go?

10. Having a plant that needs a lot of maintenance is not easy. After all, you need to dill with it.

11. What did the plant ghost say to the one that is living? Aloe from the other side.

12. I love you so much that you make my heart skip a beet.

13. What did the plant boyfriend say to the plant girlfriend? I will never ever leaf you.

14. What did the excited plant say to his friends? Woohoo, it’s party thyme!

15. Do you have the thyme? Because I need to be somewhere in tree hours!

16. What did the plant wife say to the plant husband? Can you grab some groceries because I haven’t botany.

17. I really do not like it when bay leaves.

18. When the fire alarm ran in the plant house, what did the head of it say? Please, everyone romaine calm.

19. I am going to get that new plant because I am taking a leaf of faith.

20. The plant’s friendship with the other plant was unbeleafable!

21. What did one plant say to the other who were unsure of how successful they’d be with their project? Lettuce do our best.

22. How do plants display their affection towards one another? They tell one another to plant a kiss for them.

23. When plants are wanting to stay positive they tell one another good chives only.

24. What does the cactus plant say to the other during difficult times? Let’s stick together.

25. What does the cactus say to the love of his life? Life would definitely succ without you.

26. When two plants meet up on the street, what do they say to one another? ‘Whattup bud?’

27. What does a plant that is a life coach provide to its clients? Encourage-mint.

28. How was the gardener able to determine that all of the plants were grown? It was just simply the right thyme.

29. Plants that are good at math understand their square roots.

30. What is the plant’s favorite thing to do when they are at home relaxing? Netflix and dill.

31. What is another name for a garden nursery? Plant Parenthood.

32. What plant is always so sad? The weeping widow.

33. What is the secret to a plant making sure their own needs are met? They weed out the drama that is not necessary.

34. When one plant is going through a tough time, how do the other plants photosympathize with it? They say “I chlorofeel for you”.

35. How does a plant make changes to their faces? Through chloroplastic surgery.

36. This plant has to be a good addition to the home because I beleaf it will be.

37. What I read has been planted in my brain. In fact, I doubt it will leaf my brain at all.

38. The one plant wanted the other plant to win the medal because he was rooting for him.

39. What did the upset plant say to the other? Please leaf me alone!

40. Why did the mushroom get every invitation to every party happening? Simply because he’s a fungi.

41. What plant did Nixon love the most? AROOO-gula.

42. The plant was not confident that he would ever stop being such an introvert. He never really saw himself blossoming.

43. The plant could not handle too much criticism because he could easily get deflowered.

44. What did the plant say to the other who was struggling with something? “If you allow me to be your bud, I will help you get to the root of the problem.”

45. Why did the plant take off after the child support papers arrived? Because he simply wasn’t able to stop spreading his seeds all over.

46. What did the angry plant say to the one he was furious with? ‘Fig you!”.

47. What did the plant say to his girlfriend? “I want to marry you because we are mint to be and I will never leaf you”.

48. The plant was not able to do his job right which will leaf so many disappointed that were counting on him.

49. What athlete have plants thought was the most amazing one in the world? Randy Moss.

50. The plant wife was angry with her plant husband because she felt he was taking her for grana-ted.

51. What did the plant say to encourage his friend? “Don’t worry bud, I am rooting for you.”

These are the 51 plant puns to make your day! We hope you enjoyed it!

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