49 Beet Puns That Will Make You Go Red With Laughter

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Beets, what is the first thing you think of when you hear beets? You probably think of that red vegetable that you either like or you don’t, and did you also know that after you eat beets that your pee can turn red too? Yeah, that looks rather disturbing but don’t be disturbed as that is quite normal. Beets are also known as beetroots and they are a very popular root vegetable that is used in plenty of different cuisines around the world.

Beets are loaded with vitamins, minerals, and other medicinal properties. They were used for treatments back in the old days for common ailments and there are so many health benefits that you will get from eating beets. For instance, beets help to lower your blood pressure and those who have chronic hypertension can easily snack on beets as they can help bring the blood pressure down which is better for the heart. They are also good when it comes to improving athletic performance because they help with bringing out cellular energy. Oh, and beets are also great when it comes to reducing inflammation which was something that they were used to treat back in the old days before modern medicine. And let’s not forget that beats are low in calories.

What else is there to say about beets? They can make some good puns, so let’s go over 49 beet puns that will make your face turn red with laughter.

List of Beet Puns That Will Make You Go Red With Laughter:

Following are some of the best beet puns that will make you go red with laughter:

  1. I enjoy listening to music as I eat my salad so I can listen to the beets.
  2. After eating those red vegetables, I can hear my heart beeting even more.
  3. What bug can resemble a vegetable? A beet-le.
  4. What band from decades ago was associated with a good healthy salad? The beet-les.
  5. I need some healthy carbs so I can preform better as I could not do it now since I am so beet.
  6. If you eat healthy vegetables, you will have fewer odds of requiring hos-beet-alisation for diet-related issues.
  7. I laughed so hard at the jokes about beets that I nearly beet my pants.
  8. Why are root vegetables more delicious than other types of vegetables? Beets me!
  9. Those vegetables really do look a-beet-izing.
  10. Go eat your salad, how many times do I need to re-beet myself?
  11. You have a sugar crash? I told you re-beet-edly to stick to vegetables and not to eat sugar.
  12. What do you call beets on a pizza? A beet-za.
  13. Why can’t you grow root vegetables during the winter? It is too inhos-beet-able for the vegetables to survive.
  14. You heart is in good shape after you eat root vegetables as there are fewer strange heart pal-beet-ations that are noticeable.
  15. Wanting to be a vegan but having the love for meat puts you beet-ween a rock and a hard place.
  16. Beet-ween you and me, I like carrots better than beets.
  17. I have been in the kitchen preparing too many salads to the point I am so beet.
  18. You embarrassed me so much about how I did not know what root vegetables were to the point I went beet red.
  19. I am feeling up-beet right now because my salad was a hit at the party.
  20. If you eat more beets, you will reduce the risk of you developing dia-beet-es.
  21. The beet salad at the party was quite a-beet-izing.
  22. Let’s go grab a veggie pizza from the beet-zaria.
  23. That salad looks just a little off-beet.
  24. So you cut the carrot wrong, there is no need to beet yourself up about it.
  25. They are so receptive at the vegan caterer that their service is truly un-beet-able.
  26. Okay let’s not beet around the bush because the truth is that cooked carrots and beets have more sugar than raw.
  27. You deserve a beet-ing for lying about the color of those root vegetables.
  28. How do you know that Michael Jackson liked root vegetables? He had a song called Beet It.
  29. The salad at the restaurant tonight was a lot beet-er than it was the other day.
  30. That salad is just un-beet-able.
  31. When I heard about the new salad bar opening up, my heart was beet-ing with excitement.
  32. What is red and relates to the rhythm? A beet.
  33. I am not going to be in any shape to make the salad tonight as I am seriously beet.
  34. I was going to name all of the root vegetables that I could think of but you knew more than I did since yuo beet me to it.
  35. The price of that salad bar is just so un-beet-able.
  36. What do you call a hippie that loves root vegetables? Beet-nick.
  37. If you want to make a vegetable dipping sauce, then you will want to beet the ingredients together until it turns into a paste.
  38. If you are asking whether a turnip or carrot are healthier, I could not tell you, beets me.
  39. I heard a song about vegetables on the radio and I loved the beet of the song.
  40. Just because someone cannot afford expensive vegetables does not make them a dead beet.
  41. Whenever there is a song I hear that I like, I just turnip the beet.
  42. You can’t beet these beet puns!
  43. Eating more vegetables made me more positive overall as I have a more of an up-beet attitude than I used to.
  44. I love root vegetables so much that whenever I think about eating them with you, my heart skips a beet.
  45. Why can’t you stop a beet? The beet goes on.
  46. Most people who have dropped beets are not musicians as they are just inept in the kitchen.
  47. My face goes so red when I am embarrassed that I look beet up.
  48. You think you can make a salad so fast? Oh I know I will beet you to it.
  49. That picture of the carrot I took was too perfect, no one can beet it!

There you go, can you beet these puns?

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