50 Math Puns That Will Make You Think

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What was your favorite subject in school? Was it math? Or did you not care for math? I have to say I was not the best at math but it was not my worst subject either. I mean, I knew that I was not going to be a scientist because I really wasn’t the best at math. I was okay in subjects such as algebra and stuff, but when it came to statistics, geometry, and calculus, I was just not with it. I was lost, and I couldn’t do it. That is when I knew that I could not go into the sciences because when it comes to going into a scientific field, you need to be good at math, which I was not great at and that was a bummer.

When I was a child I wanted to be an astronaut but the thing is, you need to be good at math and physics to even be considered to be one. Since math didn’t work out for me, not the hard stuff anyway, I had to give up my dream. So I am not an astronaut, and I am here writing puns instead. Not too shabby I guess, well, who am I kidding? I really wanted to be an astronaut. Anyway, let’s put that aside and talk more about math, by going over 50 math puns that will make you think.

List of Math Puns That Will Make You Think:

Following are some of the best math puns that will make you think:

  1. I don’t believe you about taking the math quiz when you did because your story just does not add up.
  2. The students laughed at me in math class because the teacher schooled me.
  3. Why was the boy booted out of math class? The teacher thought he had too many in-fractions.
  4. What is a mathematician’s favorite dessert? Pi.
  5. Why don’t you want to talk about pie with a math teacher? They will go on and on forever.
  6. Why don’t car dealerships like mathematicians? Because they refuse to cosine any loans.
  7. What blood type do really good math students have? A+.
  8. Why did the math teacher stop being so arrogant? He ate a piece of humble pi.
  9. I did not like math until I realized that decimals really do have a point.
  10. The math teacher who I loved passed away and he left naught behind for the family.
  11. I regret becoming a math teacher because it was a miscalculated move on my part.
  12. To sum up, math really is hard.
  13. What did the math teacher get his marine biologist wife for her birthday? Algae-bra.
  14. What did the math student keep eating in the cafeteria? He ate pi-a-la-mode.
  15. What does the organic math teacher do to warm up at home? Puts organic logs in the fireplace.
  16. The mathematician was so inept he could no longer count on his family and friends.
  17. What is the best place in the kitchen for math teachers? Behind the counter.
  18. Why do math teachers go to the beach during the summer? Because they are sum worshipers.
  19. I amount of math homework to other homework I have is just a fraction of it.
  20. Don’t keep skipping math class because the absences will add up.
  21. That math teacher failed me in math so many times I lost count.
  22. Why did the substitute math teacher want to only work from home? She only functioned in her own domain.
  23. I’m terrible in math to the point that the equation 2n + 2n is 4n to me.
  24. The math teacher is a fantastic dancer as he really has an algorithm.
  25. The math teacher has so many kids and that is proof that she can really multiply.
  26. Why did the math teacher make the classroom too hot by putting up the heat? He was cold and calculating.
  27. Why don’t geometry teachers never really die? They just reduce their functions.
  28. You never have to worry about having a shortage of math teachers as they will always multiply.
  29. Why did the guy easily secure his job as a math teacher? It was due to prime factors.
  30. Why did the cap gun get taken away during geometry class? It was capable of math destruction.
  31. The lawyer did what he could to defend the math teacher until the judge said for him to sum it up.
  32. The fact that now you are telling me that you liked math class better than English studies doesn’t add up since I believed the opposite was true before.
  33. The math teacher went nuts with the chalk on the blackboard to the point he did a number to it.
  34. Why don’t math teachers think logically? They become irrational.
  35. My math teacher only liked even numbers which I found to be odd.
  36. Math teachers don’t get mad at 2, 4, 6, and 8. They get even with them instead.
  37. The old math teacher is not cruel as he just uses strange expressions.
  38. What do math teachers call retirement? Aftermath.
  39. Why do those young teachers keep wanting to be cute? They want to watch their figures.
  40. Some math teachers are positive whereas others are negative.
  41. Why was the horticulturist good at math? He had a strong interest in square roots and prime roots.
  42. When those math teachers were talking about numbers, they were at odds with each other.
  43. Why won’t the math teacher forgive the other one who let him down? He wanted to get even with him.
  44. That house number is odd.
  45. That math teacher that climbs mountains found an adder near the sum-mit.
  46. The best time to take a make-up math class is during the sum-mer.
  47. Why doesn’t the math teacher want to have alcohol at their party? Because they don’t want their guests to drink and derive.
  48. The shape is the hardest to get out of since it is a trap-azoid.
  49. These math puns don’t make sense and don’t add up.
  50. How does a math teacher park their car? In a parallel line.

There you have it, I hope you found that these math puns were entertaining or at least added up.

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