49 Water Puns That Are Seariously Very Funny

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Water. It is critical for life. We need to drink water to stay hydrated because our lives depend on it. Fish need water to live because that is critical to their lives the way oxygen is to us. And the same goes for other sea animals. Aside from how important water is for life, it is also important for us to stay clean. We need it to bathe and shower. It is also helpful to look at in order to stay calm and relaxed. And swimming does that too, and it is good for you. What is it that I am getting at? Water is good for you for so many reasons.

Water is also good for you for reasons that you would least expect because it can make you laugh! And laughter is good for the soul. Okay, how can water make you laugh? How about the dad jokes that have to do with water? Yes, water puns are hilarious! And let’s go over 49 of the funniest water puns around!

List of Water Puns That Are Seariously Funny:

Following are some of the best water puns we could come up with:

1. There are 2 reasons that toilet water is never recommended to drink. What are they? Simply number one and number two.

2. How come the river is so forgetful? Because it is becoming sea Nile. 

3. How does one ocean say hello to another? They wave.

4. Why does water not like many jokes? It doesn’t understand dry humor.

5. Why are oceans into perfection? Because they are so pacific.

6. Why did the ocean want to leave the concert quickly? It was getting tide.

7. Why are rivers so easy to get along with? They simply go with the flow.

8. Why is the clean always so punctual? Because it wants to stay current.

9. Did you hear about the situation about the hole in the ground? Well…

10. Resentments can be like water because they are bottled up.

11. What did the ocean give birth to? A buoy!

12. What did the ocean who wanted to hang out with the sea say? ‘Water you doing tonight?’

13. What did the ocean say to the sea who got into trouble with the law? “Water you going to do about this?”

14. What is annoyed ocean saying often? “Waterever, I don’t care anymore”.

15. Why was the sea upset with the river for being insensitive? It was acting so shallow.

16. The ocean is unhappy because it was tide of hearing water puns.

17. What was the ocean getting antsy for not being seated at the restaurant? It was tired of having to wet.

18. The sea was still because it was thinking and having to ponder.

19. The river was so easy to get along with because of having such a bubbly personality.

20. The ocean needed to find a way to stay protected so they have to increase their seacurity.

21. The river was hesitant to do online banking for a long time because of not knowing how seacure it was to do transactions.

22. The ocean and river like the country they live in a democrasea.

23. The lady river was not feeling well most of the time because she was really having a difficult pregnansea.

24. Rain happens on a day that is warm enough not to freeze, which is why it is not seasonal.

25. The ocean is tired of how much red tape there is due to all of the bureaucrasea. 

26. The river was not going to rush on the project because he did not see the urgensea for it to be done right away.

27. A tsunami is devastating and is one of the worst types of emergensea around.

28. Why does the river like to do to expensive restaurants? It has an appreciation for anything that is luxurious and fansea.

29. The ocean money is stronger than the river’s cash because of the strength of the currensea.

30. Why did the teenage river get upset? She wanted to go to another seacondary school.

31. Why is the cooked rice overly fluffy? The pot was left swimmering for a while.

32. Why did the river’s stairs loud as anyone walked on them? The stairs were creeking.

33. Why is the ocean in excellent shape? Because it makes a daily habit to rain each morning.

34. Why did the ocean feel bad about herself? She has low self esteam.

35. The girl ocean did not see how much the boy one liked her. She did not realize how long he has been quarting her for.

36. Water is not always so pure because it is one of those examples of how things are not always as they steam.

37. What is the one thing you always say to frozen water that is defending their point of view? Icey.

38. The river did not want to go back to his ex-friend. There was just too much water under the bridge.

39. The ocean was losing his mind because he had fallen off of the deep end.

40. What is frozen water that is offended over everything? A snowflake.

41. Why did the ocean feel self-conscious about going on the date with the other ocean? There was a boil on his nose.

42. The water was not motivated to live a healthy lifestyle. He just did not have the well power.

43. The ocean boy had such sensitive teeth that the dentist was considering to put some sealant on it.

44. The river wanted to plant some flowers and that is why she went to the nursery to get some seads.

45. The ocean was so blessed to have a wonderful buoyfriend.

46. The ocean was not in a hurry to get seen by the eye doctor as she was just willing to wet since her eyesight was not so bad.

47. The river was always so calm because he made a habit of wetitating daily.

48. The ocean and the river relaxed together as they waded across the forest.

49. The ocean canceled the cable subscription to save money by subscribing to a streaming program.

Are you now laughing at these to the point that you are wetting yourself? That’s fine.

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