51 Rat Puns That Will Make You Laugh Micely

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Rats. What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of rats? Just a pesky rodent that you see on the train tracks as they scurry around for food and look around for anything else that they may find to be enticing. The last thing you ever want to see in your home is a rat or any rodent for the obvious reason. They get into your home and then the next thing you know they will get into your food supply, and chew up your wires. And then the next thing you know that not only does your electricity not work but a fire can also happen because of those chewed up wires.

The first thing that anyone would do is scream when they see a rat for the obvious reason. They are just a pest that you do not want to be dealing with. But you want to know something else about rats that will blow you away? They can actually make really good pets. That is right. Rats can be amazing pets as they are affectionate and are very low-maintenance. However, a lot of people really are not sold on the idea of having a rat for a pet for the reputation they have – they are dirty pests. Okay, aside from all of that, what else about rats is there to talk about? Let’s talk about the funnies about them, you know, rat puns. Let’s go over 51 of those now.

List of That Will Make You Laugh Micely:

Following are some of the best rat puns that will make laugh micely.

1. What do you yell out when you see a group of rodents tearing up the trash in your garage? Oh, rats!

2. Why is that rodent being so annoying on purpose? Because it is a b-rat.

3. What reptile do rodent lovers like to keep as pets? The rat-tle snake.

4. Why will a rodent give away the truth about what you do? They rat you out.

5. What kind of insurance is perfect for rats? Ro Dent Insurance.

6. What is a rodent that hoards things in a bag? A pack rat.

7. I, unfortunately, hit a rat with my car today and it left a ro-dent.

8. It is true that rats are under rated and for you to see it, check your dictionary.

9. What rodent is a ship on the Carrabean? Pi-rats.

10. I started dating a gym rat weeks ago and we didn’t work out.

11. What is the condition called when you start yelling profanity about rodents? Ta-rats Syndrome.

12. What are twin rats called? Ratatouille’s.

13. What was the cause for the rat losing its leg? Going pi-rat-ing.

14. What is a squeaking flying rodent called? A bat rat.

15. What is the only way to make a rat fly? Replace the R with the B in the word.

16. What does the rodent pet owner say when concluding a speech? ‘Folks, rats all’.

17. What is the easiest way to get a rat to look at a camera for a picture to be taken? Say ‘cheese’.

18. What do ghosts angrily say about the reason for the holes in them? It is because of those a-gnawing rats.

19. Why would a rat give you a dirty look? If you take a skunk out for a walk.

20. What is something that a rat and a rusty hinge have in common? They squeak.

21. What is the way to bless a childless rat? Give her a buck.

22. What is the area of a cave where rats hide? Stalagrat.

23. What is a rat’s favorite childhood game? Hide and go squeak.

24. Why do rats prefer to have their windows scrubbed? They like it squeaky clean.

25. What does a rat with broken teeth say in front of a camera? ‘Hard cheese’.

26. I would have told you a naughty rodent pun but I can’t since you’d rat me out.

27. How does a rat enter a minefield? Squeak, squeak, squeak, bang.

28. What type of gun does a rat carry with? The one that goes rat-atatata.

29. Why don’t rats have long hair? It would not look good since they already have a long tail.

30. What is the area that is the best mating grounds for rats? A dirty old pipe.

31. What costume for sale in Vegas is popular during Halloween? The rat pack.

32. What is a rat that suffers from allergies called? Rat a-choo ouille.

33. What does the barista say to you when you tell them that there is a huge rat in the bathroom? ‘Are you talking about a Venti rat?’

34. Why are rats terrible at taking pictures? Because after they say ‘cheese’ they go everywhere to look for it.

35. The cause of death of rats have been found. Research, scientists.

36. What is something that a rat won’t ever say to you? A squeakret.

37. What is the place where rats get drinks with their mice friends? Squeakeasy.

38. What does a heart and a gym rat have in common? They pump iron all of the time.

39. Why are cigarettes like rats? They both are harmless until you put them into your mouth then light the match.

40. I got confused when my friend got me a rodent wearing a tank top for my birthday. Apparently it is a gym rat and he hoped it worked out for me.

41. What happens when you attach C4 to rats and send them all over Eurasia? A brand new Boombonic plague will begin.

42. What is a rat living under subway tracks? Underrated.

43. What happened when two rats walked into a bar? The bar had to be shut down for health violations.

44. What is a fox and rat marriage called? The biggest merger in film history.

45. What is an actor rodent that is brittle, dry, but firm called? A crisp rat.

46. What is a rat called that became spiritual? A Buddha-pest.

47. The scientist accidentally chilled the lab rat to the absolute zero, and at first, the rat was frozen but he is fine now.

48. What is the rival of the band Arrogant Rat? Modest Mouse.

49. What is a rodent that is overweight called? A pie-rat.

50. Why did the rodent want to leave the 9 to 5 job? He wanted to escape the rat race.

51. What does a religious rat do? It prays to cheesus.

There you go, I hope you like those rat puns and I hope you don’t rat me out for the inappropriate ones.

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