55 Bee Puns That Are as Sweet as Honey

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Seeing a bee is one of the scariest things to see unless you are a beekeeper or that you know how to work with bees. However, for the average person, there is nothing funny about encountering a bee. The first thing anyone wants to do when encountering one is to run in the opposite direction.

It is also one of the scariest things when a bee flies right into your car when the window is open. You’ll be inclined to pull right over and hope that the bee flies right out of the car. And a bee getting into your home is one of the worst things imaginable. But, what if you were able to laugh at something about bees?

When you are in the same area as one, it is not funny. But if you are not, you can have a good laugh at some bee puns! Are you ready to find out about some of the funniest bee puns? Here are 55 of them to make you chuckle!

List of Bee Puns That Are Un-Bee-Lievably Funny:

Following are some of the best bee puns we could gather for you:

1. What is the reason for bees getting married? They were blessed to have found their honey.

2. What did the bee that was already on the flower say to the other that landed on the same one? Buzz off!

3. Besides the pain, what is so dreadful about getting a bee sting? The idea of having to care for those hives afterward.

4. Why is honey a tricky word? Because it is the word that you would hear in spelling bees since it is easily misspelled.

5. What types of bees should you get your honey from? The ones that are always going to give you swarm wishes.

6. When is the only time that bees can fly when it is raining? When they have their yellow jackets on.

7. Who is a bee’s favorite musician? Sting.

8. What is the bee’s favorite band? The Bee Gees.

9. What is the most exciting thing that a newly married couple looks forward to? Going on their honey-moon.

10. Why did the bee lose its job at the barbershop? He gave too many sloppy buzz-cuts.

11. A bee that excels in math knows what a rhom-buzz happens to be.

12. What does a bee use to style their hair? A honey-comb.

13. What will happen to the bee that cannot stop eating? He will get chu-bee.

14. What does a bee want with sushi they eat? Wasa-bee.

15. What is the common blood type for bees? Bee-positive.

16. Why did the bee get promoted at work? He was extremely buzzy on the job.

17. What is a bee called that speaks very quietly? A mumble-bee.

18. What is wrong with that bee that is so pretentious? It is just very snob-bee.

19. What is the health benefit that you will get from bee puns? A good dose of Vitamin Bee.

20. What does the bee say when he does not believe a word you are saying? Stop pollen my leg.

21. How do bee children get to school? They take the school buzz.

22. What painter does a bee admire? Pablo Bee-casso.

23. What sport does the bee like to play? Bug-bee.

24. What is the best advice that you can get from a bee? Just bee yourself!

25. What did Hamet say? To bee or not to bee, that is the question.

26. The only guns that the wasp could use at bee bee guns.

27. What do bees always bring to the beach? Friz-bees.

28. I mean I don’t really understand why bee puns are funny. I fail to understand what the buzz is all about, really.

29. The bee needed to use the phone in order to hello to their honey.

30. What did the bee ask when he didn’t understand what you meant? He asked wasp are you talking about?

31. Why is summer the best month for the bees? Because it is swarm outside.

32. What is the pregnant bee craving right now? A hum-burger from McDonald’s.

33. How do little bees like to sing? They hum.

34. What did someone say to their friend who was scared of the bee coming near them? Let it bee.

35. What does the bee like to chew? Bumble gum.

36. What is the killer bee’s best weapon? The buzz-ooka!

37. Why did the teacher call the bee’s parents? Because he did not bee-hive himself.

38. What are bees born in the month of May called? They are May-bees.

39. What is a bee that is overly sensitive to everything? A cry bay-bee.

40. Why is a wasp not the real thing? Because it is nothing other than a wanna-bee.

41. Why is the male bee such a romantic? Because he could not stop pollen in love with female bees.

42. What is a bee that has been cast under a spell called? One that has been bee-witched.

43. What did the basketball team want to do when the bee on the team won the game? They wanted to give him a hive-five.

44. Hey you don’t like what I do, remember that is none of your beeswax.

45. It is terrible how kids that are so naughty don’t simply beehive.

46. Oh my goodness, I don’t believe Hive ever felt this way bee-fore.

47. Why did the bee that had a cold feel better in no time? He had his honey with him.

48. Why is it a bad idea to play hide and seek with a swarm? Because they wind up bee-hind you.

49. What letter grade is good but not the absolute best? A bee-plus.

50. What astronaut should have been a bee? Buzz Aldrin.

51. What is a bear without ears known as? B’s.

52. What book does a bee love to read? The Great Gats-bee.

53. What stone does a female bee love the most? The ru-bee.

54. What flower is the best one for the bee? The Bee-gonia!

55. Why did the bee teachers end up going on strike? They simply wanted more honey and wanted less working flowers.

There, you have 55 crazy and corny bee puns to get you through the day. Bee well!

Do you wish to add your own bee pun to the list?

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