50 Sushi Puns That Will Make You Roll On The Floor

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Sushi. Some people love it and some people hate it, and some people do think it is okay, they don’t love it or hate it. But more often than not, the way people feel about sushi is one way or another. And those who don’t like it won’t want to stick around and for those who do like it or love it certainly will. Because everything about this will involve sushi. And all types of sushi. Salmon sushi, tuna sushi, shrimp sushi, egg sushi, eel sushi, and so on. There are those delicious California rolls or vegetable rolls, or handrolls too.

Sushi is usually served either a la carte or in a bento box with other delicious Japanese foods such as dumplings which are referred to as gyoza, or rice or glass pasta strand dishes with eel or beef slices. You may get a few slices of sashimi as well such as salmon sashimi. Don’t forget about the soya beans and the miso soup as well. You do get a serving or two of green tea which is healthy and delicious. Is this all making you so very hungry? Well, that is good because after you read these, you may have a strong craving for a sushi appetizer or meal if you are really hungry. But before you go and eat, why not have a bit of a laugh by reading these 50 sushi puns. And if you think they are so funny, you may end up rolling on the floor!

List of Sushi Puns That Will Make You Roll On The Floor:

Following are some of the best sushi puns that will have you rolling on the floor.

1. I am not sure if I should have eaten that leftover sushi as I am feeling a little eel.

2. What did one sushi lover say to the other? Wasabi.

3. You said you were going out for sushi but I saw you eating pizza instead. I knew something about what you said was a bit fishy.

4. What zodiac sign are many sushi chefs? Pisces.

5. My girlfriend was not a fan of Japanese food as I am, sushi left me.

6. What kind of car do wealthy sushi chefs drive? A Rolls-Rice.

7. What do you call a bee that lands on a slice of sashimi? Wasabee.

8. I don’t trust that sushi chef as he seems to be up to no good and seems so fishy.

9. What is an actor’s favorite sushi type? “I-hope-I-land-this” roll.

10. What is in your pocket, a sushi roll or are you just thrilled sashimi?

11. What is the sushi dish called that you make from a Thesaurus? A synonym roll.

12. What type of pan do sushi chefs use? Ja-pan.

13. What does the sushi chef saw before he leaves work for home? Roll out.

14. What is a bad type of sushi? Su-sheep.

15. When a percussionist goes to a sushi bar, what do they order? The drum roll.

16. There was a reason the sushi chef could not make sushi with music and that was because of being out of tun-a.

17. What did the teenager order at the sushi bar while the parent was chaperoning? The eye roll.

18. What type of sushi does Metallica order? Rock and roll.

19. I am going to be a sushi chef in the play so I am really trying hard to play the roll well.

20. I wasn’t intending to order the salmon row at the sushi bar but it turned into a spawn-taneous decision.

21. What is the only thing you see at a hipster Sushi restaurant? The eye roll.

22. What type of sushi is made of very chewy chocolate? The tootsie roll.

23. Why does the sushi taste so bad? It is just so fishy.

24. Why do you want to try the electric eel sushi? It is shockingly delicious.

25. What type of sushi is full of suspense? The drum roll.

26. How does the taco comfort the sushi? ‘I know you are raw but we should taco about it’.

27. What do those in the Himalayas eat with their sushi meals? Yettimame.

28. What documentary could cause you to never eat sushi again? Finding Nemo.

29. How do you offend a brunette while eating sushi with her? You tell her that you want the ginger.

30. The sushi chef was making that sushi dinner so fast as he was really on a roll.

31. How do you know when a dog wants to eat some sushi? He rolls around.

32. What acronym do you use when you are eating sushi and cannot contain your laughter at the same time to the point you fall onto the floor? ROTFL.

33. I am soy sorry about accidentally making you drop your sushi platter onto the floor.

34. Why could someone be turned off by your offer to take them out for sushi? They see it as a raw deal.

35. What is the best type of sushi dish for a straight-A student? The honor roll.

36. What type of roll can the sushi chef not get enough of? The payroll.

37. Why does Lady Gaga love sushi? Because it is served as raw, raw, raw, raw.

38. I think that you ordering sushi for dinner is so iraw-nical since I know see how much you don’t like it.

39. What did the fisherman sing as he was trapping fish for sushi? ‘Raw raw raw your boat’.

40. You are lucky to have your boyfriend as a sushi chef as he is just such a rice guy.

41. The sushi delivery guy was struggling to drive as the road was so busy he did what he could to control his tempura.

42. I am just soy into sushi I could eat it all day.

43. I really hope you can sashimi some other time as I would love to take you out for sushi.

44. What do you call a sushi lover who ends up hooking up with you for good? A soy mate.

45. What do you say if you make a mistake while ordering soup at a sushi bar? ‘Miso-sorry.

46. How are sushi chefs like Spanish pirates? They both are seeking for fortuna.

47. What type of sushi is a total killer? The whale sushi.

48. How is sushi similar to garlic bread appetizers? They both are rolls.

49. I am excited to hear that you are getting a sushi platter for the party because that is how I roll.

50. What type of sushi does a gambler like? The dice roll.

There you go, these are 50 sushi puns to make you laugh to the point of ROTFL.

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