51 Sheep Puns That Wool Make You Laugh

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Sheep. When you think of this animal, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Maybe the poem Ba-Ba Black Sheep. Or, do you think of sheep when you see a wool sweater or jacket? How can you not, considering that is where the material to make the clothing came from? Or maybe when you think of sheep, you think of those who are unable to think for themselves.

Plenty of conspiracy theorists call people sheep who listen to the rules and believe everything that is being told to them. This is despite the fact that in many cases scientific evidence backs up the things that conspiracy theorists say that do not exist. However, when you think of sheep you may also think of black sheep. Someone who is the odd one out of the family. The one who marches to their own beat. With all of that said, you can think of a variety of things when you hear the term ‘sheep’.

I bet one thing you don’t think of is that sheep are funny. There are plenty of animals that are funny. But what about sheep? Perhaps they are when it comes to listening puns about them. Here are 51 sheep puns that you wool find hilarious.

List of Sheep Puns That Wool Make You Laugh:

Following are some of the best sheep puns that you wool find hilarious.

1. Why are there not separate sizes of clothing for sheep or ewes? That is because they come in all sheeps and sizes.

2. How do you greet a sheep on New Year’s day? ‘Happy New Year to ewe’.

3. What is a chocolate-covered sheep called? A candy baah.

4. How does a Spanish sheep say ‘Merry Christmas’? Fleece Navidad.

5. Where does a sheep have their wool shaved off? At the baah-baah shop.

6. What is a sheep that dances called? A baah-lerina.

7. What does the sheep want at the end? It wants to wool the world.

8. What game show does a sheep enjoy watching? ‘The Wool of Fortune’.

9. Why is it a major motivator to not to attend the family reunion? Because of being the black sheep.

10. Why did the sheep become injured? Because he rammed into the wall.

11. Why did the lamb hide from the crowd? For feeling sheepish.

12. What is an elderly sheep called? Pasture prime.

13. The lamb was having back pain, and who did he call? The gyropractor.

14. What is a group of sheep that fall down a mountain? A lambslide.

15. Why did the sheep need to go to rehab? Due to the gambolling problem.

16. Do you want to hear lamb puns? It is pretty sheep.

17. Why is Jesus called a sheep? Because Mary had a little lamb.

18. What is a lamb called that does not want to spend money? A sheepskate.

19. That lamb was quite confident until you knew something was up since he was beginning to be sheepish.

20. What was the movie about sheep and cannibals? The Silence of the Lambs.

21. I had a lamb roast cooking in the oven but it ended up falling on the floor when I took it out and it became a ca-lamb-ity.

22. If a sheep could drive, what type of car would it be? A Lamb-orgini.

23. A donkey is an ass and a ram in the lamb but no one knows why a ram in the ass is called a goose.

24. Hey that lamb dish is a possibility from the menu because I hear it is not baaaaaad.

25. Why do rams make good friends? They are great for the championsheep.

26. I will never regret working with a ram as the partnersheep is always effective.

27. Why is the astrological sign Aries one that rules activity? Because people who have that sun sign ram into things.

28. Why does the ram feel ready to give the ewe a marriage proposal? Because the relationsheep is going well.

29. Why did the sheep get a ticket after it was pulled over by the cop? Because he did not have the ownersheep.

30. The manufacturing company did not get their wool supply in as the sheepment has been delayed.

31. Why do sheep find that they run out of computer space quickly?  They run out of RAM.

32. Why is the Aries sun sign known as the boss and has the symbol of a ram? Because it is the sign that represents leadersheep.

33. What countries do sheep want to live in? Anywhere that it is easy to attain citizensheep.

34. Why does the lamb like eating fast food? Because it has no money and fast food is sheep.

35. Why did the sheep slip as he was walking? Because accidents wool happen.

36. Why will the sheep end up finding the perfect mate at some point? Because love wool find the way.

37. Why does a sheep not care about what happens in the future? The attitude it has is ‘Whatever wool be, wool be’.

38. The sheep made a great recovery from the accident and is very alive and wool.

39. The sheep wanted to see the drama that was happening in that household and wanted to be fly on the wool.

40. Why couldn’t the sheep hang up the picture? Because the hole in the wool was too big.

41. Those sheep puns gave me a good laugh but now I am tired, but hey it was fun wool it lasted.

42. Why did the shoppers like sheep when the new store opened up? They flocked to it.

43. I was thinking of coming up with more sheep puns but no one likes them so it’s not worthwool.

44. What is the name of your pet sheep? Lambert.

45. I’m going to go out on a lamb but I bet you like the feeling of wool.

46. Why is the paper protected from the sheep biting into it? It is lambinated.

47. Why do rams make excellent basketball players? They know how to slamb and dunk a ball.

48. I can’t trust that sheep because I realized when I got home he fleeced me.

49. How does a ram let his potential girlfriend know he is interested in her? Because he asks her ‘Can I buy ewe a drink’?

50. How do you wish a sheep the best of luck? You say ‘I hope all goes wool’.

51. How do you motivate a sheep about his life? You say ‘Ewe are what ewe think ewe are.’

These are 51 sheep puns that you wool like a lot! I hope ewe had a lot of fun.

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