50 Boss Puns That Will Make You Chuckle at Work

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Do you like your boss? Whether you do or not that does not matter because you need to earn a living. Maybe you are lucky enough to be your own boss! But either way, you need to work so you can live, and if you are lucky, you can have fun while you are living. Let’s lighten the load when it comes to bosses and create some puns. Here are 50 of them that may make you chuckle at work.

List of Boss Puns That Will Make You Chuckle at Work:

Following are some of the best boss puns that will make you chuckle at work:

  1. Which boss is in charge of cleaning up all the corporate mess-ups? The muddle manager.
  2. A good project manager makes updates, and a bad project manager makes up dates.
  3. Your boss and a diaper are alike based on the fact that both are always on your ass and full of shit.
  4. What do employees call the boss who pleasures himself in the executive restroom? The diddle manager.
  5. What do you call bosses who just sit around all day and play with their thumbs? Twiddle management.
  6. The cops arrested the CEO of the prosthetics company due to him being involved in arms dealing.
  7. What do you call workers employed by big companies to appraise things? Corporate raters.
  8. The boss hired a former porn star knowing that she had a lot of spunk in her.
  9. After the CEO was arrested for voyeurism, the company’s stalk went down.
  10. The office efficiency expert only irons the fronts of his shirts because he never turns his back on the boss.
  11. The CEO of the Scotch Tape company resigned his position since stakeholder relations were sticky.
  12. When the boss told the employee that his math scores were only average, the employee accused the boss of being mean.
  13. The guy quit his job at the helium company because he did not like his boss’ tone of voice.
  14. What do they call the business head at Old MacDonald’s Farm? The CIEIO.
  15. What is the difference between a corporate CEO and a carp? One is a sucking bottom feeder, and the other’s a fish.
  16. When the wife saw that her husband was home early from work, he said that he came home early when his boss told him to go to hell.
  17. The boss at the recliner factory was fired by upper management for being too laid back.
  18. The CFO report about business at the new window company stated that they were experiencing growing panes.
  19. Did you know that working as a window washer is so stressful? That is because the boss must always do spot checks.
  20. Office workers call a memo the boss poted in the window above a door a transom note.
  21. The CEO calls expenses for his new company that makes bubble gum the cost of chewing business.
  22. The boss chewed his employee out when he fell on a wad of gum at the Bubble Gum factory.
  23. There was a business that became toast after the guy’s profitable bakery burned down.
  24. The finance boss who took away all of the employee perks? The CFU.
  25. The most secure job during a recession is being a garbage collector because business is always picking up.
  26. The locksmith boss always got raises and promotions since he was the key employee.
  27. What did the CEO of the casino chain call it when business was on the rise and growing. Bettor and bettor.
  28. The bosses at pretzel factories the most sadistic because they are just so twisted.
  29. Do you know what happens after somebody curses loudly at a corporate board meeting? There is a shock word silence.
  30. Where do long, drawn-out, redundant company meetings take place? At the corporate bored room.
  31. The types of conventions that take place at carpentry companies are board meetings.
  32. Executive pumpkin lovers hold their business meetings at gourd-rooms.
  33. The boss who keeps writing on the blackboard is the chalk-aholic.
  34. The CEO was fired at the soda company and became soda depressed and developed a terrible Coke habit.
  35. The Apple executive forgot his iPhone and car keys because his head was in the clouds.
  36. The corporate board members said when the chief presented a crazy business plan shouted CEO NO!
  37. Why is the reward for a job well done more work?
  38. Don’t get a response when you ask the CEO about his sister because it is nun of your business.
  39. The new employee impressed his boss with his spreadsheet skills since he Exceled at it.
  40. The boss fired a guy from his job at the gourmet coffee company for having no filter.
  41. What does the boss call his employees who field calls from highly edgy people? The customer nervous representatives.
  42. Which retro office workers knew shorthand and were strict disciplinarians? Sternographers.
  43. The boss told the headhunter to hire a chicken for accepting a poultry salary.
  44. When your body is exhausted and sore at work all the time that is known as aching out a living.
  45. The boss bailed out of the hot air balloon business since it never really took off.
  46. The boss hired a scarecrow for that great new job opening since he was truly outstanding in the field.
  47. The boss at the garbage collection company told the garbageman that he was fired by saying he was canned.
  48. My boss asked me why I left the company and the answer I gave him was that I was told of relocation but wasn’t told where.
  49. The best way to get a job at the dentist’s office is through word of mouth.
  50. Bosses love whiteboards since they are so remarkable.

Did these boss puns make you laugh on the job? I sure hope so because now, you are going to have to get back to work whether you want to or not. My purpose was not to ruin your productivity!

Do you wish to add your own boss pun to the list?

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