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What is the one thing you do when you don’t feel like cooking one night for dinner? You order in takeout. You could order in Chinese food takeout or any other type of takeout. One classic thing that people do when they don’t want to cook is order pizza. They have been doing that for decades or even longer. It is easy, convenient, and not to mention, quite delicious. You cannot go wrong with delicious pizza as you can order as many toppings as you like, or as few toppings as you like.

The most common types of pizza are pepperoni, ham, deluxe, the Canadian type, meat lovers, vegetarian, or Hawaiian. Hawaiian pizza consists of controversial toppings which are pineapple, ham, and pepperoni. Some people also like to have anchovies on their pizza as well. And sometimes pizza is not the thing to order for dinner as it is a perfect thing to grab on the go for lunch or even a snack.

And what about pizza being the perfect breakfast? That is why cold pizza is one popular breakfast item. That is something you will see mostly among college kids but others will also enjoy that. What else could you say that is interesting about pizza? Maybe nothing interesting per se, but how about 50 funny delicious pizza puns to go!

List of Pizza Puns That are Hot:

Following are some of the best pizza puns that are hot:

  1. I’m Italian and I know you like me, so you wanna a pizza me?
  2. What is a dessert made with mozzarella cheese and tomato sauce, with pepperoni? A pizza cake.
  3. The fact that we are going for Italian food for dinner instead of the same old gives me a pizza mind.
  4. I talk to you so much about my affinity for Italian food that I really do give you a pizza my hut.
  5. He burnt my Italian dinner and trust me, I’ll give him a pizza my mind.
  6. Thanks a lot as I now have nothing to eat. You ate my calzone for pizzake!
  7. I love your Italian opera music! These pizza so good.
  8. You know that string cheese can be incredibly long, but how long is any ordinary pizza string?
  9. He kept talking about opening his own pizzeria but whenever I question him, he pizza-round the bush and never gets anything done.
  10. Absence of pizza only makes my heart hut grow fonder because I miss it.
  11. every time the slice of pizza falls out of my hand I get so upset that I will wear my hut upon my sleeve.
  12. I did not believe that you really ate a whole box of pizza, but it hut to be seen to be believed.
  13. I love how you make your pizza and I mean that from the bottom of my hut.
  14. You ate too much pizza which made you gain weight, and crust me, I know because I’m a doctor.
  15. What pizza man is the son of God? Jesus Crust.
  16. I apologize as my pizza punning skills are a little crusty.
  17. The pizzeria ran out of pizza and it crust not my day today.
  18. What Simpson character loves pizza? Crusty the clown.
  19. I knew the pizza would burn up in the oven as it was crust a matter of time.
  20. The time to order that pizza is crust around the corner.
  21. What do you call a janitor who works at a pizza parlor? A crustodian.
  22. Why was the divorced pizza lady so happy today? She just won crustody.
  23. If you are unsure of the type of pizza toppings to use, you can always crustomise them.
  24. Why is the pizza man always asking for something? He is just a bit kneady.
  25. You’re leaven me here all by myself in the pizza parlor?
  26. The world’s most expensive pizza really does cost a lot of dough.
  27. I adough the new vegetarian pizza special.
  28. Why do teenagers eat more than two slices of pizza in one sitting? They are growing a lot in their adoughlescence.
  29. There is no such thing as gold pizza so doughn’t fall for it.
  30. You said the pizza would be here by now and it is not even though you knew the truth. So it is a lie no matter how you slice it.
  31. I’m not worried about making a profit from pizza sales, and truthfully I wil be satisfied if we break oven.
  32. I’m going to get oven with the pizza man.
  33. Do you come to the pizzeria oven?
  34. The oldest pizza has been around longer than a century ago and that is history in the baking.
  35. I was in the mood for pizza just like you are and you know that grate minds think alike.
  36. Here is a secret and that is olive silly pizza puns.
  37. The reason that I opened up the pizzeria shop is that I am tired of having to bake ends meet all of the time.
  38. Oh grate, there are more pizza puns coming your way.
  39. The pizza is here today and gone tomato.
  40. That pizza pun was an excellent delivery.
  41. The pizza parlor is small and there really isn’t mushroom in there.
  42. Every time I think I come up with a good pizza pun, you are always topping me with a better one.
  43. Okay, here is a pizza pun that cannot be topped at all.
  44. The pizza puns that I heard were supremely disappointing.
  45. Are there any pizza puns that aren’t so cheesy?
  46. Let’s go for pizza and cheese the day!
  47. Oh the pizza was mildly burned, not so bad so cheese up a little.
  48. I will grab a pizza on the way so your mind will be put at cheese when it comes to not worrying about making anything for dinner.
  49. Making a pizza is as cheesy as pie.
  50. Selling pizzas can be cheesy money.

I don’t know about you but I am in the mood for pizza after reading these puns! Gotta go.

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