51 Bean Puns That Will Make You Laugh On The Ground

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Beans are good for you. They are rich in vitamins, minerals, complex carbohydrates, and protein, as well as fiber. And there are many types of beans and legumes which can count as well. And did you know that peanuts are legumes and not nuts? That is something that stumps a lot of people. How can peanuts be legumes and not nuts since they have ‘nut’ in their name? Maybe because they have the appearance of a small nut.

But popular beans and legumes are kidney beans, pinto beans, black eye peas, and regular peas, and navy beans. Oh and of course there are coffee beans. Let’s not forget about chickpeas as they are the big component of hummus. And hummus is one of those spreads that is most definitely loved and appreciated because let’s face it, hummus is delicious.

Let’s also not forget that many Mexican dishes include a lot of types of beans and beans of many types are put inside of burritos as well. Then there is that side dish of fried beans. Then there are those jokes going around about Mexican food and how it causes you to have gas. Well, actually that is due to the beans themselves. You know, they are the magical fruit that makes you toot. Is that the only funny thing about beans you can think of? Maybe the fact that they can bounce. That can add some humor, as well as puns about beans. Here are 50 of those that might make you laugh and toot at the same time.

List of Bean Puns That Will Make You Laugh On The Ground:

Following are some of the best bean puns that will make you laugh on the ground.

1. What happens if you add one more bean to chili stew that has 239 of them? Then it becomes too farty.

2. What happens if you catch your cheating spouse grinding coffee beans? It becomes grounds for divorce.

3. Why do coffee beans have low-self esteem? They are constantly getting roasted.

4. What are Mexican jumping beans that have a cold? Coffee beans.

5. What happens if you eat some beans and you drink root beer at the same time? You are having a rootin’ tootin’ day.

6. What complications can anyone have if they eat beans every day? A fart attack.

7. Why did Rowan Atkinson have a thing for Mexican food? He was Mr. Bean.

8. How many beans should I add to this dish? Two cans? Or parrots instead?

9. Coffee isn’t electrically conductive in bean form, but it is when it is ground.

10. What is it when you do a witch’s spellwork involving throwing beans into a river? A podcast.

11. Why are coffee beans like bad parents? Their kids are always grounded.

12. What is a yellow bean called? A beannana.

13. What happens if you work for a coffee shop and you are caught stealing coffee beans? It is grounds for dismissal.

14. I tried to juggle 3 cans of beans in the kitchen, but in Heinz sight, it was a terrible idea.

15. What is a bean called that has lost its spark? It is a has-bean.

16. Who is the vampire that eats too many beans? Count Fartula.

17. Where did the two baked beans in Australia end up? In cairns.

18. In what way does Mr. Bean introduce himself in any Spanish speaking country? He goes by Soy Bean.

19. What do you say when a group of legumes are appearing hip? Cool beans.

20. Why did the bean need to turn up the temperature? It was a little chili.

21. What are beans that are mixed with weed? Baked beans.

22. Why does coffee never strike coffee when it is in its bean form? It only does when it is ground.

23. There is one reason that beans end up south in the winter and it is due to the fact they don’t want to be chili.

24. Why does the candy bean become resentful towards legumes? It is a little jelly.

25. No words can espresso how much you bean to me because you are truly amazing.

26. Why do the legumes stick to one area and one area only? They love bean around there.

27. What did the green bean lover say to his new partner, the pinto bean? ‘Where have you bean all my life?’

28. What do you do in order to live in a peaceful world? Eat beans, not beings.

29. Why did the kidney bean become confused when going towards a new direction? They have never bean that way before.

30. What bean do zombies love? The human bean.

31. What happens when you add beans to onions? You end up with tear gas.

32. Why couldn’t the bean that had been smoking respond to your question? It was too baked.

33. Why was the java bean worried? It had a latte problem at home.

34. What do you do when you are tired? ‘You kettle down.’

35. Why did the bean take too long to finish its homework? It was procaffenating too much.

36. What is the bean’s favorite thing to eat on Thanksgiving? Roast.

37. What did the barrister tell the excited java beans? ‘Can you kettle down please’.

38. What Shakespeare line is famous if you tell it in bean style? ‘To bean or not to bean’.

39. What are the fastest types of beans ever? Usain Bean.

40. Why is it fun to hang out with a bean? You both will get baked.

41. What does a high bean have in common with a potato? They are baked.

42. Why do you get too hyper after eating jelly beans? Because you are simply full of beans.

43. Why was that can of peas costly for that family? They haven’t got a bean.

44. Why is that pea that was rich in the past now struggling for money? It’s a has-been.

45. Who does the bean farmer need to hire in order to help balance his books? The bean counter.

46. It does not make sense that the can of chickpeas disappeared overnight if no one ate it? Doesn’t amount to a hill of beans.

47. Why is that can of peas no good? It is not worth a bean.

48. Why is singing relevant after eating a bunch of beans? Because they are the musical fruit.

49. What religious holiday does a bean make sacrifices for? Lentil.

50. Why were those groups of people having offensive gas? They went to a bean feast.

51. I have bean waiting for you to come and read these bean puns.

There you go, 51 bean puns that are just magical and I hope they brightened your day.

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