50 Egg Puns That Are Egg-cellent

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Eggs are delicious and you can make them in any way you choose. You can either boil them up to the point that they are hardboiled eggs, and they can be boiled for short times which makes them softboiled eggs, and you can also eat your eggs fried or sunny side up. The great thing about eggs as well is that they can be eaten at any time of day. You can have eggs for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Or something you can enjoy a hardboiled egg as a snack.

If you are brave enough to ingest raw eggs, then you can also try out homemade mayonnaise, as well as eggnog. Eggnogg can be one of the tastiest holiday drinks around as that is one of the most commonly served drinks at festive parties. You can spike eggnog with booze or you can drink it virgin style. Eggs are also important when it comes to baking goods. You need to use eggs for baking various cakes and cookies, and other pastries, and dishes in order to provide the right consistency. And eggs help to raise the baked goods as well. You see how useful eggs really are. Just don’t use them to throw at people’s properties as that will immediately get you into legal trouble. But the thing you can associate enjoyment with eggs is puns. Are you ready to read 50 egg puns that are egg-cellent? Let’s go.

List of Egg Puns That are Egg-celent:

Following are some of the best egg puns that are egg-celent:

  1. You stole the farmer’s eggs? That is it, Omlettin you have it now!
  2. The egg puns are made up of inside yolks.
  3. The egg was as hard as true as it is was as solid as a yolk.
  4. Are eggs really good? No, they are egg-cellent.
  5. Where do eggs disappear? Somewhere out the egg-zit.
  6. After finishing the eggs we should have a shellebration.
  7. We had such a shell of a time at the egg party.
  8. I like soft-boiled eggs and you prefer hard-boiled eggs, well different strokes for different yolks.
  9. How many eggs do we have left to shell?
  10. The one who only makes their own unique omelets and doesn’t make any for others is egg-o-centric.
  11. What do you call a strange egg? Egg-centric.
  12. Eggs have a lot of cholesterol as you cannot pretend to not know that, since eggnorance is not bliss.
  13. If you really think eggs are cholesterol-free, then you are egg-nor-ant.
  14. What spice goes into eggnog? It would be nutmegg.
  15. What do you call an omelet that was burned to a crisp for unknown reasons? A compleggs situation.
  16. The way to get to a healthy weight is to eat a few carbs and more protein and to get plenty of eggsercise.
  17. Can you give me an eggsample of someone egging a house?
  18. How do you ship eggs to a friend across the country? By eggspress post.
  19. Oh I am trying a new omelet tomorrow as I am so eggsited!
  20. What do you call a tiger that likes eggs? An eggsotic animal.
  21. After making those egg dishes, I am now eggshausted!
  22. What are evil eggs called? Deviled eggs.
  23. That gourmet omelet is so eggstraordinary!
  24. Where do you see various examples of different types of eggs? At an eggs-ibition.
  25. You made me believe that omelets were for dinner when you didn’t have any eggs, thanks for egging me on.
  26. I will give you a few hard-boiled eggs in eggschange for a few soft boiled eggs.
  27. The fancy gourmet omelet is quite eggsquisite.
  28. For breakfast I was not eggspecting to have scrambled eggs as I thought it was just cereal.
  29. How do you make hard-boiled eggs so easily nowadays? Thanks to evolving teggnology.
  30. What do you call happy and warm eggs? Sunny-side-up.
  31. I eggnowledge the fact that the floors are messy because the eggs dropped on them.
  32. Having the choice to enjoy eggs regardless of how they are prepared is a symbol of frydom.
  33. When I created the egg dish, I passed cooking class with frying colors.
  34. What are the best tasting fried eggs from? From fry range eggs.
  35. Your house was egged the other night? Why tell me about it since I don’t give give a frying f*ck.
  36. Why is a bad idea to put chickens in a suitcase? Because you know not to put all your eggs in one basket.
  37. Fried eggs are delicious? Well I eggree with you on that!
  38. You said that you wanted soft-boiled eggs for breakfast, I thought you made an eggreement that is what I would make for you.
  39. Why do chickens lay eggs? Because they don’t become pregg-nant.
  40. Why is it a bad idea to step on flooring made with eggs? It is never a good idea to walk on eggshells.
  41. What is stopping you from baking a cake? The fact that you aren’t breaking any eggs.
  42. Why are sunny-side-ups not great for your diet? They are far from being calorie fry.
  43. Oh you dropped your egg and cracked it? I will give you a shoulder to fry on.
  44. Let’s go to the supermarket and get some eggs and dairy items so we can snegg some great deals.
  45. The groceries are all in the begg.
  46. It’s not that I don’t think eggs are good for you, I am just eggainst how much cholesterol they raise.
  47. What is the difference between basic fried eggs to gourmet egg recipes? Reggs to riches.
  48. If you think eggs are so bad for you then you need to get out of that egg-ho chamber that is making you believe that.
  49. Yesterday was great as I was eating my egg salad sandwich right when the solar egg-lipse happened.
  50. We are having deviled eggs for a snack? Yay I am eggstatic!

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