53 Ice Puns That Will Make You Chill

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Winter is the one time of the year that people either love or hate. The holidays can be a time of fun as well as stress. That depends on the type of family you have as well as other stuff going on in your life. When life is going well, for the most part, you will enjoy the holidays and have a few good laughs. However, when things are not going well, you will look forward to it being over.

Those who love winter, ice, and snow may like it due to having the opportunity to enjoy some winter sports. People that love to ski always look forward to having their wintery wonderland. There are others that can’t wait for spring to arrive since the holidays end because that is when winter is just drab. But does it have to be? Not when it comes to making jokes that are relevant to winter and ice. Let’s have a good laugh at 53 hilarious ice puns that will get you laughing!

List of Ice Puns to Ice Things Up:

Following are some of the best ice puns to ice things up:

1. Why was the snowman getting smarter as he aged? He was getting colder and wiser.

2. Snow kids never learn to clean their rooms even though they have been told to do so for all freeze years.

3. Why are ice cubes of great value when they are in a cauldron? Because it is the pot of cold.

4. Don’t cold your breath about the ice storm not shutting off power lines.

5. Why was the snow lady so detached and apathetic? Her heart is as cold as ice.

6. Ice cubes are fantastic and don’t cost anything either since the best things in life are freeze!

7. Why does Antarctica not have to worry about pandemics? The continent is ice-o-lated.

8. The ice misses hanging from the houses in the summer, but they must remember that absence makes the heart snow fonder.

9. It is great to watch movies when there is ice and snow outdoors, after all, it is Netflix and chill.

10. What is a snowman’s favorite Foreigner song? Cold As Ice.

11. I was thinking about the best ice joke to tell but unfortunately, it slipped my mind.

12. My ice house fell apart, but when it does igloo it back together.

13. The guy that slipped on the ice didn’t want to talk to anyone after it happened. He just gave them the cold shoulder.

14. The ice rink is not in good shape and it is apparent that the maintenance folks are slipping up.

15. Getting a job at the ice rink is not easy as there is a hiring freeze.

16. The Titanic was a devastating thing that happened, but all we know about it is just the tip of the iceberg.

17. Why did those who agreed to go on the blind date want to go in the pond that was frozen? It’s a great way to break the ice.

18. Why is it a good idea to try new things on thin ice? A great breakthrough will happen.

19. Where is the best European vacation destination for snow people? Iceland.

20. The ice attack that happened was snow good!

21. I was told that icy is the easiest word to spell, and I wondered why. But I see it now.

22. What is it called when a psychoanalyst encounters icy footpath? It’s a Freudian slip.

23. I wondered why it was difficult to drive in freezing rain, but now icy.

24. What is a brand-new snow family of 3 referred to as? Ice ice baby.

25. Where must a girl sheep with hypothermia have to be taken to? To the Icy-U.

26. The shape of the igloo is the icy-hedron.

27. The friend of mine kept on progressing because there was snow one stopping him now.

28. How are winter outhouses and missile silos similar? They both keep icy BMs.

29. How are The Sixth Sense and The Titanic movies similar? They have icy dead people.

30. What did the shepherd say after the snowstorm eased? Icy ewe!

31. How does a polar bear build their home? Igloos it.

32. I told my wife it was her turn to shovel the snow on the porch, but I ended up getting icy stares.

33. What is the sold form of water? Ice is.

34. What do you say when you see the ghosts of snowmen? Icy dead people.

35. Falling on the ice is not at all funny. It is snow joke.

36. What does the snowman say when he looks at his back in the mirror? Icy my butt!

37. Who is the coolest rapper around? Ice cube.

38. The snowman complimented the snow lady. What did she say to him? ‘Thank you, it’s a really ice thing for you to say’.

39. The snowman started the morning off with meditating because he wanted to have an ice day.

40. The Eskimo made a delicious and simple dessert in their igloo because it was icy as pie.

41. What does a snowman always find that the money he makes is spent? Because its icy come, icy go.

42. The snow lady wanted to put the best makeup on so she needed to get new ice shadow.

43. The movie Polar Express was not easy to understand since no one knew the prem-ice of the film was.

44. The kinky snow couple was having fun in the igloo because they found a way to ice things up.

45. Ice cubes are sometimes good to go into your coffee. You have to look at the froze and cons.

46. Why cannot you find coins on ice rinks? Because money does not grow on freeze.

47. Snowmen rarely face challenges because for them, life is a freeze.

48. Why are croissants so tasty that are baked in igloos? Because they are the best thing since iced bread.

49. Why does a snowman trust his mom? Because his mother froze best.

50. What do you call a sexy snow lady that is kind? Naughty but ice.

51. Why do people like igloo ice houses? They come in all crepes and sizes.

52. The snow lady knew what to do since she had a pan.

53. The snow man was so proud of the snow sculpture he made that he calved his name in the ice.

I hope you loved these ice puns and they made you chill!

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