51 Fox Puns That Seem Sly

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Fox. What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a fox? You may think of a wild animal that is red or white, depending on the area it lives that is part of the canine family, that is very sly. And it is true that foxes are extremely sly. Therefore, they are sneaky and can appear out of nowhere, or that is the reputation they have anyway. The thing as well about foxes is that they are also predators and know exactly when to find their dinner as they do it whenever others are absent.

The other thing about foxes is that they are scared and will run away as fast as they can from you as they don’t trust humans. As soon as they see a human walking around, they run as fast as they can. However, if they see an animal that is considered to be dinner, then they will run behind it and pounce right on it and kill it right then and there.

Fox can also refer to as Firefox on Windows PC or it can also refer to a sexy lady as she is referred to as a foxy lady. What else can the term fox be referred to as? Fox News which is the conservative news outlet or Michael J Fox, the actor? Maybe, and aside from that let’s go over 51 fox puns that are made in a sly way.

List of Fox Puns That Seem Sly:

Following are some of the best fox puns that seem sly.

1. Who was the sneakiest cast member on Back To The Future? Michael J Fox.

2. What do you call a member of the dog family that moves quickly pressing up against your window? Firefox encountering an unexpected problem with windows.

2. How can you turn a fox into an elephant? By marrying her.

3. Why couldn’t a fox catch the cheetah? The cheetah is quicker.

4. Why did the fox mate with a snake? Because it was fake.

5. What do you call a fox wearing gloves made with rabbit fur? Faux paus.

6. How is a fox, a deer, and a rabbit different? They are different animals.

7. The ox got angry when the witch turned him into a fox because he felt he got effed.

8. A fox killed the chickens in a chicken coup he snuck into last night, and police did not know whether to call it a coup d’etat or a henocide.

9. So the ex CEO of Fox news died and no one knows what ailed him.

10. What is a brand new show airing Fridays on Fox called? Canceled.

11. The new show starring Michael J Fox is called Shaky.

12. Those animals out there got into the trash once again by the house for fox sake!

13. Why the fox are you still talking about that wild animal chasing you down from years ago?

14. If there is a problem with the door where wild animals from the outdoors are getting into it, then fox it up.

15. Why are foxes so clever? They think outside of the fox.

16. If there are scavengers that want to go through the garbage, let them do it as I don’t give a fox.

17. My dog saw a wild animal across the road but since the animal ran away first, there were no fox given.

18. I don’t give a fox about the predators around the woods.

19. Why are female versions of the canine family so pretty? They can’t help how foxy they are. 

20. Why are foxes super problem-solvers? They are crafty.

21. What was the reason the fox crossed the road? To show to the possum that it could be done.

22. How can you become a coach of the Chicago Bears? To be sly as a fox.

23. A fox that can pick up an elephant should be referred to as Sir.

24. When does a fox start going ‘moo’? After years of being married.

25. What did the grape say when the fox stood on it? Nothing other than letting out a little wine.

26. What was a sly dinosaur called? A Foxasaurus.

27. Why are male foxes sex freaks? They want to jump in holes.

28. What is a stalker to sex women called? A fox hunter.

29. When do you dance like a fox? When you do the fox trot.

30. The veterinarian who learned to talk with foxes is crazy just like one.

31. What do you call a fox with carrots in their ears? Anything you choose because they cannot hear you.

32. That creature in the woods better not fox with me.

33. What do you call a fox who ended up falling down the slope? A sly’d fox.

34. What type of shoes does a fox wear? Sneakers.

35. If a fox was a vehicle, what type would it not be? A train since it leaves tracks everywhere it goes.

36. Why do foxes like to wear leather armor? Because it is made of hyde.

37. Why was Wiley the Coyote misnamed? Because he was a coyote and not a fox.

38. What is the other name for an Arctic mammal aside from a polar bear, seal, or walrus? A stone-cold fox.

39. Why did the chickens end up facing a tragic demise? Because of letting the fox guard the henhouse.

40. What causes a chicken dinner to be premature? A fox in the henhouse.

41. What is something that an old station wagon cannot be? A fox trap.

42. Why do you need to be mindful of what you say when the dog’s cousin is resting? Because of being in a fox’s sleep.

43. What is another name for a beautiful cousin of the wolf who likes to be around crystals? A stone fox.

44. What animal can you never fool no matter how hard you try? A fox.

45. Why can’t you ever assume that someone who seems stupid really is stupid? Just think about your mistake with the fox.

46. Why did Homer Simpson make the wrong assumption about foxes? He said they were stupid.

47. The meat disappeared from the car because of those damn animals for fox sake.

48. What does Sylvester Stalone have in common with a fox? They are sly.

49. What is something you will never get from a fox? The truth.

50. What does an angry fox say to someone without a statement to defend? ‘Fox you’.

51. If you hate fox puns, stop it for fox sake.

There you go. There are 51 fox puns that are created in a sly way. I hope you enjoyed them.

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