49 Fire Puns That Will Strike You Hot with Laughter

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Fire! When you hear this word, you become fearful. It depends of course on the context of how the word is spoken. If you are in a building and someone yells out ‘fire’, then you are going to immediately pick up and go where the nearest emergency exit is while you are doing what you can to sniff the smoke. If you have to sniff hard for it and don’t smell it, in the back of your mind you may wonder if it is a false alarm. However, you are not taking chances. Additionally, one of the things that anyone fears the most is that their homes will catch on fire.

That is why every homeowner must have a fire extinguisher and an alarm. With all of that said, whenever the term ‘fire’ is involved, there is pure fear and worry for very understandable reasons. However, there are times when none of those things are happening and you can laugh about it. How so? When it comes to puns about fire, that is how. It is time to enjoy 49 fire puns that will strike you hot with laughter.

List of Fire Puns That Are Hot:

Following are some of the best fire puns that are hot at the same time.

1. The discussions about home fires last night among my family turned into a heated argument.

2. What happened to the fireman who failed to do his job properly? He got fired.

3. What is a fire happening in a church called? Holy smoke.

4. When there was a talk about how to prevent house fires. many families had so many burning questions to ask.

5. What happens when you meet your love match? Love is set on fire.

6. I want to set my old trousers on fire but I don’t like the idea of burning britches.

7. This guy who is an Aries only wanted to date a Leo or a Sagittarius woman because those are fire signs.

8. I slept like a log last night to the point that I found myself waking up in the fireplace.

9. Why did the fireman not want to be hugged? He has sideburns.

10. A candle can burn as fire as it goes.

11. How can you see burning bushes happening miles and miles away from you? As fire as the eyes can see.

12. What do you say after you see that a candle wick has ignited well and doesn’t need to be kindled again? So fire, so good.

13. Where do burning forests happen? Over the hills and fire away.

14. Can your home burn down if you leave a candle burning unattended? As fire as I know.

15. Why can anything burn down so fast? Because of being fast and fieryous.

16. Why did the fireman who became a YouTube sensation was quickly forgotten about? He got his fifteen minutes of flame.

17. Where are striking hot celebrities talked about and focused on? In the Hall of Flame.

18. Why did the fireman entertain his friends with silly fire puns? He just wanted to flame to please.

19. How do you know we are going to be experiencing a heatwave? From the weather firecast.

20. The bushes will keep burning unfortunately for the fireseeable future.

21. The fireman needed new clothing, therefire, he went to invest in more.

22. That argument really did not need to become so heated as I had already given you the infiremation that you required anyway!

23. How do you know that someone was burned to death? It shows in the firensic reports.

24. I have never seen that burning field befire!

25. The fireman and his wife living happily ever after is a nice fireytale ending.

26. What did the fireman have trouble giving up as a toddler? A pacifire.

27. Don’t throw fiery accusations at me as I just told you about what happened so don’t flame the messenger.

28. Why was that little boy going to get burned if he kept going after the wrong thing? He was playing with fire.

29. Why are Aries, Leos, and Sagittarius people so heated up all of the time? Because they have fire signs.

30. The mortician who wanted to tell the story about the fire in the funeral home embellished it since he has a cremative mind.

31. Why was the fireman punished for writing about false accusations about someone? He was sued for deflame-ation.

32. What do you say to someone who is taking a trip to have a bonfire party? ‘Burn voyage’.

33. What did the fire crew enjoy for snacks? Burnana splits.

34. What does a fireman think of himself on his 30th birthday (in 2020). He was establazed in 1990.

35. How do you greet a fiery king and queen? Your matchesty.

36. Why do some members of the fire crew seem so mean? They have chips on their smoulders.

37. Why did the fireman have such a good marriage? The wife was grateful that she always had a smoulder to cry on.

38. Why do those who have fire signs get excited when they hook up with a lover with a fire astrological sign as well? They are the perfect match.

39. Climbing over a large pile of ashes is no different from smoulder climbing.

40. Why did the fireman get insulted and angry after opening up his email? He got some heat mail.

41. Why did the fireman have a complicated relationship with his ex-wife? They have a love-heat relationship.

42. What do you say about those who are jealous of sexy firemen that make nasty remarks about them? Heaters are gonna heat.

43. What do you say as you are lighting a match? Lit their be light.

44. Why do many people try hard to fight the forest fires? Those are powerful acts of kindle-ness.

45. What do you say about being burned by a tough lesson and learning from it? Experience is the best torcher.

46. What is another word for fiery hell? Pyrodise.

47. What type of booze bottle does a fire fighter appreciate? A bottle of scorch.

48. What is it like being enlightened by someone who has a fiery soul?  A spyrotual experience.

49. What do you say to someone who graduated from firefighting school? Conflagrations.

I hope you thought that these 49 fire puns were truly some hot stuff.

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