50 Library Puns You Will Want to Read

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Library. What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of library? A place where you go and borrow a book for a limited time? Yes, that is what a library is but it has other uses as well. You may think that libraries are not needed so often since we are in the age of Google as you can just look up information that you would look up in a book that you would borrow from the library. Even though that is true, libraries definitely have their uses. Libraries are useful and it is not just because of taking out books.

Libraries are the perfect place to go when you want to study somewhere away from home. You will get the peace and quiet you need to focus. That is why everyone has to be quiet when they are at the library. If you want to use your laptop at the library so you can work or study peacefully, you can as they have been good internet connection for the most part. That also depends on the library as well. Additionally, reading programs for kids take place in libraries and that is the place where parents take their kids as well. They can read the books there that they don’t have to buy. So that is how the library can be a money-saver as well. Let’s also talk about library puns, and let’s go over 50 of them that you need to check out.

List of Library Puns You Will Want to Read:

Following are some of the best library puns you will want to read.

1. Did you know that gambling takes place in libraries? That is why you have bookies hanging out there.

2. What do you call a metal band that likes to hang out at the library? Quiet Riot.

3. You want to square in time to study, then book your time at the library.

4. I was blinded with library science.

5. What is the one type of building with a lot of stories? Libraries.

6. What is so beneficial about libraries? They are great for circulation.

7. That book is the perfect one to check out at the library.

8. I really wanted to see the largest library around but it was unfortunately overbooked.

9. What is the one thing that libraries make happen? They always make shhh happen.

10. I know I am overdue with returning my library book and I am feeling fine about it.

11. You weren’t paying attention to what you were reading at the library as you seem checked out.

12. ISBN thinking about that book I read at the library.

13. How do you keep books warm? With their jackets.

14. Page me if you want to hang out at the library.

15. Drinks are allowed at the library but don’t pour milk in our serials.

16. My trip to the library is overdue.

17. I wanted to check that dinosaur book at the library by the author, Sarah Topps.

18. The librarian seems unsure and I don’t think she believes in her shelf.

19. I don’t recall a time that I’ve metadata I didn’t like.

20. What is the reason that a vampire wants to go to the library? To find a good book to sink their teeth into.

21. What bugs do you see at libraries? Book worms.

22. What did the librarian say to the person checking out too many books? ‘Don’t overdue it’.

23. The library is a mess and I am ashamed of my shelf for making it that way.

24. The ghost kept coming back to the library as he went through his books too quickly.

25. You can book a trip to the largest library in the world.

26. That book fell on my head and I blame my shelf for it.

27. I found the library at the end of the street but I didn’t know before as they have been quiet about it.

28. What will the librarian do if you return your book late? They will Dewey decimate you.

29. Why are those books at the library scary? They are written by ghostwriters.

30. What happened to those books at the library on magic? They disappeared.

31. I wanted to hang out at the library but it was quite booked.

32. The rumor has it that that building under construction is a library, it’s all been very hush-hush.

33. The library had nothing but broken pencils and those are just so pointless.

34. Do you comma to the library often to write your essays?

35. When I think about reading books at the library, I touch my shelf.

36. I am booked this weekend as I plan to spend my time at the library.

37. Have you read the book at the library about hands? It is a real page-turner.

38. The books at the library have some flaws no matter how good the editor as it is bound to happen.

39. Reading at the library used to be a novel idea.

40. Go to the library, and take a page from the book and leaf.

41. The book of spells from the library was useless as the author forgot to run spell check.

42. I took out so many books from the library since I have no shelf control.

43. The book that I took out of the library about Mount Everest had such a cliffhanger.

44. Have these library puns tickled your spine?

45. The student whose an aggressive learner went to the library and hit the books.

46. I was going to borrow a book from the library about phobias but was afraid it wouldn’t help.

47. I took out a book from the library about anti-gravity and it was so hard to put down.

48. The young librarian was reincarnated as a bookmark because he always knew his place.

49. That little boy was so energetic at the library that when he read the book it was a hyper text.

50. I wanted to know if that librarian was free tonight but made it clear about being booked up today.

There you go, there are 50 library puns that I hope you liked so now book some time to read more puns!

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