50 Snake Puns That Are Too Hisss-terical for Words

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Snakes. One of the most-feared reptiles imagined. In fact, many people have phobias that are relevant to snakes, and in some cases, those fears are so paralyzing. They scare people to the point that they will fear that they’ll encounter a snake if they just step outside. If they live in areas where there are no snakes around, then they have nothing to fear. However, for those who live in areas where there are snakes have a good reason to be afraid.

There have been many horror stories of those who had found snakes slithering in their bathrooms and homes. That type of thing happens in the southern part of the USA where there are plenty of snakes. And that is something that anyone around the world would be the most afraid of even more so than stepping outside and encountering one.

However, you have another group of people that don’t mind snakes. In fact, some do keep them as pets. They obviously get something out of them. The gist of it, however, is that when it comes to snakes, nothing lighthearted is associated with them. There is one exception, however. That is if you hear about snake puns. In fact, let’s go over 50 snake puns that you will find downright hisss-terical now.

List of Snake Puns That Are Hisss-terical:

Following are some of the best snake puns that you will find downright hisss-terical.

1. What is a snake lover’s favorite vegetable to barbeque? Corn on the cobra.

2. What snake lover is exceptional when it comes to math? The ones who have adders.

3. Someone who is carrying a bottle of venom enters the bar and the bartender tells them to leave because they don’t serve snakebite there.

4. What is a magical snake called? Its an addercadabra.

5. Why must you only measure snakes in inches? Because feet cannot apply since they have none.

6. Why must you be careful not to give your pet snake any coffee? Because it will make it viperactive.

7. What is a government worker who is also a proud snake owner called? A civil serpent.

8. What is a snake in Puerto Rico called? The Hisssspanic snake.

9. What is a carpenter snake called? A boa constructor.

10. The only way that venomous snakes kill their prey is through cold blood.

11. What cobra was a historical famous English writer? William Snakespeare.

12. What kind of dance can you do with a snake? The Mamba.

13. You cannot fool a snake because they have no legs to pull.

14. The last thing you want to do is upset that snake or else it will throw plenty of hissy fits.

15. What TV show can a snake lover not get enough of? Monty Python.

16. Why can snakes clean windows well? Because they have windscreen vipers.

17. Why are snakes good at archery? They know how to use the boa and arrow.

18. The snake was angry at the thief who stole that jewelry due to wanting that diamondback.

19. What is a baker who owns plenty of snakes called? A pie-thon.

20. What school subject does a snake enthusiast like the most? Hissstory.

21. What do snakes do after they stop fighting with each other? They hiss and make up.

22. What type of snake likes bacon? A boar constrictor.

23. What is a constrictor called that has no clothes on? It is snaked.

24. What do snake lovers have an exhibitionist side to them take to the beach? A pythong.

25. What snake actor starred in the classic movie Casablanca? Humphry Boa-gart.

26. What type of snake did snake enthusiasts enjoy playing with when they were babies? Rattlesnakes.

27. What does one snake say to the other who never plans to see again? ‘Fangs for the memories’.

28. Why was the snake upset about not seeing the concert? He hated that he hissed out on it.

29. The snake got away from jail by scaling the wall.

30. What is a narcissistic snake called? A snake charmer.

31. The one reaction that people have when they see snakes is that they re-coil.

32. What kind of medicine do you give a snake that is sick? Asp-irin.

33. What is a hotdog called with snake meat in it? A fangfurther.

34. Another word for a python is mega-bite.

35. What is a boa constrictor’s favorite footwear> Snakers.

36. What food does a snake like to eat? Hiss Cakes.

37. What opera does a snake like to go to? The Wriggletto.

38. The boa constrictor wants to do a dance, specifically the snake, rattle & roll.

39. What river in the USA is loaded with snakes? The Hiss-issippi River.

40. Where do snakes like to hang out for fun? The boa-ling alley.

41. What does a snake say when he does not know the answer to something you ask? ‘Don’t asp me that because I cannot tell you’.

42. What snake does arithmetic in the evening? The night adder.

43. What is a snake that cleans up the dishes? A dish-viper.

44. What type of snakes are attracted to rugs? The carpet python.

45. What do snakes need when they need to do arts and crafts? The scisss-ors to cut the paper.

46. The two boa constrictors went on a date because they had a crush on each other.

47. What flooring do snakes like for their kitchens? Rep-tiles.

48. The best type of reptile that plays ball is Snake Arrieta.

49. What is a cross between a snake and a bird? A feather boa.

50. The one thing amazing about snakes that are deadly is that they sure have that poisonality.

There you go! There are 50 snake puns to laugh at because they are just so incredibly hissss-terical. At least those puns can help ease your fears about snakes. And don’t worry, it is unlikely that they will enter your home out of the blue and scare you. That is unless you allow them to come in, which you won’t. With that said, why not call upon the boa constructor to build something for you to prevent snakes from going into your home.

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