50 Mouse Puns That Will Make Your Day Mice

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Mice, yikes! That is not something you want to see crawling in your home, that is for sure. Whenever you see evidence of a mouse in your home, you usually find chewed-up wood and even mouse droppings. The last thing you want to do is have a mouse infestation in your home because that can pose so many hazards. Not only are mice full of disease, but they are also a nuisance when it comes to your belongings. And if they begin chewing through your electrical wires, then that can be quite hazardous too. Unfortunately, if you see a mouse in your home, you will have a good chance to end up having to call pest control.

However, mice can be cute pets too if that is what you want. You can have different rodents as pets such as mice, rats, hamsters, and gerbils. That is really up to you because I am not sure how much mice give back as I know rats can be quite affectionate which I know sounds odd, but it is true. But what else can be said about mice? Can you speak kindly about those pests, unless they are your pets! I don’t know, how about puns about mice! Let’s go for that, mice puns! And let’s go for 50 of them!

List of Mouse Puns That Will Make Your Day Mice:

Following are some of the best mouse puns that will make your day mice:

  1. That rodent is so quiet it is like he is as quiet as a mouse.
  2. I have a new rodent as a pest, and his name is Mickey.
  3. Making fun of rodents is not a mice thing to do.
  4. When you want to take a gamble on whether or not you will have a pest infestation, all you have to do is roll the mice.
  5. The only car for mice is the mini van.
  6. The mouse needs to smile for the camera and all he needs to do is to say cheese.
  7. Why does the mouse fear being scammed in the water? Because of the possibility of being catfished.
  8. What is something that goes squeak, dash, dot, and dot? It is the mousecode.
  9. Why does the mouse want to take a bath? Because of loving how squeaky clean he feels after.
  10. Mickey Mouse fell over because of having a Disney spell.
  11. The mouse wants to play another game of hide and squeak.
  12. Why are mice picky about having washed up clothes in the best detergent? They want their clothes to be squeaky clean.
  13. The mice did not want to go outside since the forecast was showing that it would rain cats and dogs.
  14. What do you call a frozen mouse? A mice cube.
  15. Why do you have to oil a mouse? Because it is so squeaky.
  16. What cartoon band don’t mice like? Josie and the Pussycats.
  17. I want to wish my mouse-loving friend a Mousy Christmas every December.
  18. Why does that mouse look so masculine? Because of the mouse-tache.
  19. What is a cat’s favorite digital device? A mouse.
  20. What do you call a mouse that has an unknown name? Anonymouse.
  21. What is something sweet that mice like to eat? Mice cream.
  22. Why do cats look forward to winter? Because it is full of mice and snow.
  23. Which Dutch city has a large mouse population? Hamsterdam.
  24. What tiny animal flies around, is furry, and loves cheese and blood? A mouse-quito.
  25. What is the best cereal for rodents? Mice Krispies.
  26. What do you call a mouse that does not have balls? An optical mouse.
  27. Why does a mouse like cringe-worthy material? They like anything that is cheesy.
  28. The rodent bit me which was not a mice thing to do.
  29. Why do rodents always win at gambling? They know how to roll the mice.
  30. Why do rodent lovers always look forward to heading to Disney World? They want to see Mickey and Minnie mouse.
  31. What is something that goes eek bank eek? It is a mouse crawling around the minefield.
  32. Who is a well-known rodent politician? Mouse Tse-Tung.
  33. Don’t blame the mouse for wanting to eat the candle as it wanted to enjoy a light refreshment.
  34. What is the type of shoes that you expect mice to wear? Squeakers.
  35. Why are mice excellent musicians? They know how to play a mouse organ.
  36. Why are rodents dangerous? They use weapons of mouse destruction.
  37. What do you call a lovely home for rodents? A mice mouse.
  38. Where do traveling mice often stay? The Stilton hotel.
  39. How does a mouse feel when you reject them? Mouserable.
  40. What do you call a mouse that robs other mice at the sea? A pi-rat.
  41. Why are those three rodents unable to see where they are going? They are blind.
  42. How does Minnie Mouse keep a great figure? Through mousercize.
  43. What is a mouse’s favorite carbohydrate snack? Cheese Puffs.
  44. What does a mouse say when they cannot find their cheese? ‘Rats’.
  45. Mouse puns are really quite cheesy.
  46. What is one order you never have to give to a mouse? You never tell it to ‘be quiet’.
  47. What is the mouse’s favorite part of pizza? The mouserella.
  48. How does one mouse save the life of another mouse? Through mouse-to-mouse resuscitation.
  49. It is never really bad luck to see a black cat as that superstition is very old and untrue but it is true if you are a mouse!
  50. What do you call two mice that are having a sword fight with each other? The mouseketeer.

Okay, now that you have read this, you may be paranoid that you could end up having a mouse problem in your home. Well, don’t be because you would know by now if you did if there are weird things in your home. But here is a fact that you probably don’t want to know. Every home has a few mice in its attic! That means even yours. Okay, I am off for the day.

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