50 Pie Puns To Keep Your Pies On

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What is the first thing you think of when you think of a pie? You think of a sweet and delicious pastry that is a great alternative to a cake. Many people prefer cakes, but there are plenty that loves pie. And there are so many pies to choose from such as apple, cherry, blueberry, pecan, and lemon meringue pie. Oh so delicious. And let’s not forget about pumpkin pie either which people seem to either really love or really hate.

However, when it is the fall season, you can’t go wrong with pumpkin pie or pecan pie. Thanksgiving is the ideal holiday to enjoy a slice of either pie. Or you may end up wanting several slices of that pie. It is hard to say. Either way, it is too good for words. Sometimes you can enjoy a slice of the pie even without any occasion such as Thanksgiving. Sometimes after a long and hard day of work or school, you will want to cut yourself a piece of pie and make yourself some tea or hot cocoa and enjoy it. Enjoy it as you wind down after a long and busy day as you read a magazine or newspaper. What more can be said about pie? Nothing really so that is why I want to keep thinking about it and even laugh about it somewhat. Let’s now talk about 50 pie puns that are just too sweet for words.

List of Pie Puns To Keep Your Pies On:

Following are some of the best pie puns to keep your pies on:

  1. What do you tell someone who is obnoxious that eats too much pastry desserts? ‘Shut your pie hole’.
  2. What do you call a flying dessert? A pie in the sky.
  3. What is the sweetest and tastiest thing about math? Pi
  4. Why do you need to have a slice of pie on March 14th? It is Pi day (3.14).
  5. I never brag about my desserts since I always eat humble pie.
  6. What is the most adorable pastry around? A cutie pie.
  7. How do you know the desserts on the dessert table has been touched? Because there has been a finger in every pie.
  8. What do you call someone who looks as if they had seen too many desserts and pastries? Pie-eyed.
  9. Why are some desserts so simple to make? Because they can be as easy as pie.
  10. Too bad you didn’t pass your baking class since you did not put the effort in. Really, Pie couldn’t care less.
  11. You ate all of those desserts? How can you do that as pie don’t get it.
  12. Oh you said you tried the most interesting pastry around? Pie’m all ears!
  13. I am ready to eat the next Thanksgiving course in the other room. Pie’m outta here!
  14. That delicious looking dessert caught my pie.
  15. A pie for a pie, a sweet tooth for a sweet tooth.
  16. How do you know that Rocky had a sweet tooth? The theme song was ‘Pie of the Tiger’.
  17. The eating contest is something else so now pie up the competition.
  18. Keep your pie on the tasty prize.
  19. When I am having a dream about desserts, I sleep with one pie open.
  20. You are not going to touch my sweets so I’ve got my pie on you.
  21. Desserts are the best that money can pie.
  22. Pie one, get one free pastry special goes on!
  23. What do you say to your family after Thanksgiving who you don’t like? ‘Goodpie and good riddance’.
  24. When I am too high on sugar I tend to go into a daze and I am happy to daydream and blurt out ‘Goodpie, cruel world.’
  25. Pie a show of hand’s, who wants seconds?
  26. Oh I know I have eaten too many desserts but they are too good so I turn a blind pie to it.
  27. What do you say when you are finished with eating at the dessert cafe? ‘Pie-pie for now’.
  28. You can only have two slices of cake because you need to apie-de by the rules.
  29. My oven is my most piesed possession.
  30. Will you pies for my sweet painting?
  31. Let’s go get some dessert and be a pies of the action!
  32. What does the apple pie say before it is cut? ‘Do you want a pies of me?’
  33. Pies and good manners can be cultivated in anyone waiting at the dessert shop.
  34. Pierates attacked the harbor near the dessert cafe.
  35. What do you call poop from someone who has eaten too much dessert? Pies of crap.
  36. Why can dessert cafes from the internet do some illegal stuff? Because of online pieracy.
  37. Oh I am in the mood to bake after watching the dessert show on TV, I am now so ins-pie-red to do that
  38. I want more pastries des-pie-t the fact I had plenty of cake.
  39. Look at the pie-l of desserts on the cafe table.
  40. I don’t think I have to pie-suade to have another slice of pie with ice cream.
  41. You cannot have those desserts that you see as they are part of a pie-vate function.
  42. Kids at pie-mary school don’t handle too much sugar very well.
  43. What is the pie-schology behind having the need to create so many pie puns?
  44. My dessert recipe article is out in the new pie-blication.
  45. At the baking school I am ready to give my pie-sentation by serving my pastry!
  46. There is so much pie-tential to bake new and unheard of desserts in the future.
  47. Why does the cop like desserts so much? He is a pie-liceman.
  48. The new dessert cafe is going up soon as they already have the pie-wood structure.
  49. That pie was incredibly filling.
  50. I’m filling the car with pie-trol.

There you go, there are some pie puns for you to enjoy. Now which flavors would you like? If you choose pecan or lemon meringue, please save pieces for me as those are my favorites.

Do you wish to add your own pie pun to the list?

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