51 Basketball Puns That Make You Hoppy

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Are you an NBA fan or are you a fan of your local basketball league? Either one is great and being a fan of either one can bring you plenty of excitement. You are a fan that is part of the audience of an NBA or local basketball league game, and you are getting all worked up about your favorite team winning even more so than the team you are rooting for yourself.

As the players are shooting the ball through the hoops, you cannot help but spring up often from your seat mimicking their moves. You do this to cheer them on. And when they score, that brings up a lot of excitement to you. But when the opposite team scores, that brings a lot of nervousness to you as well. While you are nervous, the audience rooting for the opposite team that is sitting at the other side of the stadium is cheering their team on.

With all of that said, the one thing that basketball can bring is plenty of excitement. But can the game be funny? Well, if the players make some funny moves it sure can be. Another thing that makes the game funny are puns! Let’s go over 51 funny basketball puns that will make you laugh to the point that you will be hoppy.

List of Basketball Puns That Will Make You Hoppy:

Following are some of the best basketball puns that will make you hoppy.

1. Why was Cinderalla banished from the basketball team? She ran away from the ball.

2. Why are basketball players slopping eaters? They always dribble.

3. What happens if you play basketball with a bunch of pigs? They will hog the ball.

4. Why can’t you trust playing a basketball game in the jungle? Because there are plenty of cheetahs.

5. How are a baby and a basketball player different? One drools and the other dribbles.

6. How do basketball players remain cool? They are near their fans.

7. Why do basketball players flunk their tests in school? They really don’t want to pass.

8. What is a basketball player’s favorite scene that happens in the night sky? Shooting stars.

9. What do you say to a basketball player that got a baby snake as a pet? ‘Congrats on your bouncing baby boa’.

10. How is a basketballer’s story told so unbelievable? It is a tall tale.

11. Why did the basketball player decide to stay home all weekend? He really did not want to be called out for traveling.

12. Why was Cinderella a bad basketball player? Her coach was a pumpkin.

13. What basketball team should elephants play on that want to start a stampede? The Chargers.

14. Why didn’t anyone accept cheques from the basketball player? Because all of his cheques were bouncing.

15. What do you do if you see an elephant with a basketball? Get out of the way.

16. Why do basketball players make gentle and trustworthy husbands? They never shoot their wives.

17. Who is the known basketball poet? Longfellow.

18. Why was the basketball player arrested? He shot the ball.

19. What do basketball players do with their pastry snacks? They dunk their cookies and donuts.

20. How are a losing basketball team similar to scrambled eggs? They have both been beaten.

21. What is the difference between a hog ball and time? The latter passes.

22. Why don’t basketball teams have websites? They cannot strong 3w’s together.

23. Why do basketball players make great thieves? They can shoot, steal, and run.

24. What is the basketball player’s favorite coffee shop? Dunkin’ Donuts.

25. Trying out on that basketball team is really worth a shot.

26. What is strange about a basketball net? It is the type of basket where it gets filled but never remains full.

27. Why do basketball players want to fly up to outer space? They want to shoot for the stars.

28. Why doesn’t a basketball player want to relate to whipped cream? He doesn’t want to be beaten.

29. Why would a basketball player make a loyal husband? He would never pass his wife.

30. Why did the bank have to call the basketball player? His cheques kept bouncing.

31. Why was the basketball player able to escape a troublesome situation? He was saved by the ball.

32. Why was the basketball player such a mama’s boy? Because he was always at her beck and ball.

33. What did the basketball player say to his girlfriend who he wanted to marry? ‘I can’t help it but I am balling in love with you’.

34. Why does a basketball player like animals of all sizes? He likes creatures, great and ball.

35. What does a basketball player say when he swears he means something? ‘Cross my heart and hoop to die’

36. What does the basketball player need to bring along with him when he walks his dog? The hooper scooper.

37. Why did the basketball player want to have a frozen dessert? He wanted to get a hoop of ice cream.

38. Why was the basketball player in a strange mood? He was out of sports.

39. What does a basketball player say to someone who likes his style? ‘I game to please’.

40. Why won’t a basketball player get involved in a multi-level marketing business? Because it is a pyramid team.

41. Why was that basketball player known to be the best player around? He is known to be the team of the crop.

42. How did you know that the basketball player upset about leaving? He left kicking and teaming.

43. How did you know the basketball player was horrified by what he found in the kitchen? He entered it teaming bloody murder.

44. What is the one thing that basketball players don’t handle well? Broken teams.

45. Why was the angry basketball player having the need to cut the game short? He needed to blow off some team.

46. What does the opposing basketball team say to the local one that is playing? Say your players about winning.

47. What strange show from decades ago that talks about the World’ Guiness Book of World Records does a basketball player like? Ripleys, Believe it or net.

48. How do you know that a basketball player was touched by a drama that he was watching? He was just balling his eyes out.

49. Why didn’t the basketball player not want to take out the line of credit? He did not want to go into net.

50. What does an opposing basketball team say to the local one when it comes to them staying in reality about winning? ‘Don’t net on it’.

51. What does a basketball player say when he feels love for someone? ‘I am balling in love with you.’

There you go, these are 51 basketball puns to make you hoppy! Enjoy the rest of your day.

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