50 Spring Puns That Will Bring You Releaf

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Spring. That is the time when the birds are chirping, the flowers are blooming, and the weather is beginning to warm up after a long and dark winter. Snow may come once in a while during the spring but that is when it starts to really wind down. And that means people are spending a lot more time outside walking around, watching the trees grow, and are able to finally enjoy the warming weather.

And another thing that has to happen for homeowners during the spring is that they have to clean up their lawns. The fallen leaves from the previous fall have been on the grounds for a long time. Therefore, this means those leaves have been on the ground all winter long. That is just another thing that adds to anyone’s spring cleaning tasks.

Springtime is not a time when it is yet warm enough to take out the sprinklers and start running through it while wearing a bathing suit. It is not warm enough to go swimming. However, it is the time to start thinking ahead towards the summer when you can do those things. Springtime is a time that presents many opportunities. What else can be said about spring? Could it be that there is funny stuff associated with it? Only if puns are involved. The dad jokes are involved. Let’s look at some 50 spring puns now.

List of Spring Puns That Will Bring You Releaf:

Following are some of the best spring puns that will bring you releaf.

1. How does a tree feel once spring has arrived? It feels releaf.

2. What do you say when you see a metal squiggly item hanging from a power line? ‘Spring is in the air’.

3. What do you say when you see a metal squiggly item standing at the side of a house? ‘Spring is just around the corner’.

4. What does the father say to his son after his son asks in early spring why the ice is beginning to melt in the water. ‘It’s the changing sea son’.

5. What happens when you are so excited about spring being here? You wet your plants.

6. What is it called when you had gained too much weight after winter has ended? Those are spring rolls.

7. Why can’t you plant flowers in early spring? You haven’t botany.

8. What do college students do with their snowblowers during springtime? They summarize it.

9. The winds in the spring are so surprising to the point they blow me away.

10. How is an overcast spring day the same as a disgruntled ex-spouse? It won’t let you see your sun.

11. Spring is in the air and I can just hear it, and it sounds like BOING!

12. What do you say to a girl flower in the spring? ‘Grow, girl, grow’.

13. Winter was rough but I hope spring is better and does not succ.

14. Last bud not least, spring is in the air.

15. What is it called when you accidentally break that squiggly item during your time off of school? Spring break.

16. Winter is over so it is time to spring right into the next season.

17. It may be only March but April may get here sooner than you think.

18. Why is it especially delicious to eat that tasty appetizer that is shaped like a cylinder after winter is over? Because it is a spring roll.

19. What do you say when you are happy with how life has been weeks before Easter? It’s so far been an egg-cellent spring.

20. You only live once so live life in full bloom this spring.

21. How do you announce to someone that winter is coming to an end? You spring it on them.

22. Why does William Shatner move slow as April comes around? He is no spring chicken.

23. What do you call it when you are mugged on March 21st? The first robbin of spring.

24. Why is it good to roll out the trampoline when the weather begins to warm up? Because it’s spring-time.

25. ‘Did you notice the snow melting in April?’ ‘I thaw it’.

26. What dog particularly enjoys the sight of flowers on the ground? A spring-er Spaniel.

27. The newlyweds forgot to plant the flowers this spring since they were soo busy planting kisses.

28. Why is spring a good time to get into good habits? It’s the perfect time to turn a new leaf.

29. Why did the kid have to have his mattress replaced after partying so hard? Due to spring break.

30. Florists do really well in the spring because that is when business is blooming.

31. What herb is the freshest in April? Spring-thyme.

32. You can plant flowers in other months than just April, may as well.

33. What makes the spring roll and the summer roll different? Seasoning.

34. Spring is finally here, May be.

35. What do you call removing dust from inside of the mattress? Spring cleaning.

36. There May be the best month of spring in the year.

37. Why does Batman’s partner remind anyone of spring? Because he’s Robin.

38. What does the drink you try taking from the bottle keep going back in? Because it is spring water.

39. What is the best spring deal? Trampolines that are half-price.

40. Why do chimps keep falling from the sky during springtime? Because it is Ape-ril showers.

41. What is it called when you wash up your trampoline? Spring cleaning.

42. What do you call someone flying out of a hammock in the month of May? A spring fling.

43. What is it called when you wash your entire body during the months between April to June? Spring shower.

44. What is a vegetable-made pogo stick called? Spring onion.

45. How is leftover eggnog that you find in April from Christmas time similar to the spring season? They are both green.

46. I was never into gardening but this spring I started planting seeds and it grew on me.

47. The idea of gardening scared me but this spring I decided to grow a pair.

48. This spring I started gardening and I was surprised how much I liked it as I have a good thyme with it.

49. This spring I decided to read a book on DIY underwater gardening which is a self kelp book.

50. I never knew how hard gardening was until I tried doing it this spring. It is so hard I soil myself.

These are 50 spring puns to keep your mind fresh as laughter is good for keeping you that way. Enjoy them.

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