50 Rain Puns That Will Make You Wet

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Another rainy day. What do you think about that? All I can say is that I am dying for some sunshine already. We have been stuck indoors because it just won’t stop raining and I don’t see it stopping anytime soon, unfortunately. So what is it that I can do? Can I finally go and take a walk in the rain and not care about getting wet? I mean I know I can use an umbrella but that does not keep you completely protected from the rain. I mean I really need to go and take a walk outside so maybe I will do that.

I get that you need rain to help crops grow and that is what is necessary to prevent droughts from happening. But hey, enough is enough already. I would like to see an end to this grey weather. It is honestly making me very bleak and tired but it is what it is. Ah, maybe I will just go and take a walk anyway because getting a little wet from the rain is not really a big deal if you think about it. Or, before I do that, maybe I can pass some time by writing up some rain puns. So here are 50 rain puns that will make you fly over the rainbow, so enjoy it.

List of Rain Puns That Will Make You Wet:

Following are some of the best rain puns that will make you wet:

  1. Why is it not necessary to wait for the right dog at the shelter to adopt? Because eventually, it will rain cats and dogs.
  2. We have had a drought which has been frustrating, but not anymore since when it rains it pours.
  3. Where can meteorologists get a drink of water? At the isobar.
  4. How can bees fly when it is raining? They have their yellow jackets on.
  5. I was under the impression our days would be ruined because of freezing rain but it turned out to be an ice day.
  6. What do you call the weather when it rains ducks and chickens? Foul weather.
  7. The climatic patterns are so unpredictable that people drought the weatherman.
  8. How do you know the winds of change have started? When it began raining silver, copper, and gold coins.
  9. What is the favorite precipitation of royalty? Reign.
  10. What type of elk loves the rain? The reindeer.
  11. Where do happy lightening bolts go all the way to? Cloud nine.
  12. What do you need to prepare for when you camp in the mountain ranges? To run off when it starts raining.
  13. What is the difference between the weather and a horse? One rains down and the other is reinged up.
  14. Did you know that the weather bereau is an umbrella organization?
  15. What precipitation does a king like? Hail!
  16. Monday is coming monsoon.
  17. The weatherman stormed right out when we found there would be another week of rain.
  18. That water bowl set is too expensive as I would rather save the money for a rainy day.
  19. I wanted to go to the fun carnival but I am tired of the weatherman raining on my parade.
  20. Why do single ladies want to enjoy some grey weather? Because there is a chance it will rain men.
  21. The weather is wet and maybe going to the beach is not a good idea, so I will take a rain check.
  22. Why do you want to go to the beach and play with some sand when the weather is wet? It is raining buckets.
  23. Why do you feel trapped when the weather is wet? Because you are rained in.
  24. I wasn’t planning to pay for the new raincoat but I figured I would allow the rain to settle it.
  25. Why do you not like my sand castle creation? You did not need to take your water bottle to rain down on it.
  26. Why can the grey clouds be furious? It has been known to rain pitchforks.
  27. I knew the weather was going to be a challenge because once again I was right as rain.
  28. Why can’t you go out to a fun event when the clouds are grey? It will be a rain-off.
  29. How is heavy wet weather similar to a staircase? It rains stair rods.
  30. Why don’t you want to be inside where it is dry? You will want to come in out of the rain.
  31. How can you feel refreshed at home without having to worry about an umbrella? Washing yourself in the rain closet.
  32. Why are thunderstorms clever investors? That is because they put their money in a combination of frozen and liquid assets.
  33. Why do cows lie down when it rains? So they can keep each udder dry.
  34. What is worse than raining buckets? Hailing taxes.
  35. What do you look for before it rains candy? It sprinkles.
  36. It is not raining in Mexico right now as the weather appears that it is chili today and hot tamale in the afternoon.
  37. How can Santa deliver gifts during thunderstorms? That is because raindeers fly his sleigh.
  38. How do you describe dangerous weather forecasts? It being a rain of terror.
  39. We wanted to catch a fog but we mist.
  40. We didn’t see our parents when it was raining, but during winter we do as we see them snow often.
  41. Fighting a war during the rain happens but what about the war during winter? That would be a cold war.
  42. The party in the backyard during the rainstorm became disorganized as it got so cold which meant food service was turned to a frost come frost served.
  43. I would love to meet up for dinner but since it looks wet outside, I may have to take a rain check.
  44. What do you call a bear that likes rain? The drizzly bear.
  45. I know I can dew a rain dance!
  46. When there is a change in the weather it rains money.
  47. I have noticed there are many puppies and kitties around and it results from it raining cats and dogs.
  48. The climate variations are happening so much that no one knows weather to put on warm clothes or just go out in a tee.
  49. When Prince was around, why did he wear purple when the weather was grey? Because of preparing for the purple rain.
  50. I don’t mean to rain down your rain puns but they suck!

Ah, okay, they kind of do. Well, I just looked outside and it appears to be clearing up so I will be heading out to enjoy it!

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