51 Wedding Puns That Will Get Good Reception

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Weddings. When you hear of that word, what is the first thought that comes to your mind? Either a fun event for a marriage that will last a lifetime or a fun event for a marriage that will only last in a matter of years. Perhaps it is something you don’t want to think of because you cannot imagine yourself getting married. However, even if that is the case, you are always more than ready when it comes to going to a wedding for the sake of having a fun party. 

You enter the reception hall and you are enjoying the different horderves whether they are small hotdogs or sushi pieces, or cheese and crackers. And you can enjoy a nice glass of wine with that if you like. Then you are called into the reception room where the bride and groom are going to say their vows that may or may not be broken down the road. And then once that exciting moment happens, then it is dinner time, then dessert time, and then you can have fun by going dancing. You may get drunk and then end up regretting that you partied too hard. Therefore, it is safe to say that weddings can be fun, and a lot of fun. But are they funny? It depends. Funny incidents can happen such as the groom slipping on a banana peel, or you can laugh at some wedding puns. Hee are 51 of them that will hopefully get a good reception!

List of Wedding Puns That Will Get Good Reception:

Following are some of the best wedding puns that will get good reception.

1. Did you hear about that crazy couple getting married? Someone wed that rumor. 

2. How does a boyfriend who is high on weed propose to his girlfriend? ‘Marij-uana!’ (marriage you wanna)

3. What do you do at a wedding? You eat, drink, and be marry. 

4. What do you call a wedding that happens during the winter holidays? A Marry Christmas.

5. What does someone who is against marriage say? ‘Better dead than wed’.

6. What rock band was perfect to play at weddings several decades ago? Wed Zeppelin.

7. What do you call a bride-to-be that is checking out her wedding ring before she can really wear it? Someone who is caught wed handed. 

8. What does a woman who always wanted to get married think at her own wedding ceremony? She bride and went to heaven. 

9. What game to couples play on the day before they get married? Bride and seek.

10. What does an ecstatic groom say about the woman he just married? ‘She is my bride and joy’.

11. What attitude should a newly married couple have after they get married? Marriage represents all things bride and beautiful.

12. Marriage does not have to be bad because I prefer to always look on the bride side of life.

13. We should really get married as that really is a bride idea!

14. What do you call a wedding happening on the Moon? A spouse odyssey.

15. What is another word for when married couples quarrel? A cat and spouse game.

16. What do you call a wedding reception room that is extremely dark? A room that is hitch black. 

17. I cannot find the church where the wedding is supposed to take place. I don’t know hitch way to look.

18. What do you call someone who is ugly and poor that ended up getting married despite that? Someone who went from rags to hitches. 

19. What is the term for someone who wants to marry their extremely wealthy partner quickly? Someone who wanted to get hitch quick. 

20. What should any married couple do to make their sex lives more exciting? They need to spouse things up.

21. What do you call a man who didn’t get married until much later in life? A late groomer.

22. Why should a wedding happen first thing in the morning? Because it needs to happen bride and early. 

23. Why does a man want to find a woman to marry in a different area where he is? He wants to look for one on the other bride. 

24. Marriage is always a bride idea. 

25. Why would someone want to have an unusual and extremely hip wedding? Because of taking a walk on the wild bride.

26. Why do so many couples agree to get married regardless of how they feel about it? They just want to go along for the bride.

27. How do you know if getting married is the right thing to do ethically? By letting your conscience be your bride.

28. What does a groom say to his bride during an earthquake? Hold on marry tight.

29. What does a minister say to the couple after he hears them exchange their vows? ‘Thank you marry much.’

30. Why would an immature man all of a sudden become mature enough to get married? Because of coming into groom. 

31. What do you call a man that is about to get married standing in a scenic background? A groom with a view.

32. Everyone is getting married, and the ‘getting married’ bug is wedding like wildfire. 

33. What type of hotel should honeymooners stay at? The best wed and breakfast.

34. Why is getting married like getting an Oscar? That is when you roll out the wed carpet.

35. The bride wanted to change her last name because it had a nice ring to it. 

36. The reception is the best part of the wedding as it really takes the cake. 

37. Where did the spiders meet when they got engaged? On the wed. 

38. If a sailor is not ready for commitment that is because he isn’t ready to tie the knot. 

39. If you know the right time to get married, I’m interested in knowing so what do you propose?

40. How is getting married the same as securing your shoelaces? Because of tying the knot. 

41. The groom asked his brother to be in the wedding party because he is the best man for the job. 

42. Why did the baseball player and his girlfriend get married? They were pitcher perfect. 

43. The couple did not need to write their own vows since everything had already been arranged.

44. What is said about that unbelievable event that happened unexpectedly at the wedding? It really took the cake. 

45. We are getting married so start sharing the booze about that!

46. Why is a wedding like beer? Because it is a sign that love was brewing.

47. Why do you want to give newlyweds slices of bread? Because of giving a toast to the happy couple. 

48. Why do only the strong get married? Marriage is all about wedding out the weak ones. 

49. Why does a couple in love set a date to get married? They are doing wed comes naturally. 

50. We are getting married so it is time for us to wed the word!

51. What do you say to a couple on wedding? ‘You two mer-maid for each other.’

You think these 51 wedding puns get a good reception? We sure hope so!

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