51 Bug Puns That Won’t Bug You At All

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Bugs. More people dislike them than like them. And those who like them usually have some type of fascination with them. They had that fascination with bugs since they were kids and if some of these people were lucky they had gotten into entomology and began studying bugs and that is what their career entailed. Then there are those who are not so good at science and math so they could not become entomologists but still enjoyed looking at them and studying their movements for the sake of fascination. 

But the majority of people really cannot stand bugs. In fact, some people are downright afraid of insects and run away as soon as they see them. Maybe the exceptions are ladybugs and butterflies and in that case, caterpillars, but they cannot stand most bugs. That includes ants, bees, earwigs, and centipedes, and so on. And those who can’t stand bees have a fear of being stung so there is a good reason for them to not like bees. But even the insects that are harmless and will not sting or bite unless they feel threatened people are turned off by them. 

Who can blame them because insects are not pretty with the exception of ladybugs and butterflies? And that is why those bugs are welcomed and liked. However, maybe the feelings about insects can be tamed. Because we can go over 51 puns about insects that will not bug you.

List of Bug Puns That Will Not Bug You:

Following are some of the best bug puns that will not bug you at all.

1. What do you call a bug that has a perm? A frisbee. 

2. What type of bug lives on the moon? A lunar tick. 

3. There was this song about bugs that just came out and it is xl ant. 

4. What type of large bug lives in Africa? An eleph-ant.

5. What do you do with a wasp if it goes near you? Leave it bee. 

6. What is the place named after the biggest ant in the world that is freezing? Antarctica. 

7. What do insects do when they get married? They ant-elope. 

8. There are rumors going around in London about large butterflies but it is likely an urban moth.

9. What do you call a group of insects that are in a spelling competition? A spelling bee.

10. The insect did well on the math test and got a bee. 

11. What type of lighting do bugs need? A larva lamp. 

12. How did you know that the bee had too much to drink? He was buzzed. 

13. What bug group was popular in the 60s and 70s? The Beetles.

14. Why is that bug so polite she acts like a royal? Because she is a ladybug. 

15. What bug tastes like popcorn and flies around? The butterfly.

16. Why do flies have an affinity to bees? They like being caught by honey. 

17. Who invites themselves to your picnic even without being welcomed? Ants.

18. Why is the fly afraid of the internet? Because of the world wide web. 

19. What letter can hurt you if you move around too much and it is getting too close? Letter bee. 

20. What is a rabbit with insects all over it? Bugs Bunny. 

21. What do you call 100 feet in the air? A centipede on its back. 

22. What do you call insects that got into the fryer and are then served with ketchup? French Flies. 

23. What do you say to insects that won’t leave you alone? ‘Quit bugging me’.

24. Why are roach clips called roach clips? Because potholders were taken. 

25. What do bees say when they don’t want you going anywhere near them? Hive off. 

26. The insects swarming in the field looked both creepy and buzzare. 

27. Who was the first bug to land on the moon? Buzz Aldrin. 

28. I have not spoken to that bug in a long time, maybe it is time to give him a buzz. 

29. That bee lost his home and he is likely thinking right now ‘I hive seen better days’.

30. What do you call a beautiful wasp? A beauty queen.

31. The bee does not want to let you in on what is happening in his life because it really is none of your beeswax. 

32. What is the most affectionate name you can call a bee? Honey. 

33. That bug can cause you some very bad health problems if you tick it off. 

34. What is it called when baby insects fly out of a volcano? Larva. 

35. Those insect puns really bug me.

36. What kind of scary insects make milk? Boo-bees. 

37. What does a Texan bug say when he shows excitement? Bee-haw. 

38. What types of bugs show their sophistication? The ones that are eleg-ant. 

39. What bug smells amazing? The deodor-ant. 

40. What type of medicine is good for calming upset stomachs of bugs? Ant-acid. 

41. If you wish the Heavens to help you get rid of insects, all you have to do is spray to God.

42. What city is scary for bugs to reside in? Boo-da-pest.

43. Why was that insect movie a flick that was not all that impressive? It was a Bee movie. 

44. What insect does terribly at football games? A fumble-bee.

45. What insect is modest? A humble-bee. 

46. There is an issue with the computer update involving insects and it appears that the bugs need to be worked out. 

47. What do you call an insect that bounces off of your car or home windows? A glasshopper. 

48. I wanted to know what the audience would answer when I asked them what their favorite insect was but all I got was crickets. 

49. What do you call an insect that is not happy? A grumble-bee. 

50. What bugs are known to wear small sneakers? Shoo flies.

51. What do bugs say when they are tired of their mate’s teasing? ‘Stop bugging me.’

Okay, now you read those 51 bug puns which I hope did not bug you in any way at all.

If it did, then I am so sorry and I will know to leave you bee in the future.

Do you wish to add your own bug pun to the list?

Feel free to let us know using the comments section below.

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