51 Weed Puns That Will Get You High

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Weed. What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word ‘weed’? You may be feeling excitement and relief, and a good smoke is something to really look forward to as well. And weed or cannabis is one of those things that is so controversial but really should not be at all. Considering the fact that cannabis has some excellent properties for healing all types of sicknesses.

There is a reason, for instance, that cancer patients go on cannabis for pain and nausea. The stuff plain helps. And it has some other great properties to help them maintain other health. The other thing is, even those who don’t have cancer but have other chronic ailments such as fibromyalgia where there is too much pain, those patients benefit from weed too.

And weed comes in a variety of forms as yes, the one that most know about is smoking a joint. You can also vape cannabis, and eat it as well. That is right. You can eat cannabis which is considered as edibles. Edibles make the effect of weed even stronger, especially if there is THC which is the element that makes you high. Cannabis comes in capsules and tincture form as well, and topical as it is good for the skin too. What else is there to say about weed? How about weed puns? Let’s go over 51 of them that will make you high!

List of Weed Puns That Will Get You High:

Following are some of the best weed puns that will get you high.

1. Cannabis on your skin feels so good which is why you gotta dab it on it.

2. What does weed and your ear have in common? They both are about wax.

3. Why does cannabis belong to the stove? Because it’s pot.

4. If you want the truth, you need some weed to make you calm, so there I am being blunt.

5. What do you call a bank account owned by two weed smokers? A joint account.

6. How does a weed smoker propose being forever united with their partner? Marriage- you wanna?

7. Why does a weed smoker like to sit up on the roof of a building during lunch? Because it’s high noon.

8. Why did the boxes of cannabis fall through the see-through ceiling? It was breaking the glass ceiling.

9. What do you call the calm state that weed smokers experience? Releaf.

10. Who does a weed smoker want to date? Mary Jane.

11. Why are weed smokers the ultimate couch potatoes? They are constantly in a lazy daze.

12. Why are communities of weed smokers so painfully honest? They are part of the blunted society.

13. Who was an actor that had an affinity for cannabis? Humphrey BHOgart.

14. What type of weed comes from pine trees? Terp. N. Tine.

15. What do you call a taxi driver who smokes weed during their spare time? The DUber driver.

16. Why do weed smokers like to taste the rainbow? They like Zkittlez.

17. What can’t weed smokers spell healthcare without? THC.

18. What do you call weed users who are amazing friends? They are best buds.

19. Where do weed smokers keep their money at? The citi dank.

20. What do you call two friends who start up a cannabis business? Those who put in the joint effort.

21. How do weed users greet one another on March 17? Happy St. Fatty’s Day.

22. What shoes do ladies like to wear who smoke weed? High heels.

23. Why was the cannabis business owner really excited? His profits were higher than ever.

24. Why is the cannabis niche so expansive? It is part of the growth industry.

25. Why is cannabis found beneath a tree? Because of its deep roots.

26. Why do cannabis users like going out into green areas? They like to delve into the weeds.

27. What is something that cannabis users appreciate? They appreciate their fweedom.

28. What do you call a friend of a pot smoker who is very stressed out? A breaking bud.

29. What ingredient do weed smokers appreciate in hummus? Hemp.

30. What holiday do weed smokers get together and enjoy a turkey? Danksgiving.

31. What is a weed smoker’s favorite time? 4:20.

32. What is the perfect date for a cannabis wedding? April 20th.

33. How do Canadian pot smokers show their patriotism? They sing ‘Oh, Cannabis’.

34. What do weed smokers say to those who are not welcome on their properties? Keep off the grass.

35. What is a weed smoker’s favorite rock band? Green Day.

36. What is the consistent job for someone who works at a cannabis factory? They weed out the bad.

37. What high school is ideal for a weed smoker? Rocky Mountain High.

38. How does a weed smoker greet someone named Mary? They said ‘Hail Mary’.

39. What do you call the cannabis flower that looks like a four-leaf clover? Pot luck.

40. Come smoke some pot, and I guarantee that you’re ganja have a good time.

41. What video game does a pot smoker like to play? Tokémon.

42. Why is the cannabis user who owns a business so motivated all of the time? They are high on success.

43. How does a weed smoker say ‘bye’ to you? ‘THC you later’.

44. Why is the cannabis business doing well? Because of rolling up sales.

45. What sporting event does a cannabis lover need to watch or attend? The Super Bowl.

46. Why do cannabis flowers get so big quickly? They are always growing like a weed.

47. Well, that cannabis business did not last as it went up in smoke.

48. Smoking the best weed is like winning the jackpot.

49. You’re not ganja believe this, but my teacher smokes pot!

50. What social media network is perfect for cannabis lovers? Insta-gram.

51. Where do cannabis lovers like to chat? Tele-gram.

There you go! Are you now high after reading those 51 puns? I hope you enjoyed it but whatever you do, just stay safe! We want you to enjoy more puns to come!

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