49 Vegan Puns That Are Egg-celent

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There are many reasons that people choose to go vegan and most of the time it has to do with the welfare of animals. I mean the truth is I love meat and I am not sure if I could go vegan unless they were to make vegan mock meats just as tasty as the real thing. I know I sound hypocritical when I say that I love animals but I cannot go without meat. Now, what I do wish is that before slaughtering the animal, they all did it humanely and I really hope more farmers are doing that. I mean I do give thanks to the cow whenever I eat a juicy burger, and I give thanks to the pig whenever I do eat delicious crispy bacon.

Another reason that going vegan is not the best idea is that you don’t get the right amount of nutrients and sure, you can get iron from sources such as legumes and leafy greens, but it is not enough. You end up having to live on supplements if you go vegan, and that is the hard fact about it.

However, since we are on the topic of veganism, let’s make light of it and go over 49 puns about being vegan that are clean.

List of Vegan Puns That Are Egg-celent:

Following are some of the best vegan puns that are egg-celent:

  1. Going vegan was a true mi-steak.
  2. You do know that all vegans want in the end is peas on earth.
  3. My vegan partner is okay that I eat meat as they said to me that they love me from my head tomatoes.
  4. Let me eat my vegan meal in peas please.
  5. The vegan egg mock dish is quite egg-cellent.
  6. Why do vegans have messy clothes? Because they don’t have iron.
  7. I am a vegan and not going to apologize for it so you need to leaf me alone.
  8. My vegan roommate left because there wasn’t mushroom.
  9. That vegan is always sad and so melon-cholic.
  10. Salmon is not a vegan dish so that means they have to fish for a mock salmon dish.
  11. Why are vegans so forgiving? They know how to let shiitake go.
  12. What kind of jewelry do vegans like? 24 carrot gold jewelry.
  13. I am a vegan and I have to stop hanging around the other vegan as we cannot keep meating like that.
  14. What did the disgruntled vegan say to the guy who likes burgers? I do not want to ever meat again.
  15. Why don’t vegans like fluffy coats? Those exist fur cruel reasons.
  16. Why did the vegan cross the road? To help the chicken get to the other side.
  17. What Christmas carol will you hear a vegan sing? ‘Soy to the World’.
  18. What is different when it comes to two vegans having an argument? They don’t really have a beef.
  19. Why are vegans brave? They are never chicken.
  20. What do vegan zombies look for? GRAAAIIINS.
  21. I did stop eating meat once but started again so I guess I lost my vegan-ity.
  22. What does a vegan who eats a lot of celery sticks say to someone who follows them all of the time? ‘Stop stalking me’.
  23. Why is it never a mystery when it comes to vegans? They tell you that fact about themselves right away.
  24. What is one type of cookie that a vegan will never eat? Animal crackers.
  25. Vegan couples end up struggling with money since no one is around to bring home the bacon.
  26. The vegan DJ is popular since he knows how to make those awesome beets.
  27. Why doesn’t anyone listen to what vegans have to say? They don’t carrot all.
  28. My vegan friend keeps playing that game, Kale of Duty.
  29. The vegan did not accept the job since the celery was too low.
  30. What happened when Julian Assange became a vegan? His website was renamed to Wikileeks.
  31. My vegan friend keeps watching the TV show Herb Your Enthusiasm.
  32. Vegans know to protect themselves when it comes to others stealing their bags or purses as all they need to do is spray them with maize.
    33.I know a vegan that hates confrontation as they tend to beet around the bush.
  33. I embarrassed my vegan friend somehow because they turned beet red.
  34. That vegan guy is interesting to talk to as I have many interesting corn-versations with him.
  35. This vegan guy is a pro martial artists as he has a black belt in to-fu.
  36. Why must a vegan couple have a big wedding with many guests? They cantaloupe.
  37. The vegan knows how to handle emergencies as they can romaine calm.
  38. What happens when a vegan goes crazy? They completely go bananas.
  39. Why do vegans love oranges and bananas? They find them a-peel-ing.
  40. This vegan lady said she knew me but I don’t recall that I met herbivore.
  41. That vegan is so lazy, he is such a couch potato.
  42. The vegan who loves prunes had a hard time meeting someone as they struggled to find a date.
  43. Vegans are so positive and up-beet.
  44. What do vegans have an appreciation for Rowan Atkison? Because they like Mr. Bean.
  45. That vegan guy is listening to his headphones and enjoying that opportunity of dancing to that beet.
  46. What kind of car do German vegans drive? The Volks-vegan.
  47. The vegan who I had a beef with ran away because of being so offended.
  48. Vegans know how to make their desserts taste berry good.
  49. When a vegan has the runs, you can call it a salad shooter.

I hope you enjoyed these vegan puns, so I think I am going to go and make myself a salad.

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