50 Volleyball Puns That Will Make The Court Laugh

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Volleyball is a fun game, and I used to play it a lot when I was in high school. I remember going to it during gym class as it is one of those games that gives you a great workout. It is also fun to play the game of beach volleyball, and I never stuck with it to play the game in a competitive way, but it is just a great way to get some good exercise. Let’s now talk a little bit about volleyball is the game began in the USA in 1895. Ever since then, the game has evolved and is enjoyed by so many players. You cannot go wrong with playing a few enjoyable games of volleyball because they are so much fun.

Volleyball is one of the sports that stand out globally because it has such an amazing influence on everyone and it is so likable. So now that we are talking about the game, let’s go over some fun volleyball puns that will create some light moments in between spikes and sets. Let’s now go over 50 volleyball puns that can potentially leave the court in stitches from laughing too hard. Let’s have some fun and play with them!

List of Volleyball Puns That Will Make The Court Laugh:

Following are some of the best volleyball puns that will make the court laugh:

  1. Why do volleyball players have to go to court? They have been served.
  2. Why do volleyball players have certain habits? They are too set in their ways.
  3. Why did the volleyball player get drunk? Someone spiked their drink with more booze.
  4. Why did the volleyball player have to go to the hospital? Because of having to get stitches.
  5. Why was the volleyball game utter chaos? There was not any order in the court.
  6. Why do many lawyers play volleyball? They are familiar with the court.
  7. How do you know when two volleyball players are in love? The length of their court-ship.
  8. What do you do if your volleyball team plays against the devil? Beat the hell out of them.
  9. Volleyball players and swimmers have a lot in common since they both like diving in the deep and floating in the shallow.
  10. You will find many volleyball players in the military since they need to master the art of service.
  11. Why are bowlers not familiar with volleyball? They confuse the term spike with strike.
  12. Let’s get a game of volleyball going so time to get ready, set, and go!
  13. Volleyball players never take the blame for anything as they believe they are faultless.
  14. What skilled carpenter also plays volleyball as you can tell the way he hammers spikes.
  15. Why is the volleyball player not working right now? Because of being on spike.
  16. There is only a need for one middle-hitter to screw in a light bulb but you need to ensure the setter has put it correctly in their hand.
  17. Why did the volleyball player have ropes and shoestrings? Because of wanting to tie the score.
  18. How do blockers relate to waiters when they do an excellent job? They get a big fat tip.
  19. The lady who is standing in the middle of the volleyball court is Annette.
  20. What do you call a graveyard where you play volleyball? The volleyball corpse.
  21. The last thing you want to do is play volleyball in court or else you can get arrested.
  22. Why did the volleyball player join the marines? Because of wanting to serve the country.
  23. Why do volleyball players make good waiters? They can serve you a meal.
  24. What is the perfect name of a large dog of a volleyball player? Spike.
  25. When the volleyball player fell in love with another that was love at first spike.
  26. What channel do volleyball players watch? Spike TV.
  27. Why are spiders fantastic volleyball players? They have such a great topspin.
  28. Police officers on a volleyball court work so hard to serve and protect.
  29. The volleyball player is a suspect since there may be a sign of foul play.
  30. When volleyball players go to church and pray, they serve God.
  31. You can spike a volleyball in any way you want, but you cannot take away its dignity no matter how much you do.
  32. If you go to a fast-food joint, volleyball players stand on the service line to order first.
  33. What does a volleyball player say to someone when they want to help them? ‘I am at your service’.
  34. Why do volleyball players like the zodiac sign, Virgo? That is the sign that represents service.
  35. Why won’t you see fish play volleyball? They are afraid of the net.
  36. What happened when the volleyball team went to church? The minister set a block party for them.
  37. Why did the volleyball player get thrown out of the party? Because he spiked the drink.
  38. What cocktail will a volleyball player order at the bar? Sets on the beach.
  39. Why does the volleyball player point at his watch? It is a signal for you to set the time.
  40. Why did the volleyball players go to the library? The coach instructed them to do reading that day.
  41. How is the only way a volleyball player can send a message? Through air mail.
  42. What do a volleyball coach and a dentist have in common? They both use a drill.
  43. After serving the national volleyball team for four years, she was set to leave.
  44. I got the volleyball net organized in the court, so it is all set to go.
  45. What PC app do volleyball players like? The pop-up blocker.
  46. How do you know if you offended a volleyball player? They block you.
  47. The old volleyball player who became a musician ended up only one song and went silent as she was a one-hit-wonder.
  48. What is the ideal job for retired volleyball players? An air traffic controller.
  49. What is the worst advice a volleyball coach can give? ‘Play hard’.
  50. Why did the volleyball player cry? Because of getting too up-set over something silly.

There you go, its all set, and now it is time to play a game of volleyball!

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