51 Meat Puns That Are Very Fresh

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Meat. What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear of this delicious protein-filled food? Well, if you are a meat-eater, you may be hungry just by thinking about a burger, or a steak, or some fried chicken. If you are a vegetarian, you may be horrified. It all depends on your lifestyle, of course. And if you are into the ketogenic lifestyle, then you would be eating plenty of meat. Of course, you would as meat is once again full of protein and has very little carbs. That is the thing you avoid the most. That is why it fills you up so much. It is the protein and fat factor of meat.

However, meat is also once again just plain delicious and as long as you are not a vegan or a vegetarian, you make sure that a dinner item consists of meat. Speaking of vegetarians, there are some who eat some types of meat and not others. For instance, there are vegetarians who will eat the meat of fish but won’t eat poultry, pork, or beef. Vegans don’t eat any animal byproducts at all which would include jello, dairy, and eggs. And with that being said, if you are a vegetarian or vegan, you will not want to read any further. That is because we are about to share 51 meaty meat puns! Meat lovers, are you ready?

List of Meat Puns That Are Very Fresh:

Following are some of the best meat puns that are very fresh.

1. That butcher who backed into his meat grinder was a bit behind in his work.

2. I ordered a meat dish but when the waiter brought it, I saw that there was a major mi-steak.

3. I bet the butcher $50 that he would not be able to reach for the meat on the highest shelf. He said he wouldn’t go for it since the steaks were too high.

4. Why weren’t the short people able to successfully rob the butcher shop? The steaks were too high.

5. What is a butcher who has a vested interest in his shop? A steak holder.

6. What does a butcher that is 6 feet 7 weigh? Meat.

7. What do you call the conference that involves a butcher to attend? A meat-ing.

8. Did you hear about the butcher shop that opened above the hotel? It is a cut above the rest.

9. What did the Canadian say when he went to the Mexican butcher shop? Pork, eh?

10. Don’t become a vegetarian, it is a huge mi-steak.

11. That butcher was arrested for curing hams without having a medical license.

12. What do you say to the butcher who gives you a high price for venison meat? Oh dear.

13. There is a hospital near the German butcher shop in case things turn for the wurst.

14. Where do butchers find new friends and partners? At meatballs.

15. Why do butchers feel that the days where they have to chop pork are different from February 2nd? Every day is ground hog day.

16. The knight that any butcher looks up to is Sir loin.

17. Why did the local butcher shop need to close? Everything was lost on poker after he raised the steaks.

18. What is it called when a group of butchers talks to one another about business? A meat-ing.

19. What would happen if Hannibal Lector owned a butcher shop? The human race would go extinct.

20. Vegans are grossed out by meat eaters and butchers, but the truth is those who sell produce are grocer.

21. Unfortunately, the butcher needed to file for bankruptcy because he struggled to make hens meat.

22. Why is it not a problem after learning the Dalmatian stole meat from the butcher shop? The suspect was spotted.

23. Why didn’t the butcher get a promotion? He didn’t make the cut.

24. What do you call the pork hanging from the butcher’s ceiling? The cut above the rest.

25. Why was the butcher angry? He had beef with someone.

26. The butcher who I had a fight with while he was measuring meat said he was going to tare me a new one.

27. What does a Romanian butcher do after working so hard? Bucharest.

28. What place does the Indian butcher reside at? Cowcutta.

29. Why did the butcher get banned from social media? He sent random women pictures of his meat.

30. How does a butcher introduce his wife named Patricia to others? ‘Meat Patty’

31. I would make a meat pun but knowing me, I would butcher it.

32. Meat jokes are nothing but raw humor at its finest.

33. Can you stop with the meat puns? I’m bacon you.

34. What musical note does a butcher resonate with? Beef-flat.

35. What do you call unsolicited emails consisting of meat puns? Spam.

36. Puns about German sausages are the wurst.

37. We will meat again and you’ll know that I have a T-bone to pick with you.

38. The cheapest type of meat you can buy is dear balls because they are under a buck.

39. What is a digital burger called? Processed meat.

40. How does a butcher always greet you? ‘Hello, nice to meat you’.

41. How can you eat meat? You steak it in your mouth.

42. Why don’t vegans moan when they are having sex? They refuse to admit that meat makes them happy.

43. Is it polite to say to a vegan, ‘nice to meat you’?

44. What is a piece of meat that is lazy? Meatloaf.

45. Who is the archangel that looks over meat? Meat-atron.

46. Why should you always give meat to someone who is not nourished? Their lives are at steak.

47. If meat is murder then does that mean that cake is battery?

48. What is an Indian meat store that just opened up? The New Delhi.

49. What is the favorite meat of a DA? Proseciutto.

50. Why is the butcher upset about how the meat turned out that he cut up? Everything about it is just so raw.

51. How does meat introduce his friend to another meat? “Meat, meet meat.”

I hope you found these puns to be very meaty, and just don’t send them over to just anyone by email or else you will be accused of spam!

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