48 Bacon Puns That Are Smoking Hot

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Bacon. What is the first thing you think of when you hear about bacon? Could it be that it is the very thing that makes breakfast or a burger, or a sandwich special? Because you cannot go wrong with bacon and eggs in the morning, or for lunch, or even for dinner. Or, you cannot go wrong with a bacon burger or a BLT. Bacon really is something that makes you very happy and satisfied. After all, it is so delicious; you cannot go wrong with it. What else is there to say about bacon?

Oh yes, it is all about money. Bacon is money as you bring home the bacon if you are the main breadwinner. How did making money turn into the term bacon? I don’t know, but obviously, bacon is good, and money is good, so that is likely how the tie happens to be. It just makes me sad that some cute pigs have to be the ones to sacrifice their lives, so they give us delicious bacon. I like pigs and I feel bad about eating bacon for that reason. But you know what? There are vegan bacon slices that are quite good actually. That is also an option. What more can be said about this yummy meat? I don’t know but I feel like putting out some bacon puns that are so smokey. Here are 48 of them so you can enjoy them!

List of Bacon Puns That Are Smoking Hot:

Following are some of the best bacon puns that are smoking hot:

  1. What actor is very porky? Kevin Bacon.
  2. I want a BLT and if you won’t get me one, I am just gonna keep bacon you for it.
  3. Why is money smoking hot? Because it is referred to as bacon.
  4. You said ham is for dinner and not breakfast? I bacon your pardon?
  5. I want to go and bacon a delicious quiche made with ham and other meats.
  6. The dog loves pork treats and keeps bacon for more of them.
  7. What happens if you eat too much bacon on a daily basis? You become porky.
  8. How do you grab a ton of bacon at once? With a pork-lift.
  9. What cartoon character is terrified of bacon? Porky Pig.
  10. I would not mind having another piece of bacon that you hogged up.
  11. Where would you find prehistoric bacon? At Jurrasic Pork.
  12. I feel too full because I pigged out on that bacon.
  13. How do you know that guy eats too much pork? It is because he is bacon-faced.
  14. The porky singer won’t do well as he has a good voice to beg bacon.
  15. My BLT shop is thriving thanks to you because you saved my bacon.
  16. Your BLT is about to burn up so I will pull your bacon out of the fire now!
  17. Why do you want to use profanity when you are about to cook pork? Because that consists of language to fry bacon.
  18. What is luxurious about decaying pigs? The idea of living like a maggot in bacon.
  19. Why was the pig wearing detective clothing? He is turkey bacon.
  20. Hey, let’s meet up for ham sandwiches and have not seen you for a while, so what’s shakin’ bacon?
  21. This ham sandwich is so good it’s bacon me crazy.
  22. What is a healthy diet? A cross between chicken and a pig, which is eggs and bacon!
  23. Where do you find the best must-eat meal is dinosaur meat wrapped in bacon? At Jurrasic Pork.
  24. What is the weirdest thing? You bake cookies and cook bacon.
  25. What is a cross of a centipede and a pig? Bacon and legs.
  26. Why are flying pigs too expensive? Because the price of bacon is sure to skyrocket when that happens.
  27. The terrain of bacon is so bad that the only way to get through it is through pigup trucks.
  28. Why is the meatpacker appreciated by his family? He is the one that brings home the bacon.
  29. How can a pig save its own bacon? by killing the farmer.
  30. Why couldn’t the drunk Mexican drug lord find the bacon tree? Because of walking into a ham-bush.
  31. Why doesn’t anyone want to play ball with the pig? The pig hogs the ball you have to bacon the pig to throw it at you.
  32. Hey I feel like a BLT so lettuce go and grab one.
  33. What do you call a Shakespearean movie about bacon? Ham-let.
  34. What do you know about the pig’s ancestors? History in the bacon.
  35. Here, let’s talk about how we can make up over BLT sandwiches, please don’t go bacon my heart.
  36. How does the bacon butcher greet you? ‘It is nice to meat you’.
  37. What does a Canadian’s bedroom smell like? Bacon, beaver, and maple.
  38. If you cannot buy happiness, buy bacon instead as the same thing will be achieved.
  39. What do you call someone who steals bacon? Ham-burgler.
  40. Who is the best celebrity to have breakfast with? Kevin Bacon.
  41. What color is bacon? It is ma-hog-any.
  42. Why couldn’t the pig tie its own shoelaces? It was ham-fisted.
  43. What rodent likes bacon? Hammy the Hamster.
    44/ The driver that delivers the bacon is so awful that is a road hog.
  44. Bacon is in such high demand that they should be delivered quickly in ham-bulances.
  45. What do you call a pig that gets something wrong? A mistaken bacon.
  46. The car that delivers bacon has a reserved porking lot.
  47. I cannot go bacon even if I fried.
  48. You don’t want a pig to get a burn because he’ll end up bacon in the heat.

After reading these bacon puns, I am going to eat like a pig.

Yes, and I am starving so I am ready to eat like a pig. Maybe I will grab a BLT!

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