50 Orange Puns That Will Make You Peel Better

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Oranges. What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of oranges? (and yes, we are going to leave politics out of it so please don’t go there). The first thing I think of is that it is a rich source of vitamin C, and it is delicious. It is refreshing. And it is one of those fruits that you have to have when it is a hot summer day when you have been out in the sun for a long time. It helps you stay hydrated and it is just so simply refreshing. The other thing is that oranges are awesome when it comes to treating you when you are sick. As I said, it is rich in Vitamin C and it provides you with a lot of important nutrients that will keep your body strong.

Therefore, when you have a cold or a flu bug you are craving oranges because you need that Vitamin C. Vitamin C helps to boost the immune system that you need to have strength in order to fight the bug. And that is exactly why you are craving oranges since it is loaded with that important vitamin. And once again, it is generally refreshing so you just need to simply eat it and eat it for that reason alone when you are sick. What else could be said about oranges? That some tangy puns can be made about them? Let’s go over 50 of those now.

List of Orange Puns to Make You Peel Better:

Following are some of the best orange puns that will make you peel better.

1. What is something that sounds like a parrot that is orange? A carrot.

2. I was told by my doctor to lose weight and to add more oranges to my diet so I guess it is the wait and c approach.

3. You know that if you hit someone with an orange things will get juicy.

4. I was fired at the orange juice factory because I couldn’t concentrate.

5. I dreamed about swimming in a pool made of orange soda and what a Fanta sea it was.

6. What is the name of an orange biography? Pulp Non-Fiction.

7. Oranges are delicious and are simply just so a-peel-ing.

8. What is the language of the orange? Mandarin.

9. Do you know what rhymes with orange? ‘No it doesn’t’.

10. In high school I should eat more oranges, I think I will likely fit in with the pulp-ular crowd.

11. Is there a certain way that an orange gives birth? Through the Vitamin C section.

12. How do you describe a fat orange cat that has the appearance of a pumpkin? He is gourdeous.

13. What is the reason that apple juice slides on the floor than orange juice does? Pulp friction.

14. Your best post was about that orange, and orange you glad it was not a bad post?

15. I rarely put orange slices in my beer, and only do it once in a blue moon.

16. I can study better when I drink orange juice because I can concentrate the best.

17. What is an orange old St. Nick called? Fanta Claus.

18. I should have eaten that orange as I could have won the race but I ran out of juice.

19. If you are an orange, you don’t need car insurance as you only get into anti-accidents.

20. What is orange with terrible hair and says ‘boo’ all of the time? A pumpkin that is haunted with a wig.

21. Why are oranges the smartest fruits around? They are meant to concentrate.

22. Why are orange sunscreens the most effective? They do not cause you to peel.

23. What species of primates prefer oranges over bananas? The orang-utans.

24. Why don’t the Paddington bears eat many orange marmalade sandwiches? They are already stuffed.

25. Why did the fruit bat eat the orange? Because of its a-peel.

26. Why are orange puns the best? They are so orange-inal.

27. When the apple and an orange signed up for a tournament, no one was shocked to learn that they were seeded.

28. How do you punish orange kids and stop them from going bad? You get them canned.

29. What are a bunny and an orange cross called? A pip squeak.

30. How does eating a lot of oranges give you good eye sight? You have an easier time keeping your eyes peeled.

31. What is the reason that you would keep staring at the orange juice bottle? Because it says ‘concentrate’.

32. What is the best way to make a room full of orange furniture look good? Orange the furniture, as it is that easy.

33. That fruit juice got you silent for some reason. I mean, orange you gonna say anything?

34. Oranges are full of vitamin C and that means they make you strong. There is fruit for thought.

35. Why are oranges eaten by animals that are eaten by humans? They are on the bottom of the fruit chain.

36. The fruit is scattered in the fridge so let me orange things around in there to organize it.

37. Why does eating an orange make you feel so good after? It causes you to fruit with laughter.

38. Why are oranges eaten by those who are rich and infamous? Money is the fruit of all evil.

39. Whether you eat the orange or not, it doesn’t concern me as I don’t give two fruits.

40. I’ll be the one to prepare the orange juice so that should put your mind at squeeze.

41. Thank you for the oranges and stay here a little longer, squeeze don’t go.

42. Go get healthy, eat an orange, and squeeze the day.

43. That man in the orange suit is zest for success.

44. Stealing oranges from the neighbors tree is like walking on the wild seed.

45. Only eat fresh oranges and don’t touch ones that are older if you want to stay on the safe seed.

46. That orange juice in the morning did not improve my mood as I woke up on the wrong seed of the bed.

47. That information about that orange from my friend was a real navel of a text message.

48. Why does someone who is a hothead that eats plenty of mandarins and sweet oranges need help to calm down? They need tangor management.

49. How do you feel extra refreshed from orange juice? Pip your toes into the orange water.

50. Why does someone who eats too many oranges seem unkind? Due to the pip on their shoulder.

There you go, and I hope you enjoyed those 50 orange puns and made your day more tangy.

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